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What are few tough questions you faced so far from a KID

It's another discussion on my KID series , I already few on KIDs on threads below , where some thoughts of TED community are there


Being naive and curious , kids often come up with very simple but challenging questions.
Was wondering do those questions has got any specific pattern , depending on the culture , society , country they grow up ? Or there are some common basic tough questions as well.

It would be great if share following

1) What are few tough questions you faced from KID/s?

2)What were your answers if you had given one ?

3) Do you think those answers were sufficient meet the curiosity ?

4) What could be a better answer if you think now the answer gave was not good enough?

Well let me give a recent example of such question......

Why countries fight each other ?

I answered sometimes in some country there are bad people , who fight..... by answering so, I found that was a dumb kind of answer as was bombered immediately more questions..........

Looking forward for your active participation............


Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

It seems KIDs came up with challenging questions at least to them who contributed here may be it matters to them how to face those challenges of KIDs. Thankful to all the contributors.

Now a days as KIDs are far more expose to lot of information sources they can come with very difficult questions, which I faced many times. Kids being our future we need to handle those in a way , so their natural creativity or curiosity doesn't being impacted negatively, and also they get an unbiased fair answer, which should be right to each and every child of humankind.

As @ Debra said rightly as adults we shouldn't fall in the dificulties by giving or setting an example to KIDs which gives the message it doesn't matter if one talks and walks differently. That will highly impact KIDs morality negatively which no rational human being can do.

Wishing for a better tomorrow for Kids of today and tomorrow.........:)

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    Jun 13 2011: I found the most difficult questions to answer for my children concerned the behaviours of adults. It often arose when adults behaved badly. These are tough questions to steer a child through because adults impact children far more than they realize and it demoralizes kids and even opens the wrong doors of permission.
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      Jun 14 2011: I wholeheartedly agree! I don't have children of my own yet, but have nannied and have a younger brother. One example Id like to share - a boy I watched from 9months old to 4yrs old once made me question my own decisions. I have been a cigarette smoker for years, but always keep it separate from the kids I watch because I worry it will leave an impression, even if subconscious. (Someone they looked up to did this, so now they try it). When this child was around 3 I was sitting for his mom, I thought he was down for the night so I wen tout onto the porch for a smoke. Shortly after I came back in, he woke up and came into the living room - hugged me and said "You smell funny". I'm sure I came up with something to brush it aside, but I had always been honest with him and was now faced with what to say to explain my dirty unhealthy habit, and I drew a blank...Difficult!
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      Jun 14 2011: Absolutely Debra , many times we hear with our effort of so called white lie ," why you are lying " slamming on our face from kids...and we don't have an answer !!!
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        Jun 20 2011: Salim, i've quickly looked up what white lie is and got that is 'a lie not intended to harm, but told in order to avoid distress or embarrassment'.. in other words, its still a lie. I found out very early with my kids that its very important NOT to lie. First, you'll get caught and then your child will lose trust in you. Second, you're teaching your kid that its ok to lie 'under some circumstances', but forget that teaching when you caught your kid lying to you, and blow your top off. Third, you then teach your kid thats its ok to lie so long as you dont get caught, and the child then gradually learns that itsok to behave in some way or other considered 'wrong' by society, so long as they don't get caught.
        But our jails are full of the ones that got caught.

        Quite a mess that we end up creating..

        Sometimes I think parents need to be supervised on how they do this parenting job. We assume we all have the skills just coz we can make babies, or coz we can legally adopt them. In normal situations, we would perhaps hesitate to qualify one as an expert just because they have a natural ability in a certain area or are able to utlize a right to gain a certain social status.

        I was once adviced to always speak the trith but keep the language at the level that the child can understand, and when I hit a level that they can't, to be very sincere and respecful and tell my child that s/he will understand better when they are a little bit older. That worked for me when my kids were younger. These days they the ones who get embarrased when I ask questions.. :) HA!!Payback time!! Now I can do this for the rest of my or their lives... seems parenting does have its kicks after all.. :)
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          Jun 21 2011: Ronald , having fresh simple mind Kids don't categorise lies into White Lie, Lie & Damn Lie as we adults do.........

          Agree what you said.

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