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What is your childhood dream?

Ever since I became a TED member, I only see conversations that are too serious.I would like to start a conversation that is relax and can be somewhat funny and interesting.When I was a little kid, I always wanted to touch snow.Haven't done that yet though ( I live in a tropical climate country,so, no snow for me).What's your childhood dream? Did you fulfil it? Did it taught you a lesson about life?

Do share with me your story.Then we can all laugh about it together. After all, laughter IS the best medicine!

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    Jun 12 2011: When I was about seven years people began to tell me what a beautiful voice I had. I love to sing. That is how I can express my pain, my awe, my love and believe me I can emote. I always wanted to be a singer and I fulfilled that dream by singing in church for many years. I loved it. Never sang on a stage but I was a voice without a face. But then the younger generation came along and they are wonderful and I was kind of cast aside when I sttill had a lot to offer. I was heartbroken but accepting and of course now my voice is gone but I have all those lovely memories.of times past.
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      Jun 13 2011: A beautiful yet heartbreaking story,Helen.Though you might not have a beautiful voice, I bet you still have a lot to offer to the church.I believe that your heart is wonderful and that will be your source of power to continue to give to the world.Have a nice day!