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Watch TED on TV and have TED audio files

Having the possibility to watch TED on TV would open a whole new way to experience TED. Now, you are watching it on your computer and it is mostly a one person activity. If you could see it on TV, either through direct broadcasting or from the internet through your media system, you could gather your whole family in the living room in front of the TV and watch together, have a conversation about it at the end.

The audio files would allow the millions of commuters to listen to TED ideas while driving. TED could make available the audio files for download and each person could download and write their own CD. Unfortunately, this would only help the English speakers. And of course, not all talks would be relevant in audio format, especially those which have image-based presentations.


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      Feb 19 2011: Thanks, Nafissa. I checked the link and I have seen all the countries and channels that broadcast TED, very encouraging. I hope TED will be successful in distributing the talks in many more corners of the world.

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