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Watch TED on TV and have TED audio files

Having the possibility to watch TED on TV would open a whole new way to experience TED. Now, you are watching it on your computer and it is mostly a one person activity. If you could see it on TV, either through direct broadcasting or from the internet through your media system, you could gather your whole family in the living room in front of the TV and watch together, have a conversation about it at the end.

The audio files would allow the millions of commuters to listen to TED ideas while driving. TED could make available the audio files for download and each person could download and write their own CD. Unfortunately, this would only help the English speakers. And of course, not all talks would be relevant in audio format, especially those which have image-based presentations.

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    Feb 19 2011: There is a channel in Sweden (where i'm from) that occationaly shows tedtalks it's the "knowledge channel". I thought that it might be encouraging to hear.
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      Feb 19 2011: Thanks, Nafissa. I checked the link and I have seen all the countries and channels that broadcast TED, very encouraging. I hope TED will be successful in distributing the talks in many more corners of the world.
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    Feb 18 2011: You can download audio files of talks by clicking download link under the video. You should wait a little bit for new videos.
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    Feb 17 2011: If you have an apple tv you could easily watch TED on your TV, since it's already a podcast in iTunes. Also, there's the OpenTV project that TED launched to encourage TV stations to build programmes around TED. I'm not sure how much that has taken off yet, though, I haven't heard anything about it since launch.

    I agree that an additional audio format would be a nice second option for most TEDtalks (as you said, not all are useful - a photography talk doesn't work without the visuals...) You could already do it yourself now, but an audio only podcast would be more convenient.
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    Feb 19 2011: Good idea, TED on TV would be great, but TED audio files are already out there.
    Here is the blog about it:
    And, it has the link to currently available TED audio files for each talk.
    It is not instructed to download those audio files, but they are uploaded in a way that is easy to download them with just a right click.
    Moreover, there are TED apps for different kind of smartphones, and those apps have TED podcast feature, which is audio files of TED talk.
    However, I'm not sure if encouraging drivers to listen to TED talks would be a good idea. Because, when people listen to TED talks their mind will surely be engaged into thoughts about the ideas. This case is totally different than listening to music or radio while driving.
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    Feb 18 2011: well i agree with it.
    So its all about licensing. If TED releases the license to broadcast, may be many channels may come up with that, proving advertisements in b/w talks, and may be having a discussion after each talk .

    and about audio, it suits for some talks, where words are more important than expression, but not in all.