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What do you know about TED?

Do you know what TED is up to, do you explore a lot on the site or just stick with what you first found?

Do you know about projects like TEDactive or TED-ed, do you know about TEDx events and how to find them?

Please share what you know or recently discovered about TED and what you'd like to know.


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    Jun 14 2011: I love this website because it allows me to hear and read from people I will never meet in my life. I've shared so many things that I was introduced to because of this bookmark on my browser. However, I'm sad to say that I really don't know anything about how TED started, what is currently going on, projects, etc. Honestly, TED is just an awesome site that I visit from time to time. Now that you've pointed that out Mr. Strobl, I think I'll take a gander :) Thanks!
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      Jun 14 2011: Hi Rosemeri,
      I think/hope that you can re-visit this conversation to learn more about the site and whats going on.
      Also, don't be afraid to ask fellow TEDsters about info or help.

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