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Can the problem of the last mile be transferred to energy efficiency as well?

The population is going to increase significantly and consequently the consumption of electricity, too. I think that people believe they can manage the problem by installing more and more renewable energies (which sounds logical to our mind), forgetting that energy efficiency is one of the most important resource we have.
Do you have examples where the problem of the last mile can be transferred to my thoughts about energy efficiency? I need some points for a discussion I have to lead, dealing with the last mile problem and energy efficiency.

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    Jun 12 2011: Intelligent Design (I'm not talking about creationism) should be brought into the conversation a bit more. Recently I been on a kick about Earth ships ( ). Pretty much, they are the most sustainable houses I seen so far. That said, one of the key facets of them is they are position so they face the equator with a panoramic window allowing the maximum amount of natural light and heat in, while the surrounding sides have enough bio-mass to capture the heat. I wonder how much energy we can save if architecture took this somewhat simple concept of building there building around the sun.