Sourav Mohta

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despite being the youngest Religion, Islam has a long way to go to restore & recultivate their culture & traditions among their people

Islam being the youngest yet the second largest religion in the world. The origin of Islam is linked to Muhammad Prophet in around 600 AD and it conquers the world population by appx 22% (1.45 bn approx). At the time of its advent by Md Prophet, Islam has taken the best opportunity & advantage of grasping the teachings & experience of other religions to form a consolidated and powerful religion. Islam is enriched with great culture, sound traditions, aesthetics, divine preachers, united vision & peaceful ideologies. And the example of all these features are clearly visible with the several rulers and advocates who have ruled the world since the time of Muhammed Prophet to the Mughal emperor Muhammad Akbar.

Despite being among the youngest of the religions, Islam seems to be the most strict & conservative one. The main reason behind the backwardness of Islam is the lack of opportunity and space given to the women in their religion. It is still the male dominated society which failed to keep itself updated in the Modern era and its law keepers are still confined to the shrinked ideology which existed 1000 yrs ago...

Its hightime, now even the law keepers or religious heads are unable to control the situation as they themselves have differences between them. In the name of customs, traditions & faith, Islam has been hardly hit by extremisim, terrorism and communism. With the purpose of maintaining law & tradition they are repeatedly raising arms & spread fear among the people all across the world and have invited hatredness for themselves. The political parties or politically driven Islamic Heads or Kings are using kids and youth as their weapon against humanity to become powerful. But instead they are calling for their own devastation and the recent examples can be seen of what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

I am an Hindu by religion but I have love & respect for all other religions, their gods, saints and people.