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Why should Democracy be the accepted method?

The intentions of democracy are built to serve a united vision of equality. The majority of people living under its impression tend to consider themselves fortunate. However, it is most certainly run by an elite group which control your finances, your data, and most importantly - your choices. Also, those who consider themselves 'neutral' to the debate simply propel it.

I was born, raised, and educated in an Australian democracy. I am atheist (to the extent i believe in no such divine creator) and understand that democracy has a power of existence... and so we discuss.

The issue may be that, each person (regardless of correctness) is given equal chance (regardless of actuality) and so, does democracy simply serve only the ideological, and not the practical?


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  • Jun 14 2011: Well, a machine in our HR department already manages my withholding, which is most of the money used to pay my taxes, and I have income if I'm unemployed through no fault of my own. I prefer income tax over sales tax, personally, but there's no escaping payment to your government unless you can demonstrate need, which I can't.

    What's your ideal form of government, Richard? Algorithms?

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