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Why should Democracy be the accepted method?

The intentions of democracy are built to serve a united vision of equality. The majority of people living under its impression tend to consider themselves fortunate. However, it is most certainly run by an elite group which control your finances, your data, and most importantly - your choices. Also, those who consider themselves 'neutral' to the debate simply propel it.

I was born, raised, and educated in an Australian democracy. I am atheist (to the extent i believe in no such divine creator) and understand that democracy has a power of existence... and so we discuss.

The issue may be that, each person (regardless of correctness) is given equal chance (regardless of actuality) and so, does democracy simply serve only the ideological, and not the practical?


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  • Jun 11 2011: I was wondering about this myself today, as I got a layoff notice from my State where I work because the elected officials can't balance our budget. One of our former govenors recommended having an independent group solve our budget problem, but then what did we elect these guys for? To assign teams of problem-solvers? Why should someone who can get elected be given such authority over other people he may not care about? No one has to prove they can govern before running for office.

    But my question to you, Dylan, is if not Democracy, then what alternative?
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      Jun 12 2011: Well this is why I have come here.... I can not give a true solution (only a solution which meets my needs..lol). The honesty is that I would most likely adopt sections of each ideal and end up with something ridiculous.
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      Jun 12 2011: Beth, the question is not exactly 'if not Democracy then what is the alternative' but rather - what the heck is this mutated and ungodly thing we have in place and how to we get a true form of democracy back?

      I personally think it is time to have people vote on far more than just electing some empowered and unaccountable person for 4 years (or whatever the term.) We all take the responsibility back! If people can vote effectively and efficiently by the millions every week for the American Idol why can't people vote for the 'American IDEAL'?

      We started sending one person to 'go' to Washington, Ottawa or where ever at a time when it was too far for the community to travel because we all had roles to fulfil to keep the community alive and could not take the time,
      Now there is no need for travel and no need for one guy to guess what we think or to assume what we think- we have the technology for each of us to vote! Are there some issues to be considered to secure a system of voting electronically- of course but any flaw in that system is minor compared to the flaws that are rending our nations into the disfunctional mess that we are enjoying today.
      • Jun 13 2011: Debra,
        I see what we have in place as an extension of where we started- we directed ourselves here, all working towards the things which are important to us. When a more representative government is in our interests, we will work towards it.

        Personally, I think people paying taxes should be able to decide how they're spent, so if I pay in $10K, I get to decide how $10K of the budget is spent, so we don't have the these "I don't want MY tax dollars going towards (something I don't support.)"

        But that kind of individual tracking is expensive, and security, of course, would be a concern. If we can't get voting kiosks to work, how can we expect anything more sophisticated to get rolled out broadly, like text messages to American Idol?
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          Jun 13 2011: Dear Beth, I think that's brilliant (within limits).

          I do think that there are many unsexy programs that are needed by society that few people would vote for or know about while others would get massive funding to no real overall benefit but maybe your point is correct in that if we all went a few years without certain services we would value them more highly.

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