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how would the world be like if Google was never invented?

Google is known to be the greatest search engine in the world.there is no doubt that it contains a vast information, images, videos and a global earth map.mostly everyone in the use Google everyday, even us TED users who go search for TED.com

so imagine if Google never existed, it was not invented

what would your reaction be, your opinions how will the world change without it and will it cause our society to be diverse?


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    Jun 21 2011: Google results are mostly ads and mainstream contents. You pay to make top search results, for significant searches that is. Google is a very well engineered multinational Trojan horse.

    As for the social impact, it remains the internet itself that has an impact on our society. Google is just another monopoly game in a new medium. Just like Facebook is. There were yahoo! and Myspace before Google and Facebook. And there will be others.

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