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how would the world be like if Google was never invented?

Google is known to be the greatest search engine in the world.there is no doubt that it contains a vast information, images, videos and a global earth map.mostly everyone in the use Google everyday, even us TED users who go search for

so imagine if Google never existed, it was not invented

what would your reaction be, your opinions how will the world change without it and will it cause our society to be diverse?

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    Jun 13 2011: This may not be politically correct but I am a huge fan of Google. I think that they changed the world, help every question that anyone ever asks find an answer, connect and integrate the world in a way it never was connected before. I love the way that they are helping humanity by tracking diseases. I lived in the preGoogle word and it wasn't a better place.

    So, I know they are a big corporation but I forgive them for the good that they have done over the course of my lifetime. I LOVE Google (and no I do not own shares.)
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      Jun 21 2011: Debra, I agree with you that they are more than just a search engine...but sometimes I wonder if they do overstep their bounds.

      But besides this, they are also a model company...and a leader showing new (and old businesses alike) how it is done. People who work for them, don't think of it as work and don 't ever think of leaving. If you are not aware of just how the company treats its employees, Google it! :-)I

      I love Google, too, and could not help smiling when the company name/search engine became a verb. I mean I don't recall anyone saying before: Yahoo it!!! ;-) And WISH I HAD BOUGHT SHARES when it went public!
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    Jun 21 2011: Google results are mostly ads and mainstream contents. You pay to make top search results, for significant searches that is. Google is a very well engineered multinational Trojan horse.

    As for the social impact, it remains the internet itself that has an impact on our society. Google is just another monopoly game in a new medium. Just like Facebook is. There were yahoo! and Myspace before Google and Facebook. And there will be others.
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    Jun 15 2011: Peaceful and less competitive, resulting in searching for peace and balance in what is at hand and easily available.
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    Jun 14 2011: We got lucky with Larry and Sergey for sure. They may have set an example for others like Matt Mullenweg and Mark Zuckerberg -all principled leaders coming from something more than just replacement software.

    If we have to wait for AltaVista to keep improving, Microsoft may have taken over search. Not saying that would have been bad. I'm only saying that Google provided way more than an algorithm. Just my humble opinion. (Disclosure: I earn a portion of my income from reselling Google Apps)
  • Jun 13 2011: I think if Google wasn't invented, there would be other search engines that would benefit us. Its not like the world would end but it would definitly have taken a different path on how conversations start.."Just Google it.."
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      Jun 13 2011: i would admit that it is true that search engines did exist before Google. the thing that it made it so unique in the first place was that they created a popularity system it list the most prefer choices and what are now and they stack it all in order to most important and less important. pretty much that's how Google became so popular because of this. if you think about it how come other search engines didn't become really popular as Google?

      a example is: imagine you searching something like "Microsoft" and you must find the homepage in a search engine before Google ever exited, you click search and and it shows thousands and thousands of websites and the homepage is mix up in random pages which will take a lot of time to waste searching it compare to searching it on Google and find it in the first page you see it on
      • Jun 13 2011: I do see you point. But I Google is apart of our "daily routine." What other company can beat out that? Why would someone else want to beat out Google, spend their money and time, when in the end people are going to go to Google. Its the same thing with other popular things.. For now Google is our favorite pair of jeans..
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          Jun 14 2011: not to take it personnel but you are talking out of topic.what i am stating is Google was not invented in the first place which means searches today will be no different then before

          it has a good search system for making searches compare to other search engines that's why people start using search engines because now people are able to find searches quickly and easier compare to before with just a bunch of clutter websites in random

          but i would agree its not good choice having a competition against Google
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        Jun 21 2011: Brandon, I am not too sure what you are referring to about in the past, search engines showing just clutter websites at random? as I have never seen those. From what I remember, Yahoo held the top spot until Google came to be...and because of its many innovations, I think that is why it became so popular. But even now, though, Yahoo still seems to rank pretty high and according to an article written in 2008 (which I know now may be outdated), as poorer people tend to use Yahoo more so than Google.

        I know I tell my students to always look on Yahoo as well as Google when researching as G is still not the "be all and end all" of search engines. SO to answer your question, the world would still be searching as it was before Google; but I am not too sure we would had everything we do now to bring the world closer together as Google did seem to start a lot of those ideas, but I am sure they would have come along eventually.
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    Jun 11 2011: Google over the years has evolved as the backbone of the world.. It is the knowledge powerhouse and whereabouts of whatever comes to your mind.

    But we should be aware of the fact that it was invested in 1998 (only 13 years ago) and before that the world existed.. So its just an important value addition to the world and I am sure it will be taken over or replaced by something even more technologically advanced and wider scope. Till then just google all the way..