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The decriminalization of abortion

Are you in favor or against the decriminalization of abortion?
What are your thoughts and arguments?

Let's start the debate!


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    Jun 10 2011: What a can of worms you're opening...
    I'm against Abortion unless there is a particular health concern to the mother or the fetus.

    When life begins is a chicken and the egg riddle with people, there is no sure answer that will convince everyone. Pregnancy whether wanted or unwanted is a responsibility both parents should share.

    In the case of rape I am still against abortion, there are times in life when responsibility is forced into our hands, no matter the means the responsibility is still ours to bear.
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      Jun 11 2011: Christopher....................I think we are really on the same page. I personally know a person who is the product of rape and her life has been one of acceptance and she and her husband have lovely children and granchildren. How awful to deprive someone of a chance.!
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        Jun 11 2011: Helen it is good to get a ladies opinion in this talk.

        I used to agree with abortion (hell I know a girl who's had one) then I slowly started to turn the other direction and realize how abortion (in my opinion) is little more than a modern convenience for a process of nature.
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          Jun 11 2011: "how abortion is little more than a modern convenience for a process of nature" - now that's a good point for the debate, Christopher, very interesting point of view, thanks for sharing!
          But why can't we consider it a good convenience for a process of nature? I agree with you that it is a convenience, but in my opinion it is good convenience (if made properly)
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        Jun 11 2011: I was supposed to "not exist", my mom considered an abortion because she was too young. But even though I'm in favor of the decriminalization. If moms consider the situation very, very carefully, with support from their families, friends and doctors, I'm ok with it. And of course, there should be a time limit to do the abortion.
        It's good to see your face around here, Helen, Welcome, haha!
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          Jun 11 2011: Time should matter!! And be the law (and/or rules).
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          Jun 11 2011: Hi Lucas...............Thanks for the welcome. I am so glad that your mom did not go thru with her consideration. Just think, I and the rest of us would have not had the oppotunity to know you. Just as an aside Beethoven and Helen Keller would not have existed had we used our present day evaluations of who should live....Your friend Helen
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          Jun 22 2011: Helen, you could make the same argument against contraception. Also, the argument can be turned on its head. What about all the tyrants we could have saved ourselves from if an abortion had taken place? You cannot argue something as serious as abortion with arguments from hindsight.

          Notwithstanding the popularity of the Great Bethoven fallacy, the actual story behind it is an outright lie. Bethoven was the second oldest in his family and there is no evidence that either parents had syphillis. As for Helen Keller, she wasn't even born deaf and blind, she contracted an illness at the age of 1 that left her that way.

          The Bethoven example relies on the illnesses of other siblings (in the tale, most siblings have non-genetic conditions so the whole fable is stupid anyway, even if it were true) to determine the deafness of Bethoven. You wouldn't diagnose an unborn child through its siblings, that's not common practice. Again, there isn't even a need for me to say thi because, perusing Nethoven's wikipedia page, I've just discovered that he too lost his hearing later in life due to some illness he contracted.

          Lucas knows that the question of abortion would have affected him personally, yet in spite of that he chose to look at the issue rationally, rather than to succumb to the fallacious 'you've killed Bethoven' non-starter. Surely if anything in our history changed then we would not be born. Should we see the first world war as essentially a good thing because without it we wouldn't be born? I don't think so.
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        Jun 11 2011: Helen, interesting point about the person who was the product of rape and accepted it normally. However, there are inumerous cases in which the mom and/or the child don't have that acceptance, and end up having a series of different problems in their lives. I'm not saying that all raped women should abort, but that the woman should have the option. If she has no familiar or psychological structure and considers that she couldn't raise a child that reminded her of a traumatic experience, just to mention an usual situation, the option had to exist.

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