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The decriminalization of abortion

Are you in favor or against the decriminalization of abortion?
What are your thoughts and arguments?

Let's start the debate!


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    Jun 10 2011: While I can understand the "Is a fetus alive or not" debate, I think there's a whole lot of difference between killing a proto-human, and condemning a children to live in a family that don't want to / can't support him both emotionally and materially, which could have disastrous consequence both on his well-being and on the well-being of the parents. Plus, I think a woman should have the last word on what's going on in her body.

    So yes, I'm in favor of the decriminalization of abortion. Or more accurately, I'm against its criminalization since it's already legal and well-accepted where I live.
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      Jun 10 2011: So it is better to not exist at all than to exist in a dysfunctional family?
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        Jun 11 2011: in my opinion, i believe that its better to not have a abortion but rather put him up for a adoption.

        at the very least the child will live on freely with a family who really wants a baby and able to support it.

        if you think of putting up for adoption as the best choice then there would be no reason to have a abortion
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        Jun 11 2011: I would say yes to your question Chris.

        A life full of depression and chaos is a miserable existence, especially if there are no to few chances of significant change.

        Why I also believe in euthanasia; it is the ultimate choice every human always has, to end their own life.The most extreme choice next to taking anthers life in my opinion. Still when life is grim, your few choices become God.
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          Jun 11 2011: My belief with pregnancy is that it is no longer the woman's body, she is sharing it with the fetus, so it is both of theirs.

          I also think that the chance to live is so rare and so precious that it is always worth the risk.

          and like you I support euthanasia, but that is a whole other topic!
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          Jun 11 2011: Nick................Boy do I know what depression and suicidal thoughts are !!! For some reason (lack of affirmation is one of many) we become irrational and nothing makes sense. In my case, I was so terrified of dying and hell that I continued to live in this state for much too long. But I did see other people who could smile and at intervals some people were kind to me, so I could see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. I learned that I had been taught to be afraid. So when I was affirmed (it took years for me to trust again) I was free. Is it not really peculiar how things work out sometimes ?

          @ Chris.......Thank you and yes, quite a shift occurs from despair to gratitude.
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        Jun 11 2011: Christopher...Not in my case. I am darn glad someone let me live even if I had to endure abuse.
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          Jun 11 2011: Helen I am so happy to hear you're grateful for life despite how bad it can be at times.
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          Jun 11 2011: Helen,

          With I all I say, is to respect, have you ever felt like you wanted to "die" a few times in life? Times those feelings by a million and some people deal with that daily and still find reason to live, but they have a goal, if you no goals you do not survive!.

          WE must constantly trick ourselves into thinking there is value in life that there is purpose, goals do this! By "trick" I mean we follow what makes us happy in life, physically and mentally. We are controlled by what our body wants as well as our thoughts. By body I mean both brain functions (neurological) and organ/bodily functions (biology).

          To have this ability takes a large consciousness. To have this ability and fight in life is beautiful, perceptively.

          From this I gather; we need to encourage each other to be altruist and selfish at the same time! Oh that sounds silly! But that is how I feel.

          If this was the practice I would agree abortions should be illegal, it just isn't reality to me...

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