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Why does the diffusion of innovation take so long?

The diffusion of innovation can take up to 10 years. Why is industry so slow to catch up on new technology? Why is there such a gap between what science knows, and what business does? Why don't I see technology presented in TED Talks from before 2005 in the market today? Why is 10 year old research/knowledge/technology still "news" to people in the industry? How can we speed up the diffusion of innovation?


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  • Jun 24 2011: It not that it always takes time for innovation to diffuse. It depends upon number of factors, whether the innovation is monumental or incremental,how does it change the existing, how strong are the barriers .how much value the innovation will bring, its scalability, etc.....Take for example the innovations like Google, Facebook,etc they have not taken time to diffuse....
    an idea when reaches the tipping point gathers the momentum and transforms....

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