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Why does the diffusion of innovation take so long?

The diffusion of innovation can take up to 10 years. Why is industry so slow to catch up on new technology? Why is there such a gap between what science knows, and what business does? Why don't I see technology presented in TED Talks from before 2005 in the market today? Why is 10 year old research/knowledge/technology still "news" to people in the industry? How can we speed up the diffusion of innovation?


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    Jun 10 2011: We need to expand the numbers of innovators and early adaptors in our society to ensure quick diffusion of innovation.
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      Jun 10 2011: But how can we increase the number of early adopters?
      Sinek's talk is great by the way, but does not answer my question.
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        Jun 11 2011: Well I tried to answer your question in main premise. Ok there are examples across different industry that adoption of innovation can be speeded up by understanding psyche of target customer better and then come up with innovative marketing communication program.

        Just an recent example of adoption of iPhone, iPad by people......
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          Jun 11 2011: The problem though Salim,

          is that these inventions are being used as toys and not tools.

          Public educations stink all across the globe.

          A billion people who have a say in how the world should be ran is too poor to speak.

          We are not fully and properly educated* and we are not fully and properly educating as a world community.

          What makes us a sloth-like evolution of public knowledge, is public educations.
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        Jun 11 2011: HI NicholasYes the examples I gave are mostly used as toys but can be used as useful tools as well depends on who is using it. The example was given as it's very recent and widely known to show how marketing communication can drive quick adoption of an innovation.

        Agree about the huge gap in public education that's why the need of proper communication is there to make aware and educate people about new innovation. the challenge is until something is commercially profitable many innovations even don't see the day light. Think of IBMs first mainframe computer , until the computer could be commoditized the innovation of computer technology was unkwon to majority of public.

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