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The 'Beyond the physics' analogy to Newton's laws of motion;laws of inspiration

In an analogous fashion, the laws of inspiration are stated as follows;
1) Mankind will continue to exhibit stagnancy, be static or reluctance to change except there is a force of inspiration. This is the law of Inertia of man
2) The force of inspiration drives man from the limiting pinnacle of the three-dimensional axis of the world to the destinations of realms, proportional to the product quantity and quality of information man has, level of awareness and consciousness and a theoretical difference between the peak of receptiveness of information or knowledge harnessed in the various realms and the receptiveness threshold in relation to eternity. In mathematical format, FiαMi (Vi-Ui)/E∞. Therefore, Fi=kMi(Vi-Ui)/ E∞ where Fi is the force of inspiration, Mi=the quality and quantity of information man has, level of awareness and consciousness level in him, Vi=peak of receptiveness( the points at the realms where man can ‘pick’ the zenith of information based on positioning or understanding), Ui=Receptiveness Threshold( the normal point on the space-time axis at which man readily receive information), E∞ =Eternity(infinite time), k=universal constant=change=1(the probability of the dynamism of these parameters is 1; a certainty).Hence, Fi=Mi(Vi-Ui)/ E∞,
FiαMi (Vi-Ui)/E∞ becomes
Fi=kMi (Vi-Ui)/ E∞
Fi=Mi (Vi-Ui)/ E∞
In practical terms, this could be translated as the various achievements (socio-economic, scientific and political breakthroughs attained by man in relation to the ages of his existence- from the pre-historical to contemporary times)
3) For every transcending act of inspiration, there is an equal but opposite re-act that is transcending. For instance, when we incline our minds to a chair of mediation, there are forces released to various ‘beyond the physical realms’ and equal and returning forces are reciprocated bringing about what their realizations in eternity. However, owing a limited stipulation, earthly time, it takes a period for the manifestatio


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  • Jun 10 2011: This is an article that will be particularly interesting o scientists(followers of Sir Issac Newton), philosophers, psychologist, and others whose fields of endeavour are connected with meta-physics

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