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Is the power of minds enough to solve our problems?

Why do we need more cooperation for averting climate change threats and achieving the MDGs?

Is it not about time to bring the power of our hearts no matter how little it is scientifically understood?

Is it not about time our spiritual leaders who seem to be the experts on the moral science of our hearts help mobilize more people to make our system of government and businesses work right?

"The list of intergovernmental initiatives in which progress is halting or stalled outright is dismayingly long ... "

WEF - Global redesign initiative (

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    Jun 9 2011: To answer the topic title question; what else are we supposed to use?
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      Jun 9 2011: Hi Christopher! I'm forwarding the idea that the power of our hearts to care will help transform our world. I think that most people would understand that when they are happier and more caring it will better inspire them to learn, to hope and to trust more and help in our political and economic transformation process.