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Do you we need to rethink the economics of happiness?

Do you we need to rethink the economics of happiness? Are the founding ideas as related to the concepts of utility still applicable?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

  • Jun 11 2011: "Do you we need..." well, I'm not sure where to start on that one so I'll move right on into "the founding Idea's..." Well what are the so called founding Idea's? I've lived a good young life never hearing of such things so I'm curious what those are. As for the concepts of these elusive idea's I've never been fortunate enough to hear about still being applicable... I'd say that they are only applicable if they actually make you happy. People can tell you that buying a new car, getting married, having children, or any other number of things will make you happy - BUT, they might not be right for you. Now to get on to the thing I had the most difficulty and then failure to decipher: the "economics" of happiness. What? I think there is an age old adage that specifically states that happiness can not in fact be bought. Unless of course if your speaking of drugs. then yes, drugs need to be cheaper for people...
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    Jun 9 2011: Is there an economy of happiness?
    Can you assign worth to something priceless?

    In Utilitarianism how can you quantify the happiness of others?

    I don't know the answers, so I just try to reach happiness myself and project outwards.