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LIVE CHAT With Damon Horowitz: When have you realized that you were wrong about what you once thought was right? June 8, 2011, 5-6PM EDT

Join us for a LIVE conversation with serial entrepreneur, philosophy professor, and Google Director of Engineering, Damon Horowitz.

This conversation will open at 5:00PM EDT, June 8th, 2011.

"I am curious to hear what prompts people to moral reflection and reconsideration: When have you realized that you were wrong about what you once thought was right?"


Closing Statement from Damon Horowitz

I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and experiences here. My TEDxSV talk was intended as a provocation for the technology industry in particular to reflect further upon our ethical decision making – but I am delighted to see that it has encouraged much broader discussion.

The prominent themes I hear in this conversation reinforce the value of education, experience, and humility in our moral development. So long as we continually challenge ourselves to question our beliefs, there is some small possibility that we will not always be wrong about what is right.

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  • Jake C

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    Jun 8 2011: Some of the biggest challenges to my paradigms were the first few semesters at the liberal arts college I just graduated from. I encountered viewpoints that were dramatically different than anything I had been taught prior, and those challenges sparked a healthy curiosity for discovering more comprehensive paradigms than my own.

    I would attribute this college's practice of forcing students into classes that they wouldn't take otherwise (mainly humanities) to the challenges that changed my viewpoints. It discourages me that many educational facilities only train students in vocational pursuits rather than challenge their worldviews.
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      Jun 8 2011: Agreed!
      The Chronicle of Higher Education just had a great article (about a week ago) capturing the voices of a half-dozen undergraduates, explaining in their own words the value of a liberal arts education...
      • Jun 8 2011: so true--after studying engineering myself, I'm so impressed with the liberal arts education my kids are getting. It isn't clear to me how they'll earn a living after college, but then again, I'm re-thinking engineering as a career.
      • Jake C

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        Jun 8 2011: I've been coming to this concept lately: the liberal arts (and paradigm challenges they entail) allow young thinkers to arrive at wisdom without the encumbrance of living for 75 years. Lib. arts allows us to learn from the wisdom of others and move society forward, perhaps more quickly.
        • Jun 8 2011: hmm--help me out here. I typically associate wisdom with experience, not necessarily from learning third hand. Maybe there's something "higher" than knowledge but not quite up to the level of wisdom that you mention.
        • Jun 8 2011: Lynne, unbiased thought could be wisdom, but that's hard to find.

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