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Alternative Energy should not be profit driven

There are many companies across the planet researching the new forms of alternative energy. Many may be carrying out the same type of research, but because there is a great deal of money involved, they do not share their research, as they see it as an investment. Sharing this new technology would surely impact their own profits.

If only one company were to develop the next alternative energy, then it would result in a monopoly. The company would control the worlds energy supply, much in the same way the oil companies are in control now.

Imagine, instead of having 100 companies researching alternative energy for personal gain, a global fund pays for the research of this technology. Once developed the designs for this tech would be distributed freely, and can be incorporated into cars and the like. The result would be that less resources would be required for the development, and the final product would be produced by every company that has the capacity to make such technology, increasing competition and lowering prices and profits.

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    Jun 9 2011: Cooperation is the way of the future. It's not limited to energy, imagine if all companies in a certain field of research would be sharing their discoveries and/or new product with other companies making them more productive and also allowing them to improve the new product making it even better.

    Currently it is an alternative monetary system that is really needed thought, something more stable and just.

    In such a system, when a company shares it's discovery freely to everyone, allowing others to fully use this discoveries, that company would receive and generate lots and lots of new money in the system. Instead of generating a debt loan to increase the funds, it would be from benevolent actions that wealth would be allowed to be injected in the system.

    Soon enough, companies won't need menial workers anymore, they'd have machines to do that even for the research, a lot of people will be laid off, crashing the system in the most economically confusing way. Because our current system is like an house of cards, it need to constantly grow to remain viable, but it grows in a limited environment.
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    Jun 8 2011: how do we know if we reached a viable solution? there are many kinds of alternative energy sources, just to name a few, biomass (wood, grass, oil), algae produced methane or hydrogen, tidal, wind, solar, space based solar, geothermal, fusion, 4th generation nuclear. all of these can have many different implementations. plus we have the problem of local vs hvdc. i don't even mention smart grids.

    if you exclude the profitability factor, who will decide which way to choose?
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    Jun 8 2011: Once a company figures out a way the other companies can refocus their efforts towards the technology that the first company utilized. There would be competition.
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    Jun 8 2011: What is the motivation for actually developing working alternative energy though?

    If the government is funding me towards a goal, and once I reach the goal research stops (rendering me without a job) why would I ever finish?

    I'm also very skeptical of the word free, nothing is free.

    BUT on the whole I agree, energy should not be profit driven.
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    Jun 8 2011: Go for it!
    A startup of a non profit that sells energy.
    Write the government offices in the countries, and lay out those plans!

    Seems like a good idea to me