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can we mix both science AND religion in the world?

When you base science with religion then it’s a bit in the blue. I believe that there is a connection between them since science is the explanation of life and religion explains life in a spiritual way. natural and super-nature are two different things, natural falls under science which explains how the universe can to be and life first started but for super-natural it involves with things that we can’t truly explain it like what was the meaning of existence before the universe was created. Most of the religions that exist today have their key point in the spiritual setting, even if people claim that there is no proof and that it’s just a joke then how is people still believe in these faiths if we become so evolved with science? The reason why is because we do not truly understand everything that came to be in the universe and if we do not believe in science nor religion then it will defeat the belief of having purpose of our existence


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  • Jun 20 2011: Why do we have to have a "higher purpose" or a religion to believe in? Can't we just be? Why do things have to have a meaning to us?

    We have this tendency to make things much more complex than they are. I think we just want to feel sophisticated and special, thats why we invented religion.

    Also I don't like the belief that the world was created for us. It makes us arrogant.
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      Jun 21 2011: I find that even people who seem to crave some universal purpose at times, don't need it all at other times. To be honest, I always thought, if there was to be a universal purpose to ones existence and that purpose was to worship a supreme being, I'd probably just opt for having no purpose because it's kind of a boring purpose to have in life really.

      I have never properly understood the argument that a meaningless existence is depressing, but somehow an existence dedicated to worship is more satisfying. It's a pretty depressing purpose to have in my opinion.

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