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can we mix both science AND religion in the world?

When you base science with religion then it’s a bit in the blue. I believe that there is a connection between them since science is the explanation of life and religion explains life in a spiritual way. natural and super-nature are two different things, natural falls under science which explains how the universe can to be and life first started but for super-natural it involves with things that we can’t truly explain it like what was the meaning of existence before the universe was created. Most of the religions that exist today have their key point in the spiritual setting, even if people claim that there is no proof and that it’s just a joke then how is people still believe in these faiths if we become so evolved with science? The reason why is because we do not truly understand everything that came to be in the universe and if we do not believe in science nor religion then it will defeat the belief of having purpose of our existence


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    Jun 8 2011: Come to think of it, the "without" of your question seems to suggest that science and religious are necessary to live. Are they? Science, absolutely. Religion, heck no. Non-religious people aren't worse off for. You can live fine without religion. Without science? You get pushed back a few thousand years
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      Jun 8 2011: well really this statement was suppose to be a question (not a idea) but by accident set it as a idea but i do believe we cant live without science, religion that is hard to say in my opinion

      its just i believe that its good to trust science and religion, you would say i believe in moderation when it come to science and religion together but thats just my opinion
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        Jun 9 2011: Not hard to say, I can give you a straight answer. Religion and I have parted ways years ago and that hasn't killed me or degraded my way of life. QED.

        "its just i believe that its good to trust science and religion" Which one and why? I trust science because it works. What can religion due to earn my trust? Gullibility seems to be the criterion of acceptance. For religion to 'work' for you, you already have to believe.
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          Jun 9 2011: well i am not telling you that people should follow a religion. in my opinion, one thing that people follow in religion are they are some moral laws of being a good person like helping the poor or you should not hurt love ones
          the interesting thing about it is you do not need to follow a religion to be a good person, its human nature to do good things
          i would tell you that once i did departed from religion and i was still a good person after that
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      Jun 21 2011: So you didn't accept Einstein's broader deifnition of religion Mattieu? That is the faaculty of the heart? The expression of heart in humanity essentally of morality and compassion and awareness of others.

      Or you don't agree that humanity isn't humanity without these things?

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