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Designing outreach based on cultural factors

You have a growing population that can determine who will be the next US President, do you use the traditional media plan or do you explore new avenues of communication that may seem risky to the expert strategists?
Will Facebook be enough to tip the scale in favor of a candidate this time around?
There is an approach that has never been used to communicate with Hispanics on this topic and I am amazed at how simple and "elegant" it can be.

  • Jun 9 2011: I would like to share a link to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies where you can download a pdf document called "Hispanic Cyberstudy 2010" with trends on internet use by Hispanics and other interesting data,
  • Jun 8 2011: Corporations and nonprofits groups target Hispanics using messages that incorporate elements that are relevant for the audience, the challenges are similar to those of general market advertising but with Hispanics you have a set of nationalities and use of the language that require a deep understanding of the culture. A conection that goes deeper than listening to regional music or using specific slang. I think a more sophisticated approach to Hispanic culture is needed and sadly many communicators have very narrow views of who we are as people and how we understand our place in American society. I grew up in Central America, worked in advertising as a young adult, when I moved to the U.S. I found a place as a communicator in the Spansih language broadcasting industry and since that time I have operated in this niche market acting as a liason between these corporations and the Hispanic market. I would like to gather feedback on how to use communications to Hispanics in a more effective way and use the upcoming election as a lab to test approaches. I would be interested in hearing from people that are involved in designing strategic communication plans or that have a similar desire to elevate our voices to a new level in the national dialogue.
    • Jun 8 2011: Most still think it needs a dancing Jalapeno to reach Hispanics. I personally prefer serranos. I am interested in seeing where this goes.
  • Jun 8 2011: Julio
    A very interesting topic frankly. Yes, I believe that culturally relevant new approaches would work well. It has to be more than "tailor fitting" a stock speech however. As someone who has lived in Hispanic culture a long time, I find you line of thought very reasonable.

    I will be interested in reading some of your ideas.
  • Jun 8 2011: The approach is based in what some academics call "cultural scripts" or the way in which members of a group behave based on predominant beliefs and values, in the case of Hispanics family, respect and being agreeable are some of those factors. How can you tailor messages that will incorporate in a new way these factors is what I am trying to formulate. I will share more in coming days. Thanks for the comments.
  • Jun 8 2011: Hi, would you write some refferences (links) to the approach you wrote about...
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    Jun 8 2011: I think it is only fair I preface this; I've got little faith in American Politics.

    I do not think facebook is enough to tip the scale in any election; it is still campaigning where politicians pitch pre-wrapped demagogues that do nothing but undermine the democratic system.