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Are experiments in remote viewing actually practices of a functioning quantum consciousness?

Something to chew on. When the notion of a human quantum existence is explored the question of how our consciousness would handle it arises...what say you? Been there done that?

  • Jun 8 2011: hmm... would have to say no. perhaps to change my mind you could describe how humans exist at a quantum level? before that though really evidence of remote viewing is needed. would be amazed if there was any since both the US and UK spent millions on exploring remote viewing and found it to be bunk.
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      Jun 8 2011: The idea comes from the related conversation where it is discussed that if the piece of metal to a particle is the same ratio as a human being to the piece metal...further suggesting that a human being could undergo the same action in the same enlarged environment. Begs the question that I believe Aaron referenced. How does our consciousness handle it? Hence further wonder about our own existential perception: how pliable is it?
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    Jun 10 2011: I just read some of the preface and am looking forward to more pages. Thanks for the heads up Krys!
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    Jun 8 2011: Seems right in line with U of Oregon physicist Aswi Goswami's "self-aware universe" doesn't it?
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    Jun 8 2011: i don't mind being laughed at but i think all things are in a state of choice,neither here or there but vibrating between two possibilities.I'm thinking of tackling the prediction anomaly,everyones gonna jump down my throat because it's a part of our history in more ways than people think but it's a perception that science has'nt anything that can measure it when it's in action,so science conveniently ignores it.
    If your looking to see whether the human brain has the perception to go to the qauntum state that would be the place to start.Alot of eyewitness accounts of people that have had sudden visions of a possible future event witnessed the person stop,their eyes start to shutter or the whites show through,some fall down but generally they all stop and have a faraway look in their eyes like they don't see whats in front of them.i call this the upload.wait a few hours i'll find links to a famous priest that foresaw all the popes from his century down to the last one,apparently pope benedict is the second to last pope,the next after him is dubbed "Peter the roman" of course this is'nt science as we know it but it gets one wondering.
  • Jun 8 2011: Most claims of extrasensory perception and related phenomena have been dismissed because firsthand accounts from credible persons and delusional ones are hard to differentiate, and the phenomena in question are similarly hard to measure at this point. I don't have anything against it or research in that direction, but until provable and/or reproducable phenomena are scientifically validated, I'll keep quiet on the subject. Worst case, I get an "I told you so!" later down the line.
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      Jun 8 2011: Reeeeproducable...exactly... Experiments are necessary. So who's first to jump in the quantum machine to see how you see in quantum? I'm still stuck on the notion that a quantum existence most readily occurs in non distracted states. The removal of all physical interference. Yet consciousness seems, at first glance anyway, to exist solely to recognize just that (physical interference). Even if consciousness was to only recognize itself, it would still be aware of it's own influence which would keep it distracted from a quantum state...unless consciousness readily resides there.