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Are experiments in remote viewing actually practices of a functioning quantum consciousness?

Something to chew on. When the notion of a human quantum existence is explored the question of how our consciousness would handle it arises...what say you? Been there done that?


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  • Jun 8 2011: hmm... would have to say no. perhaps to change my mind you could describe how humans exist at a quantum level? before that though really evidence of remote viewing is needed. would be amazed if there was any since both the US and UK spent millions on exploring remote viewing and found it to be bunk.
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      Jun 8 2011: The idea comes from the related conversation where it is discussed that if the piece of metal to a particle is the same ratio as a human being to the piece metal...further suggesting that a human being could undergo the same action in the same enlarged environment. Begs the question that I believe Aaron referenced. How does our consciousness handle it? Hence further wonder about our own existential perception: how pliable is it?

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