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what happens after death?

can any one explain and prove what happens after death?
does afterlife exist?
death is finish of life?

can any one prove or disprove existence of afterlife without any referring to any religion?

how much is probability of existence of afterlife?

if when we died and decomposed to bone and soil if we will be arose?

is it possible soil transform to a human again?

  • Jun 11 2011: - can you speak Japanese, now?
    No, your brain does not have thus learned you do not speak.

    - When I sleep, my brain functions differently and I do not remember.
    - when one stimulates certain areas of the brain one can:
    * to cry
    * to have a memory
    * to say insults
    * to change behavior completely
    * to change logic in its thought
    * to have hallucinations
    * to cause an cardiac arrest, a stop of the production of certain neurotransmitters

    - one can indirectly stimulate the brain by drugs (cigarette, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, etc) changing perceptions.
    - to stimulate the brain naturally, while living in this world, as I do it now.Some of these stimulations (one will be able to use specific drugs, magnetic impulses or to make a request for action to the guinea-pig) will have a very precise, renewable effect.
    - One can also use tracers, make cuts and establish relations between nervous structures.
    - One can also use electromagnetic machines (EEG, MEG, EP, etc).

    Thus, we can establish relations of cause-consequences and to give to the brain various activities, functions, power with a certain consequence: without brain, not of thought, not of “me”, not of spirit, nothing.

    So, are you materialist Ahmadi, now ?
    Are you able to question the coran or are you obliged to believe your thoughts?
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    Jun 11 2011: I strongly feel that this discussion will not lead anywhere except perhaps in speculations and some glimpses of the afterlife from those who have near-death experiences. I think that we are not supposed to know what will happen after death although curiosity is one of the best feature of human beings. Is there any specific aim from this question? I think we should be able to do our best in the world that we live in and merely that. The journey is everything, enjoy it.

    By the way, this is my view. Feel free to comment :-)
    • Jun 12 2011: Dear Cecilia Liando,
      actually this is a challenge to materialism.
      • Jun 12 2011: Hi SR. Materialism along with everything else, adds stimulation. An intelligent life could not exist without stimulation.
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    Jun 8 2011: I'm going to kill myself now and I'll come back here soon to tell you guys.
    Have a good one!
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      Jun 8 2011: No man we can't afford to lose a TED translator AND TEDx organizer! Let Ahmadi do all the proving.
    • Jun 9 2011: Dear Lucas Avelleda,
      if you could not come back then how to communicate?
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        Jun 10 2011: Lucas's spirit says:

        ops, I think we can't communicate, I think there's no internet down there in hell yet.
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        Jun 13 2011: Why are you being so serious about it? With such a hard topic to deal with, why can't we have a little fun here? It's good to break the "serious aspect" sometimes, my friend, relax, you're at TED Conversations, not at an "aged minds-boring-so serious-conversations"!
        "Heaven for the climate, hell for the company"
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          Jun 14 2011: Well for starters, its a serious question which needs a serious answer. And if its so hard for you,my friend, then don't answer it!
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          Jun 14 2011: whats serious about it? its a question S.R. allready "knows" an answere to.
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          Jun 14 2011: Well maybe he needs opinions about it.I thought we could give some to him and not kid about it...
          Plus, I know he could sometimes be strict about his beliefs but I don't take it as an excuse to not answer him properly.
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          Jun 14 2011: I trust you on that Tim!!!!!!! but please be respectful of his beliefs.
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          Jun 14 2011: Spot on Tim.
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          Jun 14 2011: my comment was removed, and i have nothing against s.r or his said beliefes. but it was 100% true. and s.r knows that and is probably ok with that, he has more faith than i will ever have.
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    Jun 8 2011: Is there even a method in existence of observing this? Because if you're looking for scientific fact without the correct instruments to log quantifiable results, you're only going to be getting opinions back at you.
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    Jun 8 2011: Decomposition and nothing else.
    • Jun 8 2011: are you sure?
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        Jun 8 2011: Not at all, S.R. Ahmadi, and I think no one can be sure about what comes after death. Decomposition is obvious, but if it is the end or if there's something else I'm really not sure, I'll die and then I'll tell you, ok? Haha, I just think it's natural and beautiful to have and end and nothing else.
        • Jun 9 2011: Dear Lucas Avelleda,
          Ok. so I am waiting for your massage.
          do you have any proof for your think?
  • Jun 15 2011: We go to bask before the radiance of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    No one can disprove it!


    The better question would be, "what would you like to happen after death?"
    • Jun 16 2011: "The better question would be, "what would you like to happen after death?" "
      what is the benefit?
      does this change what will really happen?
      I would like to become as wealthy as bill gates.
  • Jun 8 2011: nothing and i'm happy !
    • Jun 9 2011: Dear Raphaël Musio?
  • Jun 8 2011: Hello SR. I know that to evolve is part of life's destiny. Evolution is there for the benefit of the species, so whichever way we are going, I know it's the right way. You ask is there proof of an after-life, It depends on what is evolving, since the evidence about this is some what blurred at this moment in time, we can't be sure. But because I have every faith in evolution, maybe the ferryman does not exist. It depends on what is evolving.
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      • Jun 10 2011: Hi Raphael. "Evolution is for the individual." You coudn't be more wrong! Explain the balance in nature. Why is nature forever changing species to suit environmental differences. Check the Galapagos Cormorants and there are many more examples. It is not one individual that is changing, it is the whole species. Where do they get their information from to change? It can't come from a spiritual source because that would mean divine help had got it wrong in the first place.
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    • Jun 9 2011: Dear Derek Payne,
      evolution is about long term life of humankind.
      but death is about one individual person.
      I think evolution and death are not related so much.
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        Jun 9 2011: On the contrary, death is really important for evolution. Death is the essence of natural selection. The less adapted genes lead to the death of their owners.
        • Jun 11 2011: Dear Matthieu Miossec,
          "The less adapted genes lead to the death of their owners."
          this death happens immediately after birth of less adapted species or after some generations? or after some years of birth of less adapted species?
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    Jun 8 2011: Death is the end of life. To assume that life continues in some other form once the body is no longer active is wishful thinking.

    I don't understand why you need to make your conversations open-ended. It's like you think your questions are the most interesting.
    • Jun 9 2011: Dear Matthieu Miossec,
      "Death is the end of life."
      this has an assumption that human is all material and has no soul. do you have any evidence for it?
      please note that presentiment (physical changes in skin reactivity, pupil size, heart rate, and other factors indicating precognition before a stimulus is applied) exists, telepathy (direct mind-mind communication) exists, and mind-matter interaction (previously known as psychokinesis or PK) exists.
      what is your explain for them if human is all material? material has not such properties.

      "I don't understand why you need to make your conversations open-ended. It's like you think your questions are the most interesting. "
      when I see a nice topic that is ended and I have not the opportunity to participate it I become sad. so I do not want to other people have such experience.
      "It's like you think your questions are the most interesting."
      I have not such think and open end can have many other reasons.
      when a topic is rationally concluded then it is automatically ended. and new members can add their comments.
      also it is possible a topic has false concluded because of lack of information of all participants and a new member with brilliant ideas come months later and want to add some comments and change the direction of topic basically.
      take it easy.
      you are more interesting than open ended topics. specially the model of your hairs.
      the only reason is that new comers have the opportunity to comment.
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        Jun 9 2011: No, none of the stuff you've just said exists actually exists. Find me a paper that reports any of these phenomena in a real scientific journal. My explanation is that none of that stuff exists.

        "you are more interesting than open ended topics. specially the model of your hairs."I have no idea what you meant to say here. Please rephrase...
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        Jun 9 2011: SR, in your response to Matthieu you stated:
        "please note that presentiment (physical changes in skin reactivity, pupil size, heart rate, and other factors indicating precognition before a stimulus is applied) exists, telepathy (direct mind-mind communication) exists, and mind-matter interaction (previously known as psychokinesis or PK) exists."
        This statement is, in my opinion obviously a quote, not your words. If it is in fact not your own words it is plagerism. You must give due recognition and use quote marks.

        I can understand that there may be something of a language barrier that you must deal with, but that should not be an excuse for calling someone else's words your own.

        It's not the first time I've sensed this in your responses...Please explain and, if it is in fact the case,
        refrain in the future from lifting other's ideas and calling them your own.
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          Jun 10 2011: Good observation. It's actually from the page which I warned him against. I feel vindicated now as he has quoted a blatant lie. I'm seriously amused by how little it takes for him to be convinced by one of these internet pages and yet the 200 year scientific legacy of Charles Darwin isn't enough to convince him that evolution is a fact. Talk about believing what you find convenient to believe.
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    • Jun 9 2011: Dear wongmo r,
      thanks. I looked your links.
      NDEs are about before death. what happens after death?

      about Ian_Stevenson it is possible many peoples or child have similar personality and it be by accident.

      "our soul or spirit maybe?"
      can you prove soul (spirit) exist?
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    Jun 8 2011: All I want to say to all of you : Live to be happy and die to go to heaven.Only God knows what happens after death.
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    Jun 8 2011: As I understand it, we will be resurrected not resusitated.
    • Jun 8 2011: sorry, please explain the difference.
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        Jun 8 2011: Greetings SR..........resusitation is bring back to life the body we have now. Ressurection is being given a new body which is unlike our body we have now. How is this possible ? I don't know. Maybe one day our scientist friends will discover how that's done.
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          Jun 8 2011: There's no mind/body separation. There can be no thoughts without a brain, no vision without eyes and so on...
        • Jun 9 2011: Dear Helen Hupe,
          "How is this possible ? "
          having a new body after decomposition and from soil at least is not impossible. and the proof is simple:
          your current body is made of soil.
          did you forget how your body was made from soil when you were in the womb of your mother. and your mother was eating foods that are made from soil. all fruits and foods are made from plants and plants are made fro soil.
          so your body is happened from soil.
          so it is not impossible that this fact happen again.
          only a system like your mothers womb is needed to your body be made again.

          Dear Matthieu Miossec,
          "There's no mind/body separation."
          what you say about some NDE's that people report they have been separate of body?

          "There can be no thoughts without a brain,"
          I think assuming NDE's are true for example people have been separate of body (physically dead) for a while has contradict with your saying.
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          Jun 9 2011: When I was younger, I used to believe in God because of NDEs. It was perfect. I could believe with evidence (I was so naive, but hey I was in middle school). The only problem is, NDEs are hallucinations, not really out of body experiences. There's a vast body of scientific literature on NDEs and how it has continually been induced in patients in no immediate danger of death. So that's another house of cards crumbling down. There's plenty of papers on that, and ithey're not in para-something journals. Interestling, people with particular faiths have different induced NDE experiences that fit their beliefs specifically.