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Why is it that everyone who brings up the conversation about "beauty" is never a good looking person themselves.

There was some recent ado about an article published in Psychology Today that was written by Satoshi Kanazawa for the University of London Press, which stated how black women did not adhere to the typical standard of what the world might call "beauty."

Now, knowing that I am the ugliest female on the planet and have been called beautiful by plenty of men, black and white; I took it to heart that he was trying to explain something about the way "looks-ism" in the workplace affects people, particularly black women. Turns out that wasn't it at all.

He was using some polls that were likely taken by some not so hot looking men who decided that black women are not "beautiful." Then I looked at a picture of him, and realized that he is about an uglier male than any black female I'd ever seen. He was in no position to pontificate on looks.

So I began to wonder why it is that all of the conversation starters on black women's "beauty" always seem to be some of the ugliest white guys on the planet? I mean Rush Limbaugh calling Michelle Obama ugly?