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Should an interface have an emotional connect with a user?

..some fun, when you ride..

..some joy, when you understand..

..some connect, when you fall..

..some excitement, when you explore..

..some life, when you remember..

..some imagination, when you dream..

..some hope, when you loose..

..some charm, when you have a Scooter!

Cant say so, for the ubiquitous interfaces of the day.

As we get more and more advanced, the technology gets smarter and smarter (faster and increasingly interconnected). The face it presents starts to say "I am supersmart, I am trying to adjust to your comprehension level"... and not what it could have said "It's simple! try it! it will be fun!".

We have already being through alienation during industrialization that saw us getting increasingly lonely in a society. Is this the new alienation? Are we getting more and more disconnected with the machines we use everyday?

At some point of time, can we dream of "some charm", in the connect we have with devices we are spending our days with.

May be, may be not? may be worth exploring....


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    Jun 22 2011: I feel as though we are edging towards the emotion-eliciting UIs Sumit refers to. If we were to look simply at operating systems through time, human-machine interaction is becoming more and more interconnected and intimate. I, however, disagree with this change. The more we rely on technology to replace humans, the more we will isolate and alienate ourselves from real social interaction. We will be reduced to a society of machines and artificial intelligence, and everything will seem mechanical and predictable. To fully capitalize on emotional responses, a capricious disposition is necessary and machines should not be able to recreate the human unpredictability that makes emotional responses poignant and significant.

    It will definitely be 'cool', but I feel as though we don't need machines to recognize, evaluate and analyze human emotion, we have humans for that :P

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