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Can we test some innovation in these conversations?

Here, in this forum, we have lot of smart and educated people. I like e-meeting them, BUT can you really read 170 answers to a simple or complex question, such as 'should anyone be allowed to upload videos, to TED?
Many answers really are YES or NO and repeat reasons we already seen.

So - what about 1) adding a voting button YES or NO or ..
2) Every N (10, 50 ..) answers will be summarized
(by for and con person)
3) only id a new argument appears, it will be given 2000 characters - to explain
4) and again - we all can vote - that arguments is indeed new

Come on - this is a brainstorming thread : What else can we do to make this dialog more efficient, less repetitive ??

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    Feb 17 2011: 2 ideas here: voting with "arguments" and collapsible comments.

    1. Voting - it'd be really useful in some Conversations, here's how I imagine it:
    1.1. Allow to vote without commenting and comment without voting.
    1.1.a. If both are done, show the voting choice next to the name of the person.
    1.1.b. "Show only " option for reading a comprehensive summary of pros and cons.
    1.2. Choice + argument:
    1.2.1. The author of the conversation writes the main choices when s/he adds a poll, e.g. Chris in that Conversation about uploading videos would have picked "yes" and "no". When a person is voting s/he chooses from "yes" and "no" and then "beacause..." appears where s/he can write an original argument (short one) or pick from what others have already wrote. As somebody has suggested there, the main NOs argument has been that "crowd couldn't effectively self-organize".
    1.2.2. Expand/Collapse vote results: initially show only main choices and number of votes but allow seeing all or several most popular arguments

    2.1. Expand/collapse replies! It's easier to add this (I suppose) and indeed needed. Sometimes I love to read long off-topic discussions as they are usually interesting and well argued, but there are days when I want to read only about the particular TEDTalk/topic and scrolling gets annoying.
    2.2. Titles for comments? I'm not sure about this one. Basically, if we could get used to start a comment with the main point or if there was a separate box for it (think as a "title" or "topic"), there could be an option to collapse comments to one-liners. Then we could have an overview of the discussion and could pick the comments we want to read (of course, we'd also have thumbs count next to each which could also help).

    On one hand, we could slip into a habit of reading only small bits without going into details, but on the other hand, with the community growing bigger it might give some control over the information (over)flow.

    3. "Follow" option?