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What if there is no love in this world?

When I was about 10 years old, my science teacher told me that we don't need love to live.How far is this true? can we really live without love? and what if there is no love at all in this world? what would we be then?

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    Jun 9 2011: Here is a quote provided by our TED friend Nicholas:

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

    Love ain't goin' nowhere, Muhammad!!! It's here to stay and getting stronger by the day.... You can tell your science teacher that he/she is all the poorer for not having found it.
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      Jun 9 2011: Jim, Nicholas and Muhammad Aizat are two young men who give me great hope for this world.

      And there are a few 'old guys' like you who inspire me too.
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      Jun 10 2011: When there is love, there is peace!!!! I strongly agree with you Jim!!!!!!!

      @Debra, you're such a sweet lady!

      Have a nice day to both of you!
  • Jun 7 2011: One in a hundred of us some scientists think, are to some degree psychopaths and thus don't love people much. It's not a natural or desirable state but it's been suggested that many leaders in society are inclined this way. One can think of many political leaders who one can suspect of having had this failing at enormous cost and suffering to others. Also studying certain communities suggests that you are more likely to live a long life if you have loving friends rather than none.
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      Jun 7 2011: I must say that I feel like a psychopath every now and then (what a weird thing to say on TED), then again I feel like the biggest philanthropist every now and then as well...
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    Jun 8 2011: i cant imagine what the world would look like when there's no love and i think that day will never come.the needs to be loved are embedied into every individual. babies rely entirely on their parents to give not just food but also affections,care...put it simple -love.
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    Jun 7 2011: Of course we need love, we can't limit love to the idea of have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/parter of any kind... Love surround us, if we don't love we don't take care of anything. Love is an element of the spirit, we can be separated from it. When we cease of having expectations, we start to love for real.
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    Jun 7 2011: Humanity would simply cease to exist. Let's be real. Not one baby would make it to maturity without the behaviour that love evokes in mothers.
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      Jun 8 2011: Yes Debra, mothers are the ones who show that we need love and we are able to radiate them.By the way, can I have your e-mail?
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        Jun 9 2011: You crazy kid!
        Everytime I see that singer's face I expect a mask to fall off and your grinning face to pop out!
        He is a good symbol of your country and your aspirations though- just as you are, my Malaysian ambassador of international understanding!
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      Jun 9 2011: Debra - Case closed!! Failure to thrive is the result of a loveless world!!
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        Jun 9 2011: Jim! How truly insighful!

        Failure to thrive is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Babies literally die for lack of loving attention and if they get the bare minimum they languish and fail to grow.
        I am convinced that this lack of love and touch is also responsible for the epidemic of depression that we are experiencing in the world today. As people get more isolated and experience less touch their nervous systems are crying out.

        So- I mentioned before that I taught all my kids to ask themselves 'who hugs this person' before they condemn or get angry with someone for being cranky.

        If you ask yourself that question and get the answer 'no one' I challenge us all to find a way to make some contact. A hug is good but some people are so wounded that even a hug is too much- like drinking to much water after being in the desert for days.

        If touch is hard to find in anyone's life even getting a massage can help you calm your nervous system. Finding a way to get touch in your life is essential for optimal health.

        OK - Sorry- I'm getting off my soap box now!
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    Jun 13 2011: Hi Muhammad! Love is the super meme that will transform our world. It has to work in tandem with the power of our minds so that our love of power will not prevail as Jim noted.
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      Jun 13 2011: "love, hope and clear scientific insights"

      I like that Joe.If we can unite under the power of peace and love, God knows what we can do! ( I hope the word God is still appropriate to use in this conversation).Tell me more about what you think as I find your thoughts on this question to be very very interesting.Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me Joe!!! Have a nice day!
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        Jun 13 2011: Muhammad, the word God is indeed is a polarizing term among diverse group of people. Maybe we need a new word for God because whatever is our belief and conviction, we are essentially talking about the same idea.

        Many people feel uncomfortable when others say that we abandon "God" because we don't realize that the transcendence of God also means our humanism - caring concern for our fellow humans. Many people are also worried that our belief in God will cause us to blindly follow God and oppress other people which is an oxymoron, although sadly, it can happen in some places - but this situations are extremism, the trajectory that we should and can avoid in all kinds of beliefs and convictions.

        I hope that you will join me in clarifying and simplifying our ideas and help our world to transform.
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          Jun 14 2011: "This is why today we need to translate and contribute the power of our beliefs and convictions into the common language of our common interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world."

          I totally agree with that.Your ideas are wonderful Joe!!!! share it with the rest of TED members!!!
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        Jun 15 2011: Muhammad, that is what I'm trying to do as a Tedster here, I hope you'll help me spread these ideas.

        Just to let you know also that I updated some words of my above statement because as I converse with fellow Tedsters, the word "common" is similar to "communism" which seems to evoke negative bias against my ideas.

        I have also updated the framework for solution strategies and I would appreciate if I can get your feedback on how more people can help considering your own perspective. (

        Solution 1. Resolve crisis and global risks that may further weaken our world. (UN MDG (, WEF Risks Response Network (, UN climate change conference, key nation's influence on global security and stability, etc.)

        Solution 2. Transformation of our economic systems into an equitable and earth-sustainable economic model. (WEF Global Redesign Initiative, businesses and governments, NGOs)

        Solution 3. Formulation and implementation of global transformation strategies of our industries. (WEF, businesses and governments, NGOs)

        Solution 4. Information campaigns to bring more awareness to people and strengthen our political resolve.:
        - more participation in our electoral process and constant dialog with our political representatives
        - social networks (, Facebook, etc.)
        - political and economic information and social network system to strengthen transparency and accountability

        Solution 5. Information campaigns to bring more awareness to what we can contribute individually, locally or as a nation (, carbon footprint awareness, influence of our buying habits, etc.).

        We also need an information system for solution and reform activities and see our progress and identify activities that needs more effort.
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          Jun 16 2011: Joe, as long as your idea does not hurt anyone else,I'll be sure to join you!!!! I will try my best to spread the idea locally first.It may take time but if its something positive,who knows what the impact will be to us! I'm glad you shared it with me.Thanks a heap!!!!!
  • Jun 7 2011: We don't need love to live but we do need love to be happy.
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      Jun 9 2011: Even if you had no love from birth?
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    Jun 7 2011: One can live without a lot of feelings... some people actually do (some people can't feel certain emotions, others can but never felt them).

    We live without other feelings too, and that works...

    So having one or another feeling might make some things easier, some things harder...

    But "need" is a strong word.
    I think love is a wonderful emotion to share... so if you have it: share it. If you don't: no problem.
    In either case: act peaceful and positive!
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      Jun 7 2011: That's what I've been thinking... except that I've come to the notion that everyone "has it", just need training...
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        Jun 7 2011: I was thinking about some pathological cases (brain damage, or some psychological disorder)...

        But I've not been through the literature for some nice examples... I assume such people might exist...
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      Jun 8 2011: Dear Birdia, the fact that I am breathing and living makes me know that love is around me.I don't know about you but I believe in god, that's why I think that way.Do share with me your opinions though.I would love to here about them.