Vimal Raval

Project Manager, Abbacus Technologies

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How to sustain in situation where you find yourself inbetween YES and NO, TRUE and FALSE , Right and Wrong?

In life some time we found ourself on the border of selection 2 options mostly... i.e YES -- NO , TRUE ---- FALSE , RIGHT --- WRONG, LIKE ---DISLIKE, POSITIVE --- NEGATIVE.. etc etc

This is the place from where you must have to select any one options.... But how and what happen when we can no select any one option?

I am not saying that is poor decision quality, But its very difficult situation to face .... what you say ?

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    Jun 13 2011: Hi Vimal! Great smile you got there. The choices are simpler when we have a clear vision of our purpose and right principles in life. I reckon it's the power of our heart to love (the super meme) is the igniter of all our other powers - care, hope trust with our structures strengthened by the powers of justice, freedom and truth.
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    Jun 6 2011: Statistics and probability did give me some useful tools.

    And accepting uncertainty,
    and anthropology.

    But when it comes to forced choice: flip a coin and take the other option if you feel unhappy with the result!