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What is the mystery within art?

What is that element that identify a piece of art? Is it some kind of eternal essence?
Is it something that connects with our own spirit?

Where is the mystery?
Who have the knowledge to make everlasting art nowadays?

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    Jun 10 2011: The best thing about art, no matter how hard people try to give "valued" opinions about art, in the end it all comes down to personal preference.

    There are no facts in art.

    Indeed what is art?
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    Jun 10 2011: "The idea that in order to get clear about the meaning of a general term one had to find the common element in all its applications has shackled philosophical investigation."
    —The Blue Book, Ludwig Wittgenstein

    This question relates to a pretty common mistake that people have been making since at least Aristotle. The problem comes about when you imagine a class of things or ideas and then ask what are the necessary and sufficient conditions for being part of that class. But since Wittgenstein we know better. He pointed out words like "game" which we al know and understand, but nevertheless cannot find a single element or even a set of elements that defines all games and excludes all non-games. He suggested that we think instead in terms of family resemblance. We can all recognize a family resemblance, but it's not normally about one trait. You might have your mom's nose and your sister might have your dad's eyes, etc.

    Art is like this—it's a category of things, not a set unified by a single trait or essence. When you start to think about it this way, the problem goes away.

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    Jun 10 2011: Signora Birdia your point is valuable, could you be so gentle to develop for us. Vi ringraziamo la sua pulita proposta.
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    Jun 8 2011: Carissima Baronessa questa e una gesta perduta. La sensibilita a scomparsa nella vita. Non si vede mai nula. La vera idea d'arte e soterrata per le rovine dalla cultura disney. Questa e una tragedia. E meglio si noi facciamo una vacanza per purificare la nostra anima dai tanti "american way of life". Andiamo.
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    Jun 7 2011: well if i were to be an artist...

    replicating the imperfection of a subject into a perfect "imperfection". i can say my art is a masterpiece...

    where the mystery is? = depending upon my creativity? (only my opinion)

    "What is that element that identify a piece of art?" - example. well to others a simple painting can just be a simple painting but to the gifted the same painting can have a million of meaning, it only represents what the viewer can relate.

    speaking for myself...
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    Jun 6 2011: Carissima Baronessa la belleza e la manifestazione de la verita. Non tutti possono riconoscere la verita. Voi lo sapete molto bene quando vediamo a tanti persone chi fanno finta di sapere. Il nostro comando e superiore e dobbiamo di farlo senza dubio, e pieni di sicurezza.

    Grazie tanti per la vostra domanda.