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Website that makes review of how good is it to work in a company, based on user input.

I think there is a market and a need for a website which would list all companies from the world and make review on how good it is to work there.
Like do they have good management, do they have nice salary, and so on...

The whole input could be from anybody in the world and hopefully from somebody who works there.

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    Jun 16 2011: You've got a great idea, however creating an entry for every business in the world would be a never ending task. I would suggest doing the cheap thing - use a platform that already exists. Lets ask google to add a link on it's "places" page that allows for conversation pertaining specifically to employment. Maybe some kind of "do you work here?" icon. Here, you have many benefits - it's transparent, it exists already, it opens up the information to consumers who may be conscientious about how ee's are treated where they shop, and because of android phones it is in the palm of your hand automatically with the google integration. What do you think? Should we call them? :)