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Synthetically Pressurizing the Atmosphere to Create Large-Scale & Controllable Precipitation

With freshwater supplies rapidly declining, I feel there is an urgency to find new sources of freshwater. My hope of creating and controlling water precipitation is intended to end water shortages or radical climate changes, and also to provide clean water to those who lack access the most essential resource of life.
I have been bouncing ideas off the top of my head...and I think that by using some sort of wave (electromagnetic, harmonic, etc.) coming from multiple focal points may be able to create an area with 'low pressure,' which should ultimately create clouds and precipitation.

The ultimate goal is to be able to synthesize and contain precipitation at a given area. It may require heating ocean water to increase humidity or to promote evaporation. Then we somehow have to (unnaturally or naturally) move that humidity to a desired location and have it precipitate.
It seems like this idea would go against the laws of nature, but I think in the long-run it will be our only method of survival.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with an open mind.

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    Jun 9 2011: HAARP
  • Jun 7 2011: Hi Stephen, it is commendable that you are thinking ahead. My thoughts, however, are that we should focus not on greater complexity in the manipulation of nature to clean up our prior transgressions but a simplification of our own lifestyles to improve our quality of life and to bring nature back to a more natural state. What do you think?
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    Jun 6 2011: I'm afraid I am against this idea.

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