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WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.

Are you open to hook up with someone who can place action to ideas... ? Collaboration > Ideation > Action...

Whether you need a hand, or can lend one, together can we map our dreams, make them happen... personal ideas worth spreading with angels like you who can help make them fly... [dreams for you, for earth or for your children]

[some verve required]


Closing Statement from Terry Torok

IF we could see and hear each others dreams and desires, we might be able to connect with humankind in a more peaceful and productive way... placing our dreams "out loud" may give us a chance to reach them and help others reach theirs.

Do you know what your best friends dreams are? Does your best friend know yours?

Thanks to all of you who share your dreams... it's an amazing list... With someone's help, I hope to bring it to another level. These are all perfectly possible, sweet dreams, Terry Torok

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    Sep 29 2011: 1. Promote integration of traditional healing practices into modern medicine so that personal touch and holistic treatments return to a world of cold clinical practices.

    2. Encourage individuals to be more open-minded to other spiritual answers during soul-searching, by introducing the concept of control through understanding and eliminating the concept of 'my religion versus yours' thinking

    3. Advocate Self-help & self understanding programs to schools, to encourage students to take learning into their own hands rather than enforcing it.

    4. Move towards an earth that encourages Interdependence as it is just as important to work with others and still be able to take responsibility for yourself.

    5. Spread potential solutions to others through sharing your own unique ideas and views as sometimes even a rocket scientist may miss that pair of glasses on top of his own head.
    • Sep 30 2011: I think your 5 aims are so beautifully put. I admire, respect and am sailing with you on that planet friend. :@) All the best.
  • Aug 27 2011: Hi Terry, thanks for asking. Kinda stuck in a rut at the moment and it really helps to refocus on what is important.

    1. Be the light, bring the light.
    2. Speak, teach and hold the space for those whom I meet to make the transformation they need in their lives
    3. Make enough money so I never have to think about it again
    4. Love the love of my life and my dog in a way they deserved to be loved
    5. Immerse myself in a group of people who are living for the highest good of all
    • Sep 11 2011: I love your Bucket list numbers 1,2 and 5. The second one had me reflecting for a good half hour with its profoundness. Although I guess, it had me on pause because my list is somewhat akin to what you have. But your second one is beautiful especially after considering the first one. We want to bring the light and be the light. Yet somehow, there should be a proper time to dim your lights a bit so as to see the light of others and allow that light to shine some more so that together, later on, you can light an even bigger space.
      • Sep 11 2011: Thank you. I wrote that last post in a dark time and it really helped me remember the light. I absolutely agree with your point on dimming our lights. I do suffer from an overdo syndrome and often forget that it is never up to us to "help" another person. We can only set the space and hopefully they will walk into the light and remember the light in themselves.
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      Sep 25 2011: I reread your bucket list today Serene... and re-inspired... it's great to keep our dreams before us... our sub-conscience mind can help us manifest them by night and when we rise we can check the map... [again]
      • Sep 26 2011: Thanks! And thank you for starting this thread. I've been repeatedly inspired by what the others wrote and it's heartening to see this many people want to live inspired lives.
  • Oct 14 2011: My wish: Information accessability and helping others obtain critical thinking skills.
    Brick and mortar Libraries are a place to go to for books, magazines, community information, and increasingly, computer access.

    For those who are computer literate, digital Libraries are growing at an exponential rate.
    So much information is available for those who can get to a Library, for those who have access to a computer and the Internet.

    My wish is to take that information and access to it, to the people.

    Think of a bookmobile concept, but change it to be a mobile digital learning environment and information access point. Traveling E-Mobiles would make technology and the information age available to as many people as possible.
    Visualize a digital command center on wheels, with staff able and willing to teach people how to use technology, or how to use it better.
    Helping patrons learn to differentiate between fluff and authoritative information. Digitizing of community information, resources, and history could also be a part of the traveling information mobile.

    The opportunites for those who have limited (or no) access to computers and information could be life changing.
    My wish is also for people to learn to critically think about what information and ideas they are exposed to. Once literacy is achieved, and access to information is available, cognitive skills need to be developed.

    An intelligent, informed, rationalizing population of the world is perhaps our key to survival as a species.

    Major wishes aside, my personal dreams would be to become a better listener, a better wife to my husband of 20 years, and earn a masters degree in library science. I always hope to keep my mind open to the vast and wonderful possibilities and people around me.
    Thanks for listening, have a great day!

    One more thought.... "outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend, inside of a dog, it is too dark to read." attributed to the late, great Groucho Marx
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    Oct 6 2011: I want for money and class to not be a roadblock or stumbling block to education and potential. I want to see universities and colleges share their courses and expertise with students from all walks of life so that no one has to live "outside" of their own potential for lack of being intellectually challenged. I want the true meritocracy to emerge, not the entrepreneuracracy - we have conflated these two. If you aren't connected, don't have the right ideas, it takes you 4-5 times as long to do something- the problem is access and agency, not smarts and creativity. Change the rules!

    I've started, I have a higher education platform called Omnicademy. We can inspire all people to their greatest potential. It doesn't HAVE to be difficult!
  • Sep 29 2011: 1. Help change the way children are educated.
    2. To become a speaker to the soul's of people
    3. To let go of what I cannot change about me and become more of what is wonderful about me
    4. To be a part of the spiritual makeover in the world, and by spiritual I mean our souls
    5. I've been in the cocoon stage long enough, I want to be born now
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    Sep 14 2011: This would be a constantly changing list, but here it goes:

    1. To simply leave the world as a better place than I found it. An all encompassing rule.
    2. To never be part of "the problem".
    3. To make a living doing what I love and to be able to help my family.
    4. To treat all people the way I would like to be treated.
    5. To never stop learning, never stop creating and never stop enjoying and appreciating what I have.
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      Sep 25 2011: Carmine this is fantastic thank you i share your number 2... the most, but would like to live them all !
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    Jul 25 2011: In many ways, I have already completed my personal bucket list. I have done more things in my life than I ever expected to. So most of my remaining items are passive, but they are still real for me.

    1) Live long enough to see the end of war. (Probably means I would have to live a very long time, but I do believe that war as a way of solving problems will disappear if humanity continues to grow in understanding.)

    2) Reach the end of my life without taking the life of another. (Yes, if I found myself in a position where the lives of others depended on my swift and unequivocal action, I would take down someone who thought because he held a gun in his hand he could kill indiscriminately. I would do that in a heartbeat.)

    3) See my sons and their loves and their children carry on the memes that bode well for a future where love, in its many forms, continues to break down the artificial barriers human beings construct to pretend that we are not one family. (Whether we have God as one father or biology as one mother, some day we have to realize that we are they.)

    4) Participate in some small way to change the paradigm of human survival. (I fully understand survival of the elitist, but I would rather we human beings could see ourselves in a mirror that includes the most broken and disadvantaged.)

    5) Write that book or sing that song or make that movie or paint that picture that is within me. (Our fleeting perceptions are so powerful. They are the sparks that live beyond our own lifetimes. They set fire to new ideas, new possibilities, new understandings. If only we could capture them in a word or a sentence or a lost chord or a splatter of paint on a canvas.)
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      Jul 25 2011: fantastic list Kevin... on your #4 interesting to note:
      John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods calls poverty the "default condition" of the human race, stressing that "it is not caused by the unequal distribution of wealth," but by the "unequal distribution of capitalism". He also states "Capitalism has a branding issue"... but at it's core is a fundamental cure for poverty... if this notion is adopted, we could move towards that paradigm shift of human survival... thoughts?

      You are a great writer your #5 would be enjoyed on any canvas of your choice...
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        Jul 25 2011: Terry, I appreciate your comments very much. Perhaps I can agree with Mackey in part. Certainly, if all of us had something productive we could in the world and earn enough to support ourselves and our families, poverty would end, and I believe that would be better than just supplying food or just supplying money. But capitalism by itself isn't the engine of change. People are.
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    Jun 15 2011: 1) Speak at TED about a new model of emotional understanding that scientifically defines all emotions and their causation with 100% accuracy, which offers the reduction of pain and suffering globally. Then educate, motivate and enlist assistance from true catalysts to deliver on #2, #3, and #4.

    2) Teach those in the world who are seeking it a practical path to eliminating negative emotion, thus raising their levels of inner peace... that we may be closer to world peace.

    3) Establish elementary and secondary school curricula to teach the process of emotional management to children so we may reduce things like bullying, teen angst, and teen suicide.

    4) Establish collegiate courses to teach the basis of egoic and collective egoic conflict, so that we may reduce war through the education of our future political leaders, and sow the seeds of a realistic and attainable world peace.

    5) After all that is done, find some awesome little beach to sit on with my family, while sipping on a few perfectly mixed margaritas. (I'll take care of this one. I'll need help with the rest.)
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      Jul 23 2011: I look forward to hearing you at TED... I would love to know more about #3... for our curriculum in South Africa...
      great list, right down to the salted rim... best, Terry Torok
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        Jul 23 2011: We're working on something for Australia schools as we speak with a couple educators, but if you know folks who would like to work on an SA version, forward them on to me.

        With the model we developed, we can give 12 year olds a Masters in Psych in about 20 hours of instruction. It's just about figuring out how to keep them awake. ;-)

        Thanks for keeping people thinking!

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          Aug 5 2011: Hey Sean
          Greetings. Do you have any more details about this program? I am not an educator but trying something, anything, to reduce bullying and suicide is something I would do. It often feels that people give up on this and put it in the "too hard' basket.
  • Oct 13 2011: My idea: Planet Potluck. 

    "Where social spheres mingle in real life."

    It will change the context of social networking, and ground the way people interact with their communities. It will break down hierarchies and renew social trust. It will spark a new renaissance and a new romanticism, uniting the modern and post-modern worlds, and it will reinstitute the human body into the social sphere.

    Planet Potluck is a real-to-life social platform that will engage local communities on every level of humanity through open food-sharing events. There are two ways you can use the platform:

    1. Host a potluck. Choose a location. Pick a theme. Meet your neighbors and surrounding community around food. Anyone is invited. It's always free.

    2. Attend a potluck. Search by theme or interest (art, music, business, hobbies, neighborhoods, religious beliefs, causes, etc). Bring food or donation if you can.

    Potential benefits of an open food network:
    1. Reduce collective apathy through human connection.
    2. End hunger in your community (break the provider/client mentality of inner-city soup kitchens)
    2. Find new business prospects.
    3. Make new friends or find a date.
    4. Renew the physical element of social networking.
    5. Change the way you interact with strangers. See eye-to-eye with all of humanity.

    1. Each potluck attendee is rated by the potluck host.
    2. Each potluck host is rated by attendees.
    3. No discrimination is allowed except for use of the rating system (all potlucks are open public events).
    4. Hosts that are not comfortable inviting strangers into their homes may choose a public place instead. Others may choose to host potlucks in their homes at their discretion.

    Communities become stronger and more conscious as social problems get reduced locally, through intentional engagement. Crime goes down in cities, prisons empty out, business gets a new platform for connectivity, and the human spirit gets a renewed sense of trust, all through relationships.
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    Oct 13 2011: Terry and Xia, I'm here to help. Tell me what you need. I can give you a platform for educating others. Let me know.
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    Oct 12 2011: 1) Make motivation the new metric for learning assessment in education. It is not what we teach children, but how we inspire children with curiosity and passion for learning that matters. Who is measuring motivation and passion for life long learning and creative process as we bombard school children with standards of learning tests and other objective metrics as schools compete for funding.

    2) Don't just teach students facts and information, rather teach them how to operate and function when they don't have all the information.

    3) Bring creative problem solving into primary and secondary ed.
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    Oct 8 2011: 1. The "Wikipedia of Ideas" - a crowd-sourced platform that bridges the gap between Wikipedia and TED. People go to Wikipedia to learn how things came to be; people go to TED to learn about possibilities and visions of the future. Likewise people will go to this sharing technology to contribute ideas to improving the world and identify opportunities from which enterprises will start. It will be a community to bring the visionaries and the executers (engineers, developers, etc) who are passionate about a particular idea, concept, or industry to turn dreams into realities.

    2. A platform in which people can share their goals and share the steps that lead up to their goals with their friends and family, thus creating a system of accountability and motivation. It's those daily disciplines that accumulate over time and end up changing our lives for the better. This social platform (available on both mobile and web) would help people stay committed to doing those simple tasks that are both easy TO DO and easy NOT TO DO.

    3. Make epic videos of me doing crazy things, like going to Thailand to train and fight muay Thai (which I've done before), going to the ashram in India that Steve Jobs went to, going to the Amazon to visit the Satere Mawe tribe and performing the bullet ant ritual. These videos are to inspire people to take life by the horns, to experience the world, and better themselves.

    4. Either take my current company public or another company I start in the future public. That would be a nice feat, to just say I've done it.

    5. Reinvent education for the better, particularly in countries that lack innovation. Creating a curriculum that fosters innovation, to help students discover themselves, and to ignore following cynics' advice of going the traditional way of getting a job and all that. If anything it'd be nice to change the education of Korea, China, and India, where work ethic is more prevalent -- thus, they'd become major game changers in the global economy.
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      Oct 8 2011: Excellent Steve ... look forward to the opportunity to connect...

      Your number one is a clear and collaborative way to contribute to contribute to ideas... very cool... it seems like an idea starter or idea spreader that could live easily within the Ted socialsphere... it is brilliant. Could lead to collaborators coming together on an Ideation Vacation...
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    Xia Zou

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    Oct 6 2011: This first one would be the best gift someone could give me or that I could pass on to future generations (outside of what I create with my hands in the literal sense).

    1) University/Academia is one of the most amazing places I've had the privilege to spend time at. The wealth of knowledge is spectacular. It can also be dense and difficult to access. I have a dream that it could be 1) Free and accessible to all, that is maybe you can't get the degree, but you can get the syllabus, see the lecture notes, buy the books, and it's all available and easy to access, so that we can all have that kind of supreme understanding, which leads to better actions, and better people. 2) That there is a second component that allows for some of the best of insights gained from research, to be shared, much like TED. Essentially, that universities adopt a TED like format to research presentations, and that these "findings" also address broader applicability issues. Essentially I'd like the world to be more connected. Artists, scholars, business people, philanthropists etc., we should be all working together, because as good as we are, we need each other to step up and to do the things that are being called to face in this new age.

    2) Be a spectacular innovative artist that really touches and moves her "community"
    3) Be an activist especially in the areas of environmentalism and compassionate action.
    4) Be good company (ongoing, simple, but maybe the most essential thing in living). And when something else is called for, give them incredible.
    5) Living more in Samadhi (or as Maharshi would say, residing in the "self").
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      Oct 6 2011: Xia, I have created a platform for higher education that does just that. I am happy to share it and make it available to you. I would welcome any opportunity to get it into people's hands. Check it out at Omnicademy.com.
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      Oct 7 2011: thank Xia and Stacey - one of my goals is a free and accredited academy... both with online and personal mentoring and student collaborative experiences... it's extremely attainable and we are working through first in the creative fields... I see this clearly... and those who do should gather.... quickly....
  • Oct 6 2011: Pretty big, but hey - why not?
    1. Figure out how to shift the human races' thinking from "me" to "us" so that we can all work together to create a sustainable future - restore our planet and our societies. We are one, let's act on that!
    2. Find the resources to establish an international website/ mobile apps that facilitates collaboration to develop viable businesses with a triple bottom line (Environmentally Restorative, Socially Enhancing, Economically Viable) - and internationalize them. Not far off a model for this one.
    3. Link #2 business into a charitable trust that governs it's operations on the above ethics and that re-invests in the most influential organisations/opportunities - supercharging and internationalizing them.
    4. Establish education systems used by the masses that help everyone think in cradle to cradle product life cycles etc.
    5. Have loads of fun, love, compassion in life and help others do the same.
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      Oct 6 2011: I'll through my online education platform into the mix. Let me know if you want an account.
      • Oct 6 2011: Thank you Stacey. I am not a Proctor or Professor - how do you see us working together on your website? I am certainly interested in education!
        How can I help?
  • Oct 6 2011: I stumbled upon this while reading about Steve Jobs - may he rest in peace. I think it's great to have a place to express ideas and questions and I enjoy TED so this is the perfect.

    My 5 current big and small "To-Do's" are as follows:

    1. Complete my undergrad in April 2012/begin my post-grad in September 2012.

    2. Help develop efficient off-grid electricity systems for rural Africa.

    3. Have a career with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

    3. Become a successful entrepreneur.

    3. Continue growing as a stronger and better person.

    Thanks for listening,

    Cara Salvatore
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      Oct 6 2011: Howzit Cara thank you so much - very very happy the random road led you here... in Zulu, [i am in Cape Town S. Africa today] there is a beautiful word Lalela... it means "to listen" and I am closely listening to you... I am currently here with our programs writing curriculum for the Art of Ideas, and The Art of Entrepreneurship...

      i look very forward to understanding and communicating more with you in the very near future...

      Pleasure, Terry
  • Oct 5 2011: 1. I would like to end lobbying in the USA.

    2. I would like to be instrumental in the 10 largest cities worldwide having a self sourced and sustaining food system.

    3. Appear on TED.

    4. Have a son named Ted.

    5. Assist my son Ted in presenting for TED.
  • Oct 3 2011: Hi Terry,

    Thank you for inviting this question. When I imagine an Angel In The Wings, I'm inspired.

    Here's the ONE thing that I would want to do:

    I'd like to produce/direct an Edu-tainment Documentary series called "The Re-Union of Body and Soul" - how newly emerging practices and perspectives related to fear, pain and core values are revealing the Highest Self (and love) that we are.

    What would our world look like if fear didn't impact our lives so often, if prior pains didn't continually impact the course of negotiations, and if right-wrong and good-bad thinking (including shame, guilt, punishment, etc) were replaced with presence, core values, integrated generative solutions and awareness of the value of others' perspectives?

    Each episode would include 3 components:
    - The current episode Topic Overview
    - Applications of the episode topic to practical situations at all scales - individual, interpersonal, organization and leadership, kids in schools, parenting, relationships, politics and legislation, healthy communities, economics, etc.
    - Practical do-ables that viewers could take on TODAY toward this "Re-Union"

    The incremental Episode List would bring awareness to (what Spiral Dynamics refers to as 2nd Tier) topics such as:

    1. Core Values Awareness
    2. Type Dynamics
    3. Grief work / Release Work
    4. Effective Expression and Do-able Requests
    5. Integrative Decision-Making (ie: win-win, system-awake solutions in a multi-perspective'd world)
    6. Recognizing and Addressing Shadow (fear, pain, shame, guilt, villainizing, etc)
    7. Integrating The Core Behind Fear (and 5 specific proven practices)
    8. Restorative Justice
    9. Subtle and Transpersonal Field Dynamics
    10. Both/And Thinking (relativism and post-relativism in a mostly conventional world)
    11. Revealing Highest Self - the Face of God - at all Scales
    12. Recap

    Inspired by this post I wrote this:

    If this interests you or other Angels In the Wings, let's talk!

    - M
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    Oct 2 2011: 1. Assist in the rescue of our failing ecosystem and mindfully enhance the health of our planet.
    2. Participate in the vital improvement of our education system's infrastructure.
    3. Exploit today's communication vehicles to enhance people's lives and perceptions of life.
    4. Devote more time to artistic, nonverbal expression; study and travel.
    5. Resist societal pressure to be first, fastest, prettiest and perfect.
    • Oct 2 2011: Fantastic 5 Tina. Wonderful language used too. inspiration friend :@)
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    Sep 28 2011: Hmm...

    1)To write a book about what I've been through.
    2)Do be a good enough parent that my children learn from my mistakes and make their own, rather then repeat any mistakes that I have made.
    3)To be a positive role model.
    4)Learn how to keep a relatively clean house. Clean in comparison to the constant clutter that currently dominates the space.
    5)Return to, and finish school.
    • Sep 30 2011: Mike, as a devoted single parent, I think your list is one of the best I've read so far. Just by having that list, I'm positive you will achieve them all.
  • K JAI

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    Sep 28 2011: Hiiiii
    -I want to make a difference
    -I want to have mass influence
    -I want to stop climate change
    -I want action and global shift to renewable clean energy
    -I want to do everything humanly possible for people everywhere to understand climate change and the need for serious change

    This is why I went on Ted I am so serious about this
    I can not sit back and watch a runaway train
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    Sep 28 2011: Hi, Jerry! Thank you for letting me have 5 minutes to think about my ideas.
    And this is my list, not in a particular order:
    1. learn spanish
    2. To help those children left behind by their parents who come to big cities for supporting their families.
    3. Introduce character study to schools in China .
    4. travel around the world , to see the world , and to taste our big world.
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    Sep 27 2011: 1. I will be financially established/supported enough to open a healing centre for people who have been told they have no hope to experience for free the magic of energy medicine. Offering 3 healings per person and 1 healling to their primary caregiving angel. Funding through philanthropic gifting, self funding through merchandise sales & through registrations from affiliated healers. Trading financial energy for love and time. (i have a healing centre in New Zealand called Miracleworker)

    2. I will travel the world doing Free Hugs, continuing to raise the awareness of the simple healing power of unconditional love.

    3. I will travel the world and continue to teach the healing power of energy medicine in a playful way to the darling small lights of our planet, so they can enjoy the magic that is their birthright, stand strong in the face of adversity and teach their parents, caregivers or teachers to remember their own gifts. I will teach this in plain english to ordinary everyday big people, including sceptics and cynics - because, when I work - even they can feel it. :)

    4. I will shine, uplift, inspire and illuminate light, truth, beauty and grace wherever possible in all people I meet.

    5. I will attract appropriate like minded souls to support, enhance and grow with and alongside on my journey.

    Ok so there is one more thing. I click my fingers to shift energy. Everyone can feel it.
    My personal wish is to teach/speak this one day at TED and open people to instant, simple magic & miracles.

    "I looked into the hearts of some people with no joy. I discovered they did not believe in magic. And childishness to them seemed stupid. They were so upright and yet so bent over, it seemed to me they could not help but see the stars and also see the daises. It came to me their hearts were blind and caged and they needed my help to see. It was the most joyous task I have ever undertaken."

    I honour you Terry, for allowing me to release my dreams to the universe. Deb x
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    Sep 18 2011: I have a very big stupid ambitious list, but here's the current top 5:
    1) make Change The Future the most influential organisation on Earth (changethefuture.co.uk) - which will revolutionise the education system and the way we run our countries.
    2) Do anything it takes to get our world into a Resource Based Economy within my lifetime.
    3) Set up a massive research project titled Fix Our World - which discovers fundamental problems in society and figures out methods and milestones to fix our world's problems.
    4) Set up an organisation for mass sharing of assets to steer us away from private ownership.
    5) Make influential movies through PassionWorks Productions (my film production company):
    Schools Of Thought (documentary on children shaping their education system - in line with Change The Future)
    How To Fix Our World (documentary based on the findings of the research project)
    EnergySwitch (documentary about changing energy supplier to ethical renewable company - find out who's best - in line with the movement I want to set up called EnergySwitch)
    Saviour (movie - parable of origins of religion)
    Finding The Venus Project (movie - semi biographical look at Jacques Fresco's life and then moving into the future)

    Before I do that though, I have to finish university.
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      Sep 25 2011: big yes, stupid no. ambitious yes, but i believe it is in perfect hands with you Charlie... have you had success linking with complimentary minds within TED ? outside of TED ? finish the university, the universe is next.
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        Sep 25 2011: :D
        My colleague/best friend went to TEDx London and made some pretty good contacts - the theme was Education Revolution. He met the woman who organised the whole event and she will be able to help us link up with big people. We've also got some pretty good contacts within the education world - a couple of educationists and youth organisations.
        But we're always looking out for more people to help us or join with. We are desperate to find the perfect person to help us build a web system - if you know anyone who is a mega ambitious genius web developer/coder please send them this email and say they need to poke us:

        check out this temp website for more info on Change The Future:

    • Sep 28 2011: So glad to see youth that is not wasted on the young. Dream big!
    • Sep 28 2011: re Charlie's no3 see openideo.com
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        Sep 28 2011: Thanks for the link - it looks awesome.
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      Sep 29 2011: Charlie, your list is anything but stupid. The great thing about ambitious goals is that it can inspire others to join the cause. If you dream big and believe in it enough, it will come to pass.
      After all, The biggest achievements in human history were once just ambitious dreams.

      Your ideas on a resource based economy and helping children shape their education system are worthy causes that I strongly support. Keep at it!
      You don't have to wait till you finish with university because whether you know it or not, you're already gaining supporters.
  • Aug 25 2011: Hi Terry - it's a kick to read all the 161 comments so far! Actually, I've had a list like this for awhile, with many completions crossed off. Currently...

    1. Figure out a way to feature conversations about what is so interesting about all the closet geniuses I know. I want to help them get the recognition they deserve before they die, (a couple of them who have invented amazing innovations should be talking on TED.)

    2. Innovate a effective means to teach Alexander Technique without using hands-on - by web cam perhaps. Or maybe just teach more classes.

    3. I lived in Bolinas, CA for thirty years, and I think that I can create another ride like that somewhere else, using my experience there as a template for creating a real, live community...(as opposed to an "intentional" community.) But I don't know where exactly.

    4. Popularize my dream invention of outlining improvisational performance - ongoing: out4improv Probably, I can't even imagine how fun that would be.

    5. Figure out passive income ways to offer the benefits of my experience and observations to more people, so I can continue doing projects indefinitely and making them available to those who find them useful.
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      Aug 28 2011: fascinating list Franis - I would love to know more about each one... worth exploring more... [!]
      • Sep 15 2011: Glad for your interest, Terry! It's gratifying being an Angel in what I can manage, (for me, it's the meaning of my last name.) Do you know about www.kickstarter.com for attracting Angels?

        1. Such as: Mr. Natural, who invented a reverse-engineered jazz theory music course and a short-hand for music notation; Jacques Kelly, consciousness changer; Michael Miley, researcher of unusual ideas and phenomena; Dennis Rivers, communication enhancer; Barbara Sher, the Grandma of coaching; Bill Wesley, microtonal instrument designer, another sailor who's gone around the world a few times, a past life reader, a healer by sound, an animal psychic, a World Cafe questioner...and many more.

        2. Check out http://www.performanceshool.com for some interesting articles on how to learn the Alexander Technique without a teacher - from some of my colleagues who have continued the work of our teacher, an amazing original thinker, Marj Barstow. I'm working on an e-book too...

        3. Perhaps I would write a handbook or series of videos on how to turn your own small town into a real community & how to start your own small town phone book.

        4. Loosely arranging improvisational music and performance: http://www.franis.org/out4improv/ Actually, this is the one I'd probably like to do the most. It is also the one that needs the most help because it's the most original - like nothing you've seen before.

        5. Selling a patch repair material, a guild for contractors that's also a gallery portfolio, various info stuff such as ideas about scheduling for senior care to attract nicer caretakers, advice on how to make money painting murals, tele-workshops on creativity and thinking skills, youtube videos on little tips like how to grow your hair long, how to juggle, hitchhiking for women, tiny art books that are almost greeting cards, learning to be a graphic recorder...(Of course, this list goes on as the ideas continue...)
        • thumb
          Sep 25 2011: ...
          I have linked many to the links above... very interested in further dialogue on 2 & 4 with my work with www.lalelaproject.org and writing [ i am ] ideas, art and music curriculum... your list is of great substance and really enjoy the links... I am also in final phase launch of a "kickstarter" for humanitarian ideas... i am feeling very very good about the ROHI...
  • Aug 20 2011: 1. Realize the value that the persons I have around me, and.. understand that the life has more felt if we worry for the others.
    2. I would love to have a big country house, where I could take care of dogs of the street. I love animals, so this is like one think I want to do in my life(:
    2. Offer the whole love that could to the persons. The love is very important in the life of all. A smile, a word of breath, and the marvels that this causes in the persons.

    Thanks for this Terry!
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: your number one, is so important... i have recalled your number one often, so easy to do, and yet so easy to forget... caught your beautiful smile all the way through...
  • Aug 17 2011: 1. Inhibit my self; always seek to cultivate a deeper sense of self. I would to hope to establish really deep roots, ideally shaped and grounded in my pursuit of good character. Having good character gives me a sense of peace that little else does.

    2. Receive revelation and constant affirmation from God that I'm coinciding with His will. That is very important to me. Although, I don't believe this is something that *I* can really do or influence. If it is, please someone let me know how. I want to live a spirit led and spirit filled life with the Holy Spirit guiding me every inch of the way.

    3. I would LOVE to found a children's education center and sports complex. A place where children can get together and learn innovative ways of living; a place where they can ignite the creativity that is already inside of them, and a place where they can develop a sense of self.

    4. Be a storm chaser.

    5. Keep in shape and explore the adventures of life. I would love to have a home in Colorado, or a place where I can invest time in adventure sports. (Kayaking, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, White water-rafting, etc.) Find home where I can finally befriend a golden retriever, off road in my jeep, and just enjoy nature - my lifelong desire and dream.

    All of this love for myself is a renewed feat which I'm proud of, but my list for helping others and life experiences I hope to have goes on and on and on. Thank you for sparking this fire in me and reminding me of the things closest to my heart since childhood. You've reignited the fire in me by simply asking this question; it really helps to put things in perspective and comparing the desires of my heart with the desires of others' hearts on TED causes me to remember where I stand and what makes me me. Thank you :) Later TED community! ^ - ^
    • Sep 6 2011: G Bella........You have worded every thought/wish of mine but for that "storm chaser"..........its not only "storm" there is alot i want too .............. (enjoy similar raw beauty of nature )and had to post you a reply first to digest other ideas flowing in this conversation
  • thumb
    Aug 11 2011: In no particular order:
    - become financially independent & abundant.
    - create self-sustaining retreat centres. One in Winnipeg, M.B. with a soup kitchen using the unwanted fruit & veggies from local grocery stores. Anyone may stay as long as they help out (preferred) or pay. This retreat centre would also double as a resource centre. Another one in B.C.
    - Educate myself in various fields of study including sustainability, holistic health, and creative writing
    - Finish writing my novel. Let it be beautiful and a novel that changes the way people think.

    Current list of things I'd love to do. :)
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: hoping you might lead me to a page or two of your beautiful novel idea ?
      • thumb
        Sep 20 2011: Rough Draft of something I want to include in the novel:

        One day I was walking home from my babysitters. It was a cool fall day with a prairie wind blowing hard. I loved to feel the wind in my face when it was from the South but not from the North. With the wind blowing me hard from behind, I began to skip down the backlane, trying to keep up with the leaves swirling by as they flew, longing to join them in their flight.

        Almost at the main road, a much stronger gust of wind suddenly lifted me up in mid-skip. For a moment I too was a leaf being picked up and tossed upon the whim of the wind. I landed. Laughing I looked behind me and silently thanked the wind for carrying me the rest of the way to the road.

        The small experience filled my heart with love and my mind with excitement that maybe, just maybe the wind was more than just the wind. Maybe it was something bigger, something alive.


        I have a lot of bits and pieces, and the introduction written. I just need to connect all the pieces. :)

        i want it to be about life, healing and the beauty that surrounds us all.
        • thumb
          Sep 21 2011: love it Christine ready to read more ! You'll enjoy working with an editor at some point too- gain another perspective... it's all good, keep it up !
  • Aug 7 2011: Okay, here's mine (for now):
    1. Live in a way that lets my loved ones really KNOW they are loved and affirms their unique gifts.
    2. Be true to my real self, sharing my gifts without fear and so much censoring and editing.
    3. Spend more time near and in the sea and enjoy the earth and her beauty.
    4. Create art that touches people in a healing or inspiring way.
    5. Help relieve suffering wherever and however I can, bring laughter, peace, healing that goes on and on...
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: some reason i think you enjoy photography ? would be great to know if we could view your art.. as it is pointed in a most important and beautiful direction Jack...
  • Aug 7 2011: 1. Get Space Flight Systems as common as air flight is now
    2. Increase our energy capacity 100 times in the next 20 years
    3. Expose Junk science for what it is.
    4. Make sure genetic engineering is done for good
    5. More peer to peer communications and expose warmongers earlier in their process!
    • Sep 16 2011: I would like to chat with you about expanding P2P communications in more detail through e-mail. I am developing many ideas here.
  • Aug 6 2011: 1. create a retreat to heal persons that are victims of abuse, need to learn how to live peacefully.
    2. Create a school in Mexico for kids that cant afford to go to school.
    3. Have the means to send my grandchildren to college.
    4. Retire comfortably.
    5. Make a difference in the lives of my fellow human beings.
  • thumb
    Jul 29 2011: 1. My goal and my vision is to bring awareness to the underlying unity of our faiths and convictions ...

    2. and help ignite the power of our hearts and minds to transform our world.

    3. join many of our fellow earth citizens who are now actively advancing the right ideas and are also contributing in transforming our world.

    4. an information system for the solution and reform activities and see our progress and identify activities that needs more effort. http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies

    5. enjoy this great adventure of life, working for and seeing a clear vision of our legacy. A legacy of a transformed, just and peaceful world.
    • thumb
      Jul 29 2011: A place where personal angels & ideas can unite....

      appreciate the push for unity Joe... we live on this small round mobile home... hurling through space 66,000MHP think we could get along? maybe enjoy a common direction, once around the sun every 365 days... one big giant rerun... with a chance of getting it right, one time...

      the highest value proposition i know, above transformation, is the guarantee on the promise of transformation... the more we demonstrate true transformation, the more we can move towards the tipping point...

      what an amazing time on earth we are living in... What IF... we bankrupt our monetary currency, and revive our creative currency... [?] ... the stuff we were born with.
  • Jul 28 2011: 1. Not only live long enough to see LGBT/women/minority groups in the western world achieve equality in the US, but be one of the change agents that help bring it about.
    2. To be a loving, engaging partner to my wife and an empowering mom for my kids (when I have all those).
    3. To be a truly nurturing and wise psychologist.
    4. To never have a house devoid of dogs.
    5. To always be able to make time for reading and tea with friends.

    Thanks for asking. :)
  • Jul 25 2011: Hey Trerry, Thanks for being you!!!
  • thumb
    Jul 25 2011: Love this idea Terry. What's your top 5?

    Here's a stab at mine...

    1. Kids...inspire and empower my children to be and do what they love. I will be successful when I see the glow in their hearts expressed in their eyes

    2. Family & Friends...inspired by Tuesdays with Morrie and my parents, I pledge to put my family and friends first and to make sure my thankfulness is clear to them every day

    3. Me...continue to feed my thirst for learning and making a difference in at least 10 ways (big or small). I've got 1 under my belt (I know what makes me tick and what I can add to the world). Am living to achieve #1-#5 as indicated by this list. And hope to add 4 more inspired by the beauty of others. Hence, my attraction to TED

    4. Lists...treat #4 and #5 as dynamic entries that once achieved, I add another to pursue, attack, fail forward and try again.

    5. Other's List..Help Terry or other people achieve items on their list
    • thumb
      Jul 25 2011: What's your Top Five Desires ?

      The more we share the more we have, the more we have, the more we can share.... true of dreams and ideas too - if we can link with complimentary desires we can accomplish much more...

      It's a hitchhiker's guide and ride share to synchro-destiny...

      Thank you Maureen for creating vivid Hallmark moments - your fam & friends are the lucky ones...
      [i see you also have a great gig L] very cool you reach out to offer your five as a hand to others... i have not seen this before on the list... unique, as you are... quite refined too as a dynamic list should be... plenty of room to add a superhero and a cape in the near future of you... and what you have to offer the world... thank you for helping it spin...
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2011: 1) stop thinking about about doing great things and start doing some of them.
    2) BE Here Now more often.
    3) See the positives more than the negatives.
    4) The Brent Run with my son.
    5) Be a better everything.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Right, there with you. You listed your map, put it out there in public, that's half of getting it done ! great commitment, what a great guy and lucky son, would really like to know when you get the Brent Run in ! it's all good, and doing it, gets it better...
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Thanks for the invitation to post again, Terry.

    1. Laugh until tears stream down my face at least once a year.
    2. Relax in a thermal bath in Iceland, followed by a party in Reykjavik.
    3. Celebrate the successful efforts to permanently safeguard net neutrality.
    4. Have dinner with the curator of TED events - undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world.
    5. Live in an effortless state of fearlessness and spontaneous joy.
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: I have more than 5, but let's start by :

    1. GOD: My only ambition on this planet is to know GOD ! Searching Him late at night or early in the morning ! Knowing that all that I'm, is because of Him. Above all, do His will not mine ! No children, husband, success, businesses etc...could take that ambition away from hy heart !

    2. CAUSE : To have F.I.S.H Corporation Foundation becoming a helping force internationally to end world poverty.

    3. HEALING: If I could do magic, I would heal all the sick people, for now, I'll use prayers...it does work !

    4. WOMAN: Beeing the most beautiful, intelligent, successful, compassionnate, caring, helping, with undeniable force for LOVE in all situation, specially in adversity.

    5. LOVE, LAUGH & PLAY : Love to love, love to laugh, love to play : "Only the ones that have a heart as child, can entered the Kingdom of God" (Somewhere in the Bible). I'm a kid inside, don't let the suit fool you !
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: fantastique Mireille... you are an angel, than you for sharing F.I.S.H. and the work to end poverty... most important to know, it is possible in our lifetime. noteworthy to please read the Blue Sweater, and enjoy with open heart and mind... Jacqueline Novogratz on escaping poverty. Thank you for your strength in adversity and declaring your inner child enthusiasm for creative solutions and a greater Creator... merci Ms Chery, it's all good, Terry
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: I broke out my so-called bucket list into five distinct categories of Family, Exploration, Knowledge & Wisdom, Giving and " __________":

    1. Family: See my two children grow to become well educated adults with caring hearts, inquisitive minds, charitable souls, love and devotion for family, self reliant (the know-how to to fish for themselves!) w/ well balanced value systems. See them grow to be good spouses, children, siblings, citizens, leaders and loving parents.

    2. Exploration: Visit Antarctica, the last remaining continent I have yet to visit. Sail around the world with my wife on a photo expedition while taking cooking courses in foreign lands. Show my family some of the strange and far lands of my travels from my younger years.

    3. Knowledge and Wisdom: Learn as much as I can about the world at large, the people who make up this planet of ours, the business and industry that I am engaged. Beat a 2000+ ranked chess player, become an even better photographer and capture that one 'got -it' shot that pumps adrenaline through my blood as if I took a 4g s-turn in a Formula 1 race car, a business man that has the acute insight to see the snakes from afar while knowing what seeds need to nurtured. Read all the top books on Winston Churchill. Memorize at last 5 amazing poems. Accomplish learning to be a more patient man & less hard on myself, pick up another foreign language and learn to play a musical instrument.

    4. Giving: To give more of my heart & of my soul. To give of my time not just my pocket book when in need and to have changed at least a life or two. To leave behind a footprint very large to fill & lastly to accept more spirituality into my life.

    5. " __________" is a list of things yet to be... #5 represents openness, honesty, the ability to live free and have the ability to think freely. It is important (especially with ones own list) to maintain a sense of flexibility, allowing one to make adjustments as seasons change in ones life.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Categorizing the Bucket List... yes of course... this is an exquisite list, family first, and loaded with love. For your number 2, I represent the youngest boy in the world who climbed Mt. Everest, who is now set on Antarctica. Mt. Vinson and many mountains more to climb, [www.jordanromero.com] I share this interest in exploration, and hopeful preservation... on your number 3- it's equally awesome, you are one to watch... 4. is a muscle to work out early in life, not when we think we have enough, but when we realize, we already do... place marker for your 5. leaves the world wide open...
      really inspired by your list, and your leadership, thank you Richard...
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: 1. Be sovereign, free.

    2. Become a multi-dimensional being and travel to higher dimensions.

    3. Become a master of energy movement.

    4. Heal humanity's pain and sufferings.

    5. Awaken humanity's consciousness to go within and use this super computer that we have within all of us.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Thank you for your light and energy Siti... I look forward to meeting you one day... thank you for your compassion... where does it come from? I suspect a wonderful heart...
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: 1. As a photographer and hiker I would like to visit Machu Pichu, the Amazon, Arizona, the Bible lands of Jordan and Israel, Bali, Ankor Wat and Upper Mongolia.
    2. Take a slow trip from Istanbul to Paris by rail.
    3. Write my first bestseller.
    4. Spend a week inside the Louvre, Guggenheim & British Museum.
    5. Develop a virtual environment for special children using the latest in technology and prosthetics (mind controlled electronics) so that they can use it to interface and communicate seamlessly with the world around them. Imagine if Wifi signals can be adapted to deliver an image of the object directly to the childs brain or to a virtual eye for one example.
    6. Be able to see my grandchildren.
    7. Be sure that when I die, my children will inherit a safer world.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Looking forward to reading your novel, and very moving pictures... keep in on the rails... chapter one Istanbul... a week in the Louvre ducking security will make a great read... avoid chapter 11, and complete your 6 and 7.... its all good Sujeet, best, Terry Torok
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    Jun 15 2011: Having Stage 4 colon cancer, my list is very close to my heart, and perhaps not so grand in scope:
    1. See at least one grandchild of mine.
    2. Make a difference for people with cancer, especially colon cancer. I want to start an Undy 500 fundraiser in the SF Bay Area.
    3. Write and have published a book about my cancer journey.
    4. See my son happy and enthused with a new job.
    5. Have at least a full year without another recurrence of cancer
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: We will be cheering you on in our hearts, Jeanne. Best wishes for good health.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: I am cheering with you Debra, another fan of Jeanne, thank you for your beautiful verve...
  • Jun 15 2011: It’s cool isn’t it – just to sit and think about what really matters to you.

    Hard to do a list on the spur of the moment, but something I think everyone should do to take stock of where they’re at and what matters to them.

    That’s why I have 2 lists: material items that I could do tomorrow if money and time permitted – the quick fixes that give you instant satisfaction; a “real” list of things that can’t be done with just money or fame, they require dedication and a specific way of living your life to complete them – a long term list that satisfies the soul not just the serotonin in the brain.

    “Real” Bucket List
    1. Live without feeling the need to satisfy anyone but my wife and children – no inhibitions, 100% being me.
    2. Travel the world with my children, experiencing and learning different cultures together – looking into their eyes the first time they see the enormity of the Coliseum; the beauty of Kyoto; the poverty in Soweto; and the fun of Disneyland.
    3. Provide a positive growth environment for my children – full of opportunity, allowing them to do whatever it is they choose in life with 100% support (even if it is isn’t my preferred choice).
    4. Dance with my wife at my children’s wedding.
    5. Be remembered as a loving husband and caring father.

    “Material” Bucket List
    1. Ride my motorbike across the USA on the old Route 66 – from one side to the other!
    2. Run the New York Marathon.
    3. Attend an AFL Grand Final with my wife/kids in which Richmond wins.
    4. Have an extended holiday in Europe – 2-3 months living “their” life – Italy (Tuscany/Amalfi Coast/Village in the South of France). Making wine, salami, tomato sauce, pizza the old fashioned way!
    5. Dine at El Bulli in Spain with my wife.
    6. Climb Mt Killimanjaro and watch the sunset over Africa.
    7. See the Pyramids in Egypt.
    8. Attend the Superbowl.
    9. Cycle the Alpe D’Huez.
    10. Run with the bulls in Spain.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thank you Cory for your perspective and dual buckets... I hope you make both a reality... and others join you, as you deserve... it's all good, Terry Torok
  • Oct 10 2011: 1. Through the power of conversation, I believe that we can make the lives of young adults easier when it comes to things like depression and suicide that they have to deal with on a daily basis. I would like an organization to go around to high schools nation-wide and take a few days to sit students down and have them open up their problems and feelings to a group of students and one counselor to help them all realize that there are people that will listen to them and help them with their problems. ---An after school counseling session between students would be an excellent program for schools.

    2. Just like the idea above, this one relates to young adults again. I want a class in every high school that focuses on their opinions and wants, sort of like a debate or motivational class. I think that if this was mandatory and available in high schools it could really do good for teens and help them better understand what they want to do in life. I have seen attempts at classes like these and as a teen, I see all the flaws that make those classes not work for teens the right way. I think the students should say how THEY want the class to be ran, and what THEY want to talk about every once in a while. Teens don't need to feel forced to learn, they need to WANT to learn.

    3. I know this is more than a dream than an idea...but, I would love for large food industries to get together and distribute free food throughout the nation, and hopefully this could spread throughout the world.

    4. I would really like their to be a website that educates people on the different types, genres, styles, etc. of music throughout the world. Music is a beautiful thing that should be heard by all, understood by all, and loved by all. Music is the fuel and symbol of life around us.

    5. Here's an idea: Make big business CEO's give away billions to charity and important research. I don't care how, just make it happen
  • thumb
    Oct 6 2011: I want to do the following with anyone who'd like to join me:

    1. Start an organization to empower communities to (1) develop ideas and (2) do them. Underway: http://starter.org
    2. Start/participate in a political movement with the "digital native" generation that (1) admonishes detrimental politics and (2) seeks and applies solutions to politically divided issues through government or through social innovation -- i.e., business and organizations.
    3. Help spark an educational revolution by rethinking public schools and the purpose of public education. Foster curiosity and creativity, and guide learning. Not all teachers will be great, so give students the opportunities to find their own way.
    4. Live on 100% renewable energy.
    5. Live healthy -- sugar, HFCS is literally toxic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM
    • thumb
      Oct 6 2011: intrigued by your number #1 - thanks for an inspired and empowering list Luke....
  • Oct 6 2011: Death is not the greatest loss...The greatest loss is what dies within us while we live

    Everything within Steve Jobs was a Bright Flame until one day his heart stopped beating...but the passion in his soul will live on forever.Asleep in the arms of Angels.
  • Son Le

    • +1
    Oct 6 2011: I can only seem to drag 2 out of my head right now, but it's the two I am most passionate about.

    1. Prove to the world that my mom, a single mom whose husband passed away when I was barely 1 year old, raised me well, contrary to other beliefs.
    2. Eradicate the social stigma attached with being gay in my home country and, to a larger extent, the world.
  • thumb
    Oct 5 2011: I said I would be back with my list. My life has been so crazed lately, I didn't have time to thing about it, so here it is off the top of my head:
    Civil discussion between parties, whether they be governmental, personal or work related
    Freedom from money woes for those who have them
    Time for reflection/relaxation every day
    Health care for everyone, everywhere
    and a trip to DIsney World (because I need a vacation :))

    OK, the last one is just for me, but in truth they are all for me. However, I think the first 4 would be wonderful for the world. (not that I don't think a vacation would hurt everyone either!)
  • Oct 3 2011: Thanks for this Terry- BIG apologies for long delays...
    1. Continually seek peace and generosity towards others- quantify on a daily basis.
    2. Contribute to the artistic record my generation will leave behind.
    3. Be a brother to my friends and friends with my family.
    4. Finance the education of a marginalized child.
    5. Facilitate art projects that raise support for underprivileged children.
  • Oct 1 2011: 1. Help us to identify trends in technology and society that will help us move to a post scarcity world.
    2. Encourage and guide the development of said trends and technology.
    3. Help humanity cope with the change in meaning and identity that will occur when we move away from the idea of monetary and material gain, where power and its corollary of inequality act as the great motivators of human life.

    The conceit is simple; it is possible through a combination of future technologies to reach post scarcity; a state in which material needs are no longer at a want. Virtual reality, nanotechnology, AI, green energy. Interest and efforts into these technologies will intensify. If we don't envision the future and identify the problems before they occur, we let them occur to us; we allow ourselves to be unprepared. The worst case scenario is that we never get there, and we continue in our cycle of suffering and inequality.

    This could either be in the form of having the necessary technology, but not using it appropriately (as with nuclear technology), or simply having too greatly harmed the infrastructure of science, education, technology and industry that will allow us to get there.

    The idea of post scarcity sounds a little too out there. Too star trek, or sci-fi. An optimistic technologist vision of utopia, without heed for the problems we face here.

    Truth is, due to the accelerating nature of technology, it is well within our extended lifetimes - much more probably, if we can envision it and will it to be so. And on the way there, we'll make the world better with every step.
  • thumb
    Sep 30 2011: 1. Change education system in the entire world and make it available for everyone.
    I believe feeding the brain is as if not more important than feeding the stomachs.

    2. Equal opportunities for Women
    so they could show their full potential. something that I believe even now has not been fulfilled yet and they are much more powerful than most people can even imagine

    3. make movies of my scripts.

    4. e-race Racism
    at least to some extend and by that I mean defending every minority that now is being bullied by the society , afro americans , gays , …. every human deserves to have equal right
    ( erase but it was so tempting,I am sure a connected e-world can help that a lot )

    5. Experience my own Death
    I hate to die while I am sleep , I need to be fully aware and awake , sure it is the last thing but I wanna experience it , to know how it feels and maybe have a minute to review my life and think about it and say to myself : what a life ...... you lived it ....... you did it ....... now say goodbye and go to sleep ........
    • thumb
      Oct 6 2011: Inspiring
    • thumb
      Oct 6 2011: Thank you Amir... are you free to expand on your scripts on #3 ? ...
      • thumb
        Oct 6 2011: you mean talk about them ?
      • thumb
        Oct 8 2011: Sure I would love to , If I wanna talk about my scripts it would take so long but long story short , I believe in making movies about issues , for instance Genetic engineering and how it can effects peoples lives , You have a son and you love him, he is a very bright kid and you love him , he makes you proud and everyone says he has a great potential, but as it turns out he is not your son, now what ....

        or so many successful people had some major physical or psychological problems that somehow overcoming those made them great and tough , Michael Angelo was really ugly, DaVinci was an unwanted child of a prostitute or Stephen Hawkins has some major health issues

        Now with Gen sequencing as Richard Resnick showed you can see that your child will have early cancer or will have some health issues when he is a two week old infant , what should you do ? risk his future and say I know he will have problems but he will be next Steve Jobs , or you would let him go and try for a perfectly healthy child ? Or how could you live with a fact that You knew he is gonna be like this but you let it happen, when you don't know it , it is all nature's fault , but what about when you know it ?


        Some of my scripts are like this , issues of the society and dealing with something new and entering a new era.
      • thumb
        Oct 8 2011: In every healthy society there are some thinkers like Noam Chomsky , Dan Dennett , Phil Zimbardo. People who think about the future , who criticized the society and their work is priceless, they are an absolute necessity for the society's health, They can pinpoint a Problem before it gets huge and cripples the society , like People who test stuff in a factory , and since society is always moving and changing , it always needs testing and debugging and they are the ones who do that.

        lets say Phil Zimbardo does more research about Milgram's work and takes it to the next level and writes the Lucifer effect book, now this is a very important issue and we should prevent things like that happen in the society, now people who read the book might not be that many , specially nowadays, but a Film maker can make a movie about it, make it informative and entertaining as well and now will be seen by many more people.

        And when you criticize someone upfront it is not as effective as doing it at their subconscious level, that way people can decide for themselves . I am just telling a story you d be the judge.

        Like fairy tales, fairy tales effect your subconscious , like Red Riding Hood, it is about a young girl exploring her sexuality and wanting to be attractive and sexy, but society is full of wolves . Even the 2009 movie AN EDUCATION has the same motif.

        So when you effect people like that they are confronting something without feeling like you are forcing it to them.

        Our job is to take the new ideas, new thinkings and make it understandable and entertaining for most of the people.
      • thumb
        Oct 8 2011: I know I already said too much , but I could talk about it even a lot more ;)
  • Sep 30 2011: 1. To be the best I can be.
    2. To help others be the best they want and can be.
    3. To assist with the ideas and actions which can 'Change the world'.
    4. To forgive/think/show kindness/express love through all mediums possible and promote forgiveness/thought/kindness/love.
    5. To make this the best life so far!
  • Sep 28 2011: - keep working towards giving young people the best possible start in life
    - take action to reduce child poverty
    - raise awareness of the vast positive impact that good relationships have on children
    - remember simplicity in the face of our ever more complex world
    - live wholeheartedly whilst trying to do all of the above
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: It was interesting seeing the list others have put in. Now you all have me thinking. I'll be back to post
  • Sep 28 2011: Stop stigma of any kind and hurt nobody
    Bring peace to those I know and meet
    Serve everyone and anyone
    Speak often of world peace
    Teach acceptance of everyone
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: 1. Make the project I am working on a reality so that we can initiate “Neighborhood Villages” that will create a national network of sustainable, socially cohesive communities and groups of preexisting dwellings/neighborhoods in preparation for the transitional event we will all experience with the culmination of energy descent-population-carrying capacity-overshoot.
    2. Publish my work on the “Finding Finite” project, then help teach a movement of simplified, localized, functional-ized, sustainable-logical-fulfilling behavior/ lifestyle, in hopes to make common sense more common. Sharing the wisdom of “Living Finite”. Imagine the worlds “happiness GDP” if we all realized the value in the last hour we spent worried about something insignificant.
    3. Have the movement and network create a groundswell that revolutionizes the current political structure into a system that aligns with the original constitutional documents, then adapt them in a way that benefits the common good not the corporate interests. Strip the “labels” from party affiliations, no longer having Republican or Democrat, just a system service not celebrity, making a unified collective of constituents for collaborative sustainable health, ecological growth. Somewhere along the line we took our human “RACE” too far, with a competitive force to dominate (win), rather than a balanced acceptance that we are not the only animals on the planet, and that we all share this place. No one wins a perpetual race. A perpetual “growth” isn’t possible in a finite space.
    Although I first “WANTED” to write a fourth and fifth of the my top five, I will instead use them as an illustration, that I only “NEEDED” the first three, so I will spend my time reading others comments and leave with what I needed to say rather than strive for all that I wanted to say…
    4. __________
    5. __________
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: My top five, right now, are:
    1. To know myself
    2. To live that self authentically
    3. To share the pleasures of living with the people I love for as long as is humanly possible
    4. To build a bridge that opens doors for children and women
    5. To teach my own children to do 1-3 and otherwise stay out of their way as they decidie what their 4 and 5 will be
  • Sep 28 2011: i have :
    1. be a good human
    2. learn spanish
    3. get my masters degree
    4. get settle in Canada
    5. live there for ever :)
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: I have a pretty BIG bucket list on my blog. Here are the most important ones:
    1. Write a book (with poetry preferably). :)
    2. Learn Spanish.
    3. Do volunteer work with children.
    4. Live in the heart of the mountain.
    5. Attend a BIG concert! (I'm going to Sade's concert in Bulgaria on 29th October so I'll have a new number 5 then).
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: Hello, also I have very recently been speaking to a friend about their project, which I have discovered is identical to my dream of the Fix The World research project, so I'm going to help him make it happen and blend my dream into his - it's called the Olan Trust:
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: Incredible topic!
    My top 5

    1. Spread the truth to all people
    2. To show that all peoples thoughts and opinions are valid and important
    3. To teach others how to live with respect and love.
    4. Travel the world
    5. Change the world.

    I am open to all that is true and to all those who wish to spread the word.

    Those are in no specific order i guess. I just wonder have any of you seen this? www.truthcontest.com

    Click on the entry called “The Present.” The writing is not very good, but what it says will turn this world around. You will see what I mean when you read the first page.

    Thank you for reading my post friends!
  • thumb
    Sep 28 2011: Hoepfully and in no particular order...

    1) I would like to lose weight. Roughly 120lbs.
    2) To show people that obese does not mean stupid.
    3) Get lucky enough to meet the right one.
    4) When my end comes I hope to be even. Even is a good place to be. No pressure of losing it, no pressure to get it. Just be at peace with what I have and to have someone to share it with.
    5) If there is a legacy that I leave behind, something people would want to remember, I hope it is that I was a good friend. I always believed that when one of our group has a real problem then we all have a have a real problem and it is all of our business. I do not leave the people I care about behind.
  • Sep 28 2011: 1. To be truer and closer to our hearts and not to be someone who are we not.2. To always have faith, confidence and belief in ourselves and not to lose sight of what we want to achieve, not to belittle our ambitions. regardless of how small they are, and regardless of how many obstacles there are.3. To have this compassionate spirit and develop more humanity within ourselves.4. To reduce prejudices and biases in thinking so as not to cloud judgement (though this is very difficult as it is very natural to behave like this)5. Stand by what you say. This does not equate to insisting that one is always right when he/she says that but supporting your own stand and believing in what you say. The faith is important. To be brave enough to withstand criticism
  • Sep 28 2011: 1. See my children grow up to live the values I have tried to instill, such as equality, care for the environment, compassion for the less fortunate, and tolerance for others.
    2. Have my husband and me live long enough to enjoy each other's company into retirement
    3. Teach my students that there are many, many ways to live a life, and they are almost always not superior to, nor inferior to, their own.
    4. Help my students to find their flow, to believe that they can accomplish things, to live a life without fear.
    5. To show love well enough to my family and friends that they will understand the depth of my feelings, although I seem aloof outwardly at times.
  • Sep 27 2011: 1. See my children be healthy, happy and successful as adults
    2. Ensure that government retains in house the engineering tools and expertise, engineering knowledge management capability, and human resource capacity to build, as well as buy, all the equipment they need.
    3. Help the Scouting program achieve its goals.
    4. Write a novel or two.
    5. Camp around USA and Canada with my wife in some sort of RV and enjoy life.
  • Sep 27 2011: 1- formulate the ability to download data straight into your brain
  • thumb
    Sep 27 2011: Have you listen to Derek Sivers talk? is called Keep your goals to yourself, very interesting :)
    and yes i have many ideas on how to help others and our world to be better, but i only can share 3 things right now, when i finish with my preparing and making my ideas come true i will let you know !
    At this point of my life i only want to focus and accomplish 3 things
    1- get my professional career as an industrial psychologist.
    2-get my family to live in a safe place
    3-keep my faith in God.
    i'm passionate about psychology, so my career will make the best out of me, as long as my family gets to live in a safer place i will feel more peaceful, as long as i keep my relationship with God I will not have to worry about anything else.
    • thumb
      Oct 1 2011: Sure did, he shared that idea with everybody - at what point does an idea kept to oneself actually manifest without another human contributing... i would love to know such an idea... interesting....
      Love your list Jessica and the great faith and photo too !
  • Sep 27 2011: I really appreciate the chance I've got to think about the question and discover some facts about myself. Thanks! And here are my answers:
    1.To master English, for to learn a foreign language is to renew one's life. I've found that some thoughts I could hardly articulate in Chinese can be well expressed in English, and through rethinking about the words I choosed in English I can get a better understanding of many things. I hope I can be articulate in English, and then I will be able to think clearly in a different way.
    2.To create a musical instrument sofware through computer programming, thus enabling people playing music in a similar way of typing or playing Fruit Ninja. This is a long term plan though, because I haven't learned much about computer programming yet.
    3.To get wisdom and find peace in life, solve some mysteries about life,self,phylosophy, etc..
    4.To keep my family and my friends happy, for in our culture those who share close relationship with us are just an overwhelmingly important part of our conception of self.
    5.To be a successful professor of science. Actually, I'm more interested in the part of teaching in a professor's job, I hope I will be able to give my students excellent lessons someday.
  • Sep 26 2011: The National Athletic Trainers' Association - Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee. I actually have a meeting with an advisory group this week, Friday! Having this post going, has helped me jump out and get moving on my goals! Thanks!!
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    . .

    • +1
    Sep 25 2011: I LOVE FAIR TRADE - thats my item number 1 - Hi Terry :-) :-)more coming up soon.
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Sep 25 2011: know strangers here... thanks AJ.

      Something about declaring a list out loud to the universe, can be very tough... it's out there, but you remain in control and can change it up at will of course... the hopes is to find complimentary human kind... connect personal ideas with angels... a casual kickstarter, or a just a kick. so thanks for jumping right in the deep end of the bucket... I am a fan of Deepak's Seven Laws of spiritual success, putting intent out there and working on detachment... on your number 3, can you please send a link ? 4 is fascinating and somewhere in my wheelhouse too - [ series, curriculum, entertaining thought] appreciate your list AJ.. and delivery of more love and joy
  • Sep 23 2011: 1. Find a cure for my obssive , extreme passion for social justice. ( May be get rid of it as fast as I can)2. Live every moment to the fullest , without hurting or harming anybody (Human) and taking only my share from the resources of humanity.3. Learn and explore equanimity.4. Be happy - maintaing a simple life with rotation of pleasures that are not harmful to me or others around me.Find that set , have means to do that. ( listen to music, eat tasty food, socialize with uplifting friends >5. Travel and explore other cultures to learn and to enrich my capacities and broaden knowledge , have varying experiences.
    Help me with the list of pleasure rotations one can engage in Listen to music, sex, reading ......
  • thumb
    Sep 18 2011: Bucket Lists

    I'm not a fan of conventional bucket lists. The implication is we can anticipate what will make us happy and what will make this world a better place. It is our collective bucket lists that have gotten us where we are today.

    BUT ... If I were to have a bucket list it would go something like this:

    1) Enjoy Life (We can tick that one off.)
    2) Keep on enjoying Life until my last breath. (Hopefully, a long time from now ... but whenever ...)
    3) Point out, to as many people as possible, the possibility of enjoying Life (not what we can "do" with Life.)
    4) Help anyone who is helping others learn to enjoy Life (not who is helping others learn what we can "do" with Life.)
    5) Keep on learning.

    Everything else is a detail. When I take my last breath, I doubt very much I will look back and remember the great product launch of 98; the humanitarian award of 27; or the great idea of 32. (I sure hope not!)

    [And for those of us who are allergic to anything remotely religious ... I am not religious. You can relax.]
    • thumb
      Sep 19 2011: Thank you for thinking outside the Bucket, Thomas... this is certainly not your conventional List... anytime you add TED and unconventional thinking you get re:invention... albeit I would be hard pressed to actually find conventional thinking... grateful for your contribution... An intention here is to link personal ideas with others on the list who can support... and visa versa... after all, it seems to make life, enjoyable and achievable. It's all good...
    • Sep 23 2011: i am interested in your thoughts, i help people daily to think positive about 25 different ones. My subordinates also do the same , I have 4 so, we touch 100 lives every day 4 days a week. If you have good ideas please let us be illuminated.
      • thumb
        Sep 25 2011: where do i find more about what you are doing Elizabeth... and would love to know your Why...
  • thumb
    Sep 9 2011: If religion accepted science well and fully, there would no longer be religion; a future I long for.
  • thumb
    Sep 9 2011: Interesting that I would link angels with religion? I should instead link them to sports, architecture, chemistry??
    There's nothing odd about my linking angels to religion.
    Very odd that you see linking angels to religion as being odd.
    • thumb
      Sep 9 2011: excellent Daniel you are getting warm! ... keep your list going... it gets exciting when you consider angel investors and angels who help others people... it's all good, if someone can call on angels who are not on this earth... far out... you can put your angels in a box or let them fly... your call.
    • thumb
      Sep 25 2011: Daniel I'm a Free Hugs Angel in New Zealand. Not something everyone would do - or believe in, but it's my kind of real. Happy to say I've hugged people from all over the world in the last week due to the Rugby World Cup being held in Auckland. I'm not religious, but I appreciate religions are necessary for some people. I pray to God (which in my childhood home was considered a fantasy) I heal peoples aches, pains & stress with thought energy. Angels - I ask them for help - never heard of them being bad, however I've held conversations with religious people who don't believe in them. So I'd like to share that in my experience they are not exclusive to religion.
      • thumb
        Sep 26 2011: ...
        That's cool Debbie ! I have a not-for-profit arm - Angel Producers - we provide fundraising and donor based short film presentations for A-list celebrities and Causes... most of the Angels I work with are well grounded field editors... albeit my father who passed 15-years ago still helps me a bunch ! thanks for what you do Dev... and I look forward to your Top 5 ideas or Passions, if you choose to share them...
        it's all good.
  • thumb
    Sep 8 2011: Well, it was all going so well...until you mentioned religious tripe [angels].
    Keep the religious delusion stuff to yourself (or get rid of it entirely) and maybe then we will see some real progress.
    History suggests that that's what happens when religious roadblocks are removed from study.
    The concepts of compassion, honor and responsibility were around long before the bible showed up.
    Religion is comforting...and crippling.
    • thumb
      Sep 9 2011: interesting you chose to associate angels with religion -
      • Sep 23 2011: angels - if good natured humans ok, but ones with wings those should be out. In a real world discussion.
    • thumb
      Sep 9 2011: What if religion accepts science?? with full compassion
      • thumb
        Sep 18 2011: and what if science accepts religion... and we accept that humans are involved in both.... subject to success and failure, judgement and limitations to what we can understand... religion may be what science has yet to discover... who knows... but why be limited to one persons idea of science or religion... there are infinite possibilities of both, and they may not be opposing by limitations of belief, they may have created each other... a spirited discussion for another forum...
        • thumb
          Sep 18 2011: sorry i think there is some problem with like option could'nt give one so for now I acknowledge you.. And there have been studies over the science behind religion and it has been proving results..
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: Daniel,

      The word "angel" also has secular applications - one who contributes (for example, investors, volunteers, activists, a sweet person, and so on.)

      Tripe, if memory serves, is a cow's stomach used as food ... I fail to see the connection.


      EDIT: After giving it some thought, I am guessing "religious tripe" must come from a Holy Cow.

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    E G

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    Aug 28 2011: I have only one : no person to have desires .
    • thumb
      Sep 3 2011: Desires are actually needed to make anything happen. I think what you are referring to are basic needs, rather than desires.
      My 5, off the cuff are:
      1. Help form well-adjusted, intelligent, ambitious, empathetic Adults out of my children.
      2. Create an educational system that makes a difference in the world and creates value.
      3. Enjoy a long, loving, mutually respectful marriage with my wife.
      4. Increase my circle of friends.
      5. Increase my circle of collaborators.
      • thumb

        E G

        • 0
        Sep 10 2011: "Desires are actually needed to make anything happen" Exatcly that's why I think : ''no person to have desires ." : the desires make ANYTHING happen .
      • thumb
        Sep 18 2011: Thanks for your off-the-cuff list Michael and thanks for pushing the lists along... and drawing bigger and better circles.... !
      • Sep 28 2011: Weird how much yours sound like mine.
      • thumb
        Oct 6 2011: I agree, and can contribute to the education part.
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: Eduard,

      Your desire is that no one has desires?
  • thumb
    Aug 25 2011: 1) Introduce spiritual teaching practice subject in all schools (for children starting from 10 years old)
    2) To take part in making a big worldwide project happen (like the Olympics)
    3) Find the reason behind Mayans mass suicide
    4) Learn an Asian language
    5) @ men re: understanding women - try accepting all our actions and emotions as they come without thinking & analyzing them :)
    • thumb
      Sep 6 2011: An interesting harmony of aims - feels like a balance of opposites. Great !
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: I am working on your number 5 every day Anastasia... sort of hope it wasn't linked to to number 3... and 12/12/12 the end of the Mayan calendar... do believe understanding women, may save the end of the world.... respecting women and having them lead, would be the beginning... grateful for your list... would love an update (?!)
  • thumb
    Aug 8 2011: Jenny, we're in the beginning stages of putting together a workable program, although there's a prototype starting to operate in Australia... but that said... you can get the basics of the understanding that the model can facilitate by going to www.YouTube.com/IAMSpirituality (don't let the spirituality reference throw you... it's mostly psych stuff), and watching episodes 0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0008, 0011, 0013, 0014... and then 0025, 0029, 0030 if they interest you. Those basic episodes explain what exactly creates the negative emotions that cause teen bullying and teen suicide. Strategies to manipulate and reduce teen difficulties can be refined through the management of the components within the mind that create the strife within before acting out can even occur. If you have any ideas on how to accelerate... don't hesitate to speak up. ;-) Peace, Sean
  • Aug 7 2011: There are many things - here's what I have at this moment:
    1. Work so that all know their innate worth and value! To achieve this, I will consciously be proactive in acknowledging those around me - each day. If we all do this, think what could happen!
    2. Share more of myself with others and invite others to do the same -this will help understanding of each other!
    3. Develop a healthcare workshop on the Navajo reservation (and others!). A workshop that aims to increase understandingbetween western and Native ways of healing.
    4. Learn - chinese, italian, or ...? Learn how to "throw" pottery or blow glass.
    5. Go on a medical mission somewhere outside the US.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!
    • thumb
      Sep 18 2011: the more we share the more we have... the more we have the more we can share.... thank you for list Carrie, very appreciated. Fascinated by all and specifically number 3... have you found progress? I hope you find your way on a mission to somewhere amazing... and an post an update or two !
      • Sep 18 2011: Thanks for the response, Terry as well as challenging us!
        I do have a small foundation who I have been working with on some related projects. My aim is to work with them as well as identify some corporations who would be willing to donate materials or $$ to facilitate this project. My hope is to do a small something this winter - begin! It must begin somewhere, right!!
  • thumb
    Aug 6 2011: Your ideas worth spreading... write here, with angels in the wings...

    [whether you need a hand, or can lend one]

    Thank you for sharing your Top 5 dreams and desires. Share them, map them, connect them...
    make them happen.
  • thumb
    Jul 29 2011: I get to Mum first because I see her every day. She likes your idea re: the piano keys.

    Love the Elton insight. I had to think about it, I must admit. What an experience for you - wow. MAGIC !! I grew up loving Elton's music as he was a 'house' favorite. "Yellow Brick Road" and "Captain Fantastic" still my favs.

    I must not be ready as I don't know the "key" to start with. Maybe I am over thinking the whole thing but I am going to keep your words readily available. You have a way expressing your thoughts in a multi-layered way and I believe I learn something new with each reading. Not to mention how poetic and inspiring they are. What a 'calling'.

    We need and appreciate you, as you stoke the fires of creativity. THANK YOU Terry.

    Let's stay in touch. I am enjoying your "Jellyfish" notes. What kind of illustration are you thinking of?

    Have a great weekend Terry.
    • thumb
      Jul 29 2011: we gotta start somewhere... close your eyes, touch a key, and let it play you...

      appreciate your kind thoughts Anne and i happily remain deep in the shadows of those who can bend a chord ... Bernie "will we still be in writing in approaching years?" to Rickie Lee "all the heros we have are written right here before us"... to remarkable Rumi...

      If anyone asks you
      how the perfect satisfaction
      of all our sexual wanting
      will look, lift your face
      and say,

      Like this.

      When someone mentions the gracefulness
      of the nightsky, climb up on the roof
      and dance and say,

      Like this.
  • thumb
    Jul 25 2011: 1. Be able to master the saxaphone
    2. To visit the rain forest
    3. To become fluent in french
    4. To ensure my kids are happy
    5. To make a difference
  • thumb
    Jul 25 2011: A place for angels and ideas to gather, write here.

    Thanks for sharing your top 5 desires for life and your lift to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your Social-sphere of choice...

    [ room for a few million more ]
  • A B

    • +1
    Jul 25 2011: 1. - Inventing (and implement) a non-corruptible "value exchange system"

    2 - Invent and implement an non-censurable! clean! internet (v2?) so that all people are able to connect and exchange ideas, knowledge and facts with each other.

    3 - Get rid of all polluting energy sources (like oil, gas,..)

    4 - Allow everyone access to all knowledge in the world, that they need to develop themselves to their own fullest potential... to educate mankind everything they need, so they can become more self-sufficient, more autonomous (and less Dependant on stuff outside themselves)

    5 - Assist Planet Earth to return back to her original Galactic level of Civilization.
  • Jul 25 2011: Isn't the best way to see your future to create it? If this be true, here is mine:
    1. I'm the oldest person in the world to climb Mt. Everest
    2. I'm part of a Global Peace Initiative that heralds the end of all wars by 2036
    3. My movie, Back From The Edge, positively changes western (if not, global) health
    4. Corporations finally get, they have to treat their employees as well as, if not better, than their best customer
    5. I am proof that the older we get the better and wiser we get (I'm still working hard on this one)!
    • thumb
      Jul 25 2011: you are proof of all things positive... and the best is yet to come... i am reserving a place in standing room only to hear you speak thank you Werner... i do believe you are the record holder for the highest flying kite in the world... [?] it's all good... terry torok
  • Jul 25 2011: 1. Spread the message that population rise must be controlled.
    2. Ensure that environmental equilibrium is not disturbed - change the focus away from capitalism to long-term sustainability of our planet
    3. Wish that everyone has enough.
    4. Develop a way for the end of life to be gracefully accepted, not spending millions of dollars, and let people complete their circle of life with dignity - I want to have the option to check-out on my terms, don't you?
    5. Scuba Dive either in Belize or Australia with my family.
    • thumb
      Jul 25 2011: your #1 as i may have stated before... on this planet, we apparently are much better at making love than making peace... to your #2... is it possible, perception of capitalism, and the greed that it may generate is not actually capitalism at its' core ? see John Mackay's thougths below... When the time comes, yep i hope we all check out on our own terms... meantime cooler to check in... Thank you for great thought... let's meet up in Belize with Jerry Jeff, Jimmy and Warren Buffet, a few friends and a mind-blender.... see what comes to mind... [if anything!]
      • thumb
        Jul 29 2011: According to Hans Rosling, population will peak at 9 billion in 2050 and it may even start to decline.

        My thoughts on capitalism is that it needs to account for our limited resources and sustainability. The profit model and economic model need to account for equitability in basic rights and earth sustainability.

        Many of our leaders are transforming our systems into a more equitable and just structures but I feel that we need to accelarate our transformation strategies. http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies
  • Jul 25 2011: 1) travel by road from Cairo to Capetown
    2) Visit India
    3) Learn Chinese, Arabic and French
    4) Learn to play the keyboard
    5)See Sub-Saharan Africa become prosperous
  • thumb

    a l

    • +1
    Jul 25 2011: Hmmmm
    1) be happy doing what i love (which often changes)
    2) help at least one other person to find happiness too.
    3) ride a painted elephant in India
    4) go for a stroll in Paris
    5) live at least one year at the beach in Costa Rica
    Sheryl Sandberg taught me to not lower my hand and never stop at 5,so 6th would be
    6) building a happy healthy family with the love of my life (whom i haven't met yet)
  • thumb
    Jul 24 2011: 1. Stop spending beach holidays learning to surf and start actually surfing.
    2. Start a philanthropic foundation (with my upcoming lottery winfall). In the meantime, continue to donate and volunteer as generously as I can.
    3. Live abroad again. Three more times, actually.
    4. Sing back-up for a real band and then party like a rock star during one insane and memorable night.
    5. Come up with an innovative solution that transforms the way we deliver disaster relief around the world.
    • thumb
      Jul 24 2011: Jo-Anne we are working on your 5... project called - Ready To Rock - ... i think you may like it... thank you, for you...
  • Jul 24 2011: We are Team Jordan - we have a family bucket list as well as our own lists. Here's our family bucket list...
    1. Finish climbing the 7 Summits, the highest peaks on every continent
    2. Highpoint the 50 states (climb the highest point in every state) and use the project as a forum to get kids, schools, communities and youth groups to climb with us. An opportunity to talk to kids and families about being healthy, exercising and setting goals together as a family.
    3.Find adventures that expand our skills and horizons and help other children who have less opportunities.
    5.Spread the message of good health and good nutrition through family adventures.
    • thumb
      Jul 24 2011: Thank you Karen... one of the fastest moving highest climbing most ambitious team buckets on planet earth... where more can always be explored [www.jordanromero.com] - the youngest and most beautiful team to climb the seven summits and throw in an eighth... thank you for amazing verve and drive for good health and a better earth... it's all good, thank you... Terry Torok
  • thumb
    Jul 23 2011: Many times I imagine MLK writing "Why We Can't Wait" from his Birmingham, AL jail moments...I really don't know exactly what happened! Everything was so surreal..... I am grateful to be included in this adventure with you and all the veteran visionaries! I will recapture the baton, as my work has only just begun. You are the BEST! Thank you with my whole heart for this priceless experience and platform. Treasured. Unparalleled. A New Beginning. Thanks again...God bless you even more.
  • thumb
    Jul 23 2011: Hey Terry- sorry I'm a bit late to the party, but better late than never! :-)

    Here's 5:
    1.) USE a little less, BUY a little less, MAKE a little less (waste), CONSUME a little less
    2.) Being able to use all that I've gained in my life experience to create a living that will not only be lucrative, but will allow me to give back and will allow me to be doing something that I really believe in- merging my non-work and my work sensibilities.
    3.) Incorporating creativity in my own life and doing what I can to encourage it in others' lives as well.
    4.) To be a good and thoughtful friend, family member and acquaintance. To be someone who will leave an impact on other people's lives and be remembered fondly even after I am gone.
    5.) Last one's a bit selfish- to get a chance to really travel again and see places I have yet to see.
  • Jul 22 2011: .
    1. Live passionately in the NOW of my infinite potential of giving birth to scientifically understand reality as consciously constructed by Spirit only, not a matter-based hypothesis of genetic structuring (dna=don't nibble that apple!) that we have mostly bought into.
    2. Release paralyzing fears that would inhibit, prevent, destroy my ability to give my unique gifts to the world through spiritually understanding my (everyone's) true nature and identity principle that destroys false evidence.
    3. Continue to evolve in the art of deep listening, learning, educating, and speaking from the Soul of my being and my love for mankind; to unite in bringing forth a higher collective consciousness that actually understands collaboration in lieu of competition (of who will be the greatest with the most toys) and experience the harmony that is a powerful ever Presence (if we can be still enough for the experience) - a heaven on earth.
    4. Scientifically prove, beyond cavil, that this higher spiritual consciousness has its obvious rewards of transformation in character development (eradicating sin - a deviation from reality) with the incredible side effects of healing physical ailments, be it sickness, disease, or death, thereby realizing/experiencing true peace and freedom - win the John Templeton Award for this discovery.
    5. Invitation from TED to speak on this city foursquare of dynamic ideas!
    • thumb
      Jul 24 2011: How do you best live in the Now Linn ? ... do you find yourself pulled by the past or lured far into the future? i am very curious... as this is something i work towards most often... to quiet my mind from living too far ahead... and enjoying the present... ha, [maybe we can work a knowledge trade... as i thankfully live far from fear...yet i am uncertain this is knowledge acquisition or my designed ignorance of consequence, i also live "toyless" but not joyless] i am grateful for your ideals of healing, hope and health and i will enjoy your TED talk one day soon, as the four-play is certainly filled with dynamic ideas...
      • Jul 26 2011: Terry, that is certainly a complex question with no easy answer as every moment would present new challenges to keep one either in the past or in the future thereby depriving one of the gifts of present-ness! And, these issues are not new. The writer(s) of the Priestly Document of Scriptures was inspired to see that: "Through the ages one unchanging purpose runs;".

        Like you, I "used to be" totally fearless! And, in my more lucid moments, I do remember that the fear I sometimes experience is only due to the overwhelming bigness of this fourfold idea (four-play for you ~ lol!) and the attempt of a "mindless" collective or the unconscious or the lizard brain (whatever name preferred, it is all the same carnality) to keep it from being given for humanity's great awakening. And, even though I know and hear and see that this idea is truly universal and already present (else how would I (and others) "hear" it) ..... still......SO, would thoroughly enjoy exchanging dynamite ideas with you, not for accumulation's sake but certainly to further have this infinite divine design revealed in more fullness.

        I am so grateful for your appreciation, remarks, and encouragement! May your heart continue to resound with such presence and power as the obvious catalyst that you are ~ Blessings on your head!
  • Jul 1 2011: 1. Make sure that my heart's desires are fulfilled.
    2. Work a 9 - 5 job @ home
    3. Live a wealthy life & do goodwill for anyone who needs it.
    4. Make all my creative concepts a reality
    5. Make my bucket a list a reality instead of a fantasy!
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: 1) Now you got us all looking out for your heart Tebogo... see what you did?
      2) it's great work... wherever you call home... much of my work is on the road or in the sky... and you can be at home, making it yours... I hope you find it, and if you love it, it's hardly work, and has no time limit...
      3) You clearly have natural wealth...
      4) Love to hear about your creative concepts... TED conversations is a great place to place them...
      5) yeah, whew, I am with you there, would like to make all these lists connected and continued....

      Thanks for keepin it real Tebogo... it's all good... Terry Torok
  • Jul 1 2011: 1) Use Solar energy to detox our planet. 2) Counsel terrorists out of terrorism. 3) Make all revolutions non-violent. 4) Erradicate child abuse. 5) Look for people who can help me do all of these.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: plants get it, why cant we? photosynthesis sips on the sun and exhales 02... we must see the light of your #1 and make it ours too...
      2) I have much to share and learn here, in my time with boy and girl soldiers. We must break this chain before it breaks us, it is very possible, and the economics of providing better choices is far better than trying to clean up bad ones. #3. you say you're on a non-violent revolution... that's music for critical mass movement... bring it.
      #4. Child abuse happens overtly and inadvertently from junk food to lack of it... to serving up violence in a game and in reality... we have real work to do, and I hope you bang the *%$n drum hard KN... thank you for this and the horse your road in on. Lead a revolution... there's a few billion people ready to ride and serve.
  • thumb

    Ava Kh

    • +1
    Jun 30 2011: 1. Stop living in the past
    2. Get it together
    3. Teach someone, be someone's mentor, spread my limited knowledge
    4. TRY stand-up comedy
    5. Forgive my parents
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: You just listed your future Avantika... !

      Great, you got it together... I like your forward thinking from here on out...
      DO stand-up comedy... you must! just... maybe, not with your parents [?] try some strangers...
      the stranger the better... funny enough, they will find you, funny enough...
  • Jun 24 2011: 1. Live and work in another country.
    2. Become fluent enough in reading and writing Chinese to be able to teach my children in the future.
    3. Master another culture.
    4. To always do what I love and never stop learning.
    5. Find someone who shares and supports #'s 1-4 with me.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Hi Anita,
      1) you already are in another country... (!)
      2) 愿你的梦实现
      3) perhaps the journey is the mastery... (?)
      4) Please do, keeps you young, interesting and in love with your number...

      excited for you, please stay in touch and thank you for sharing your map it's a perfect journey...
  • thumb
    Jun 20 2011: 1) Learn a new language
    2) Live in italy
    3) Travel with nothing but a back pack for a minimum of 6 months
    4) Go to Australia and see a Kangaroo
    5) Make a difference in someone life
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thank you Megan.. when you travel with "nothing but a back pack" please send a post-card... who knows how far you will get, but Australia is a great place... you already are making a big difference in someone's life... maybe in or out of the picture... but your verve for adventure is perfect and your smile is infectious... thank you for sharing both... it's all good !
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: 1. Stop spending beach holidays learning to surf and start actually surfing.
    2. Start a philanthropic foundation (with my upcoming lottery windfall). In the meantime, continue to donate and volunteer as generously as I can.
    3. Live abroad again. Three more times, actually.
    4. Sing back-up for a real band and then party like a rock star during one insane and memorable night.
    5. Come up with an innovative solution that transforms the way we deliver disaster relief around the world.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: yeah, meant to talk to you about your beach holidays... time you clean up your surf... girl... surfing for cause, is perfect beach clean up, water conservation... check out the great work of Matt Damon.. and/or Charity Water or Oceana... ready to rock Jo-Anne... your life is as awesome as your smile thanks for sharing both...
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: 1. Take a first class transatlantic crossing aboard Cunard with my soulmate.
    2. Make out with Robert de Niro ;-) or at least have him sit on my lap or vice versa (my soulmate and Bobby's wife will understand).
    3. Be part of the movement causing emotional health and peace of mind to be a priority for human beings and providing services and opportunities to make that happen.
    4. To live in other parts of the world at my leisure, particularly New York, Hawaii (gotta see the pro surfers ride the Banzai Pipeline), the Caribbean, NW Africa, and the UK.
    5. To implement and/or fund innovative businesses and products to create passive income to support my lifestyle and provide support for organizations and people who are changing the world.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: 1. Cool.
      2. cool for you, possibly Bob, maybe not Grace... [she's a lovely lady, as are you...] so I suspect a role in a movie... called "Melissa Makes a Move" starring Ms Moore and Robert de Niro is a safe place to make OUT and make IT.
      3. Emotional intelligence... important place to place your energy... your levity and love of life is full of wonder... thank you for sharing this, it is as wonderful as you are... keep us up to date on your business and your date... it's all great... thanks Melissa !
  • thumb
    Jun 18 2011: 1. swim with a whale in the wild
    2. swim with a turtle in the wild
    3.catch a yellow fin tuna
    4.master one musical instrument ( I own many many many can't play any any any very well)
    5....not sure there is anything else..been pretty busy for 65 years doing unbelievably wonderful things.I haven't left much undone

    .EDIT : I do have anumber 5.. a long held one..to sit with Lonesome George the ginat old tortoise in Galapgos that is the last of his species.(.note sure old George is still with us)
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: you are a children's novel... and I so hope your list comes absolutely true... but perhaps not concurrently... ever page is as novel as you...

      last i heard lonesome George wasn't so lonesome... he's likely to be a man of distinction, not extinction... he has two new mates and a good 50+ years to go... that's something to get up for... yet I am sure you would rock his shell... Lindsay... lots of good to do... thank you for you.
  • thumb
    Jun 18 2011: Thanks for the invitation to post again Terry, here is my list:
    1. Specialize in the design of urban waterfronts where I can apply ecological bioremediation strategies for water conservation.
    2. Live passionately and enjoy ordinary work and everyday situations.
    3. Sail around the world with my “Hubby”
    4. Have a conversation with the Dalai Lama or the Pope.
    5. Become a TED speaker.
    • thumb
      Jun 19 2011: Katya..lovely post

      Befor eyou set off on that round the world sail, I wonder if you could stop by theTED conversation on Water Scarcity and share some of your wisdom and links there? It is such an important topic but no one eher at TED sems interested..perhaps because enough information hasn;t been presented..there have been dozens and dozens of TED Converstaions osted in Water..all close wiht no comments or one or two comments)

      Terry & all..may apologies..off topic..do you want me to remove?
      • thumb
        Jul 23 2011: brilliant Lindsay... connecting the bucket and passion is perfectly ON topic... as are you. Thank you... this list now seems to freeze anyway after today... so... it's nice, but now on ice...

        love from the ice bucket
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thank you too Katya... lucky hubby and lucky Dalai or Pope to hang with you... better to chat with the Pope than to sail I suspect... your number one is fascinating and I would like to know much more... and in fact may have an opportunity for you on a landmark project i am co-designing in Oman... watch my film at www.omagine.com. let me know your thoughts... &

      DO become a TED speaker... you already have fans, cheers...
  • thumb
    Jun 18 2011: Bring enlightenment:
    -1) A million generations may not see life if we cannot acheive sustainablility, and our children or grand children will die in the worst famine in history.
    -2) Rapidly increasing power over our reality brings with it radically increased responsibility.
    -3) All genuine methods of pursuing truth are generated by submission to the Golden Rule.
    -4) Our only hope for survival is through submission to the Golden Rule and the methods of pursuing truth that are generated by submission to the Golden Rule.
    -5) Evolution is the ultimate origin of all things that exist or will exist, including God.
    -6) If or when God exists, God is, or will be, perfect benevolence. Religions that teach otherwise are false and destructive.
    -7) There is no such thing as a kind of prophesy that is separate from the reason that is generated by submission to the Golden Rule.
    -8) Prophets make mistakes. Sacred books must be read critically from the perspective of "holy spirit": the spirit that submitts to the Golden Rule.
    -9) Authority (the right to make law for others democratically) depends upon submission to the Golden Rule.
    -10) The inerpretation of law should always be guided by the assumption that law makers had submitted to the Golden rule when making the law.
    -11) We are, in our most essential element (our soul) a love of spirit.
    -12) This love of spirit is twisted into selfishness because there is some spirit we are more directly and concretely aware of (our own) and we are reletively ignorant of all other spirit. Thus selfishness derives from a defect: ignorance.
    -13) Thus, empathy lets us e what we truly are.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Thank you for your list or rule of 13 ... it starts with a glimpse of enlightenment and ended just in time for empathy... in the garden beyond the cave, you have left a most interesting map of where you are... with a clue of who you are...
  • thumb
    Jun 18 2011: Bucket List - the ones I can share in public. (I actually live crossing most of it off ...)
    1. Make a billion dollars.
    2. Learn to cook one dish really well, even if it is lasagna.
    3. Become a Pilates instructor.
    4. Finish my book.
    Some of you might think this sounds silly, and clearly not altruistic. But I am going to ask you to re-think this. We serve best if we are our best, let others see by your action not by your words, how we can live the best life possible from exactly where you sit NOW.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thank you for sharing what you can on your list Haysun... great to list 5, and revive the list as it evolves...

      Count your list on one hand, and one hand free to change...

      I hope we have dinner at your house soon... perhaps you could cook the most amazing meal at 1 million dollars a plate... make your billion... and share your desert with the world...

      nothing silly about your notion... it is YOUR list... and it's also a great dish to serve...

      thank you Haysun...
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: 1. Swim with a mermaid
    2. Swim with two mermaids
    3. Telepathically communicate
    4. Travel sub consciously
    5. Travel in the fourth dimension
    • thumb
      Jun 18 2011: :>))) nice..ambitious too..I like that
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: once you swim with TWO mermaids Nell... well..

      anyway... I hope there is a mermaid or two with YOU on their bucket list...
      having been in the heat of NYC this week, traveling sub consciously is far better that the sub way...
      on your #3, i know exactly what you are saying... hoping the fourth dimension travel is free of fossil fuel... and we get there soon... thanks for your brevity and bravado... and en-listing... great Nell !
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: Thanks for the invitation to share again, Terry.

    1. Laugh until tears stream down my face at least once a year.
    2. Relax in a thermal bath in Iceland, followed by a party in Reykjavik.
    3. Celebrate the successful efforts to permanently safeguard net neutrality.
    4. Have dinner with the curator of TED events - undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world.
    5. Live in an effortless state of fearlessness and spontaneous joy.
  • thumb
    Jun 16 2011: I received a request to add my List and throwing my cautions of Internet postings aside. My version is what a friend described me, “serious as a heart attack” with rational statements- more details I speak, the closer it becomes a reality :)

    1. Continue my quest and idealism to “enrich lives” with productions which are media driven platforms to serve diverse constituents with familiar and unconventional project designs. Based on lessons of cultural adaptation and business, use these resources to create ways to experience inspirational stories, talents, and high level hospitality, and activities to instill hope, compassion, and yes, love.

    2. Work with like minds to launch vision projects rooted in showcasing artistic interpretations. I believe art inspires people to “think for themselves”, helps to seek out the honesty of your muse, inspire, shed self protecting defense mechanisms that make us more empathetic and tolerant, heals psychological wounds, nurtures respect, etc. Well designed platforms can transport us to a destination to feel sense of belonging, at “home”, and safe. When you get a taste of this, I think it brings out the best in us. Wholesome “escapes” from harsh realities should be accessible for all. Is my idealism showing?

    3. Be part of initiatives to develop open green spaces, venues, and design multi-use components with strong business models to be self sustaining and relevant to community. These development projects can be surrounded by nature’s beauty, manmade inventions, serve as a permanent location to host ACCESSIBLE arts and cultural programs, offer dignified venues for artists’ works, support economic development, etc. New York Central Park is a great example and the leadership 100 years ago, allocated a generous land mass to enrich community.

    4. Promote “Social Entrepreneurship” with actions and projects while reinforcing the spirit of “walking the talk” of giving back.

    5. Play and adventure on the waters and immerse myself in beauty!
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Great Full Bucket - Kimberly.. you are rich with compassion and love... love your work on number 2 and invite you to visit some of ours at lalelaproject.org Ideas, Art and Music... great to share positive deviance... and we have some synergy to explore much more on your 4...

      [ check out www.crossingborders.tv and see... 88 seconds of your time... to check out a random road trip... an immersion excursion in the reality of change... ]

      thank you Kimberly... its all good, Terry Torok
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: 1. I would like to help create a world where Empathy with others is a skill developed in our children early and perpetuated throughout our life journey
    2. I would love to see language eliminated as a barrier to understanding
    3. I would like to foment the idea that our knowledge and understanding of history is the most effective device we can implement to guide our future.
    4. I would love to be able to take a few years to tour some of the most important battlefields in the world. These are the places where empathy with others truly failed and they are the ultimate expression of this.
    5. Selfishly, I would love to take a friend and trace the fly fishing trips in the Spanish countryside that Hemmingway describes in The Sun Also Rises...
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: why is Empathy 101, not a standard in school ? compassion 202, to advance humanity ? seems like a no-brainer with a lot of heart. great list Richard, I think in 2 we are beginning to cross that border... albeit lost languages hold the secrets of elders and hope for our future ... http://www.ted.com/talks/wade_davis_on_endangered_cultures.html I am interested by your number 4, once on your journey may it lead to insights worthy of you presenting at TED... enjoy your 5....
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Mr. Torok's Bucket List conversation has been great to participate in. My lists reads:
    1. Write and illustrate a children's book with my Mum.
    2. Learn to play the piano.
    3. Produce a work of art that is museum worthy, and yes, become part of a collection.
    4. Live at the beach. Location TBD.
    5. Be a presenter of a TEDtalk.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: 1. A children's book with mum... [i was going to ask her first !] I think a children's book inspired by each key of a piano, waiting to be touched by you... could make music and a memory... i am certain you have some wonderful inspiration in mind... [my Jellyfish Highway book, is still stuck in traffic] If i had a museum, you'd have a place, can't wait to hear your TED talk, i will be listening Anne... thank you...
      • thumb
        Jul 24 2011: I must tell Mumsie about your idea of the piano keys being the inspiration for a children's book. It is brilliant and charming, thank you. Do you play? I hesitate to admit it but, you mentioned "waiting to be touched by you," well, my piano sits in front of me now doing just that.

        Do tell me about your "Jellyfish Highway" someday and here's to a break in the traffic !!

        I'll begin preparing work for that space in your museum and in the preparation and creation of my Bucket List, will emerge the subject for my TED talk.

        Thank you Terry. Will keep up with you as well.
        • thumb
          Jul 25 2011: THE TED BUCKET LIST... and getting it done, Live from Earth.

          How is it you always get to mum first... [?]

          ONE night, i had an interview with Elton John set up... but he was a bit, uh, admittedly pissy the night before and it was decided i could only ask him one question... so i asked him... if one key of the piano could be dedicated to you Elton... what one would it be ? He sat down and played and we talked for 40 minutes and I asked many questions...

          yes... whenever you are ready, you know the key to start yours... from your notes, someone pulls a few strings and orchestrates a book...

          On the Jellyfish Highway, there is very little waving...
          it's an Up and Down world of catching a drift and basically, behaving...

          and so it begins... it's a love story of transparency... written and waiting to be illustrated...

          the museum of you... includes four chambers of your heart... a private tour and a welcome home beating with endless possibilities... fire up that TED talk Anne... it's gonna be great !
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: IF you could see the future... would you look?

    Look up. it is two minutes to write your future here... then a few more minutes and people* to make it happen.

    *[ several billion available ]
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: A question that bears so much thought. Frankly, I don't know if I could turn down the offer. But, curiosity kills the cat doesn't it ?!
      My indecisiveness is cause for concern. I'd like to think I would have the tenacity and the wisdom to take what I see and do GOOD with that knowledge so maybe I would take the chance and look. My gut tells me NOT to look.
    • thumb
      Jun 16 2011: IF you could see the future... would you look?

      YES, I would, but maybe not more then 5 years before GOD call me back to Him. On the other end, if I could go back in time instead, also YES, to change some of the "booboos" I've made, so I would not have the need to see the future !
    • thumb
      Jun 20 2011: I wouldn't if I had the opportunity. We all have the ability to define our futures based on the information and knowledge we have today. Life is a journey full of ebbs, flows, and choices. It’s how we deal with those that define our futures. Want to see your future? Make it happen today, then tomorrow, then the next day…..
    • thumb

      a l

      • +1
      Jul 25 2011: Would you go to a movie but first ask the usher to tell you how it ends?
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Thanks Terry, for this great inspiration! There's mine:
    1)Get connected to my soul, find out my mission and find a soul-mate.
    2) Became mastered of violin, guitar and dancing, sing in a band and delivery a concert
    3) Open a gallery which exhibits my paintings, sculptures and other arts
    4) Travel and work all around the world. Stay in France, Italy and other small contries in Europe for same year each.
    5) Having a bussiness in fashion field and getting famous

    Thank you everybody!
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thanks Jenny for your inspiration too ! you are fantastic, your soul mate is lucky... and will be right with you... thank you for your art of life, and a life of art... how can we see and hear yours ? fame will look great on you... well- deserved... thank you for your creativity and kindness- it's all good, Terry Torok
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: 1) Pick a ripe mango from a tree in a country where I can make some sort of social contribution.
    2) Learn to put aside my self consciousness about dancing enough to embrace joy.
    3) Live and work in a 3rd world country with a humble spirit of learning.
    4) Stand beside and speak up for the bullied without being intimidated.
    5)Be brave enough to really love someone again, and love people even more for the rest of my life.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thank you Debra... this is a wonderful list... we are gaining great momentum with connecting people via their Bucket Lists... Social Media and Television development... and most importantly point towards cause marketing... it's all good, thank you Debra, Terry
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: 1) Hit the lottery big. 2) Open my sports facility. 3)See my children's children one day.4)Fly in a Fighter Jet. 5)Help a kid trade Athletics for Academics in college!
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: lottery numbers 1, 8, 11, 22, 31. - what a great list... hit it quick, I'd like to see you fly - I am game to support your #5... great goal. thanks Geoff.
      • thumb
        Jul 24 2011: Thank you Terry for your response and shared enthusiasm. If I hit the lottery using those numbers expect a check in the mail shortly after. #5 is the vision, mantra, and passion that fueled my desire to create a state of the art sports facility to do just that. Unfortunately a solid business plan doesn't guarantee investor confidence in a sluggish economy. If you know of any investors that share the same passion and vision I would welcome the opportunity to share my dream. All the best, Geoff
  • Jun 15 2011: 1. Live my life in such a way that at my funeral, many people say that their life was changed for the better by having me in it.
    2. Overcome the fear and start my own business.
    3. Continue to live with gratitude and get to the point that I don't let things bother me and I am more joyful than worried every single day.
    4. Visit France - where I have been drawn to since childhood.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: thank you Kathie, I hope you are there for your funeral... but no time soon... your are changing lives, thank you for being brave and posting your list, would Love to know what business you would like to start ? You have the right heart and kind spirit, the kind that would be the right investment and a robust business... please share...
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: 1. See my children's children. 2. Have a drink at Bloody Mary's on Bora Bora 3. See the Federal Reserve shut down 4. Vote for the first woman president of the United States 5. Meet Jimmy Buffett
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: You, me, Jimmy and Warren Buffet, margaritas and bloody mary's in Bora Bora... the place is packed...
      who's buying ? [who cares] thanks John... its all good, Terry Torok

      So... A Lady walks into a bar... says, hey John, thanks for the vote, how about a shot... on the cabinet...

  • Jun 15 2011: My Bucket List
    1. Save a life (currently in paramedicine)
    2. Adopt
    3. To get through the many books I own
    4. To joke in another language
    5. Love,Marriage,Family :)
    • Jun 15 2011: I was adopted at the age of 11. Needless to say, I adore your list! Ping me if I can ever be of any help.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Barbara ... love this... to Joke in another language... it's funny and poignant, thank you for who you are, and thank you Kathie for linking on adoption... i have an adopting story too... and hope the world becomes more open and loving in the way you two are...
  • Jun 15 2011: Awesome question.... my list:
    1) Enjoy every moment much more as it happens - take life less seriously
    2) Do more creative things like pottery, bellydancing, cooking, etc
    3) Travel the world and experience all cultures of the world
    4) Do more scary things like sky diving, driving in an F1 car, flying at Mac 3
    5) Teach people the power of positive thinking and developing positive virtues!
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: seriously [or not] Sandra, your number one is great... thank you for looking out for it...
      pottery and bellydancing when performed at the same time, cooks ups a new recipe, not often performed...
      thinking then, bellydancing at Mach 3 or while skydiving... could change everything...
      you are positively interesting... before and after.

      Please send postcards... lots of love, no breaks, Terry
  • Jun 15 2011: 1. being myself
    2.awareness or alertness
    3.to be connected with gurudev
    4.if possible to read all books of my beloved master...OSHO.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: namaste Satish... thank you for who are you as you are - and thank you for sharing the wisdom of OSHO -and the pure potential and power of mediation....
  • Jun 15 2011: 1. Hang those people who started war on our beautiful world
    2. Remove poverty & Hunger from all over the world
    3. Bring the whole world more closer through my campaign One world One Message to understand each other & love each other
    4. Weapon Free world
    5. Bring smile on the face of each kid in that world
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Abid, appreciate your passion and sharp points... weapons of mass entertainment and the arts can tip the world and spin us in a better direction of human kindness... you brought a smile to this kid today... and many more on the way... I hope we can get your list done and float your bucket with some levity and love... thank you Abid ! anon, Terry
      • Jul 24 2011: Terry, We have to work together if we want to make our world peaceful & want to remove poverty, corruptions from our world.

        We have to work together against war lovers.
        • thumb
          Jul 24 2011: agreed needed critical mass movement... even though we are far better at making love than making peace...

          check out a new human kind project if you have 88 seconds to see the future of reality...

          [ www.crossingborders.tv ]

          [ some curiosity & verve desirable ]
      • Jul 24 2011: Don't you think that on "choose the mission" page need to add "United against War Lovers" ?
        • thumb
          Jul 24 2011: sure Abid.. just need to be specific on the mission and the correlating NGO... and press go...
  • Jun 15 2011: These are a couple of things I would love to accomplish,

    1. Speak at the TED conference

    2. Successfully setup Computer Institutes in 3rd world countries that nurture talent in youngsters from an early age.

    3. See the world, not just Paris,Italy, the UK and US

    4. Skydive!!!

    5. Learn to play a musical instrument
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: was thinking that.... speaking at TED, while skydiving... would provide certain je ne sais quoi... on your number 2. please meet Anwar Dafa-Alla on the Bucket List below! thank you for your number 5... you are already conducting music... it's all good - thank you in all 521 documented languages of Nigeria, Ayotunde... Terry Torok
  • Jun 15 2011: number 1: i would go sky diving as there is nothing above the rush and fear of adreniline at the same time.
    number 2: i would have a farm just dedicated to all the animals in the world more like a refuge home for animals.
    number 3: travel the world,eat good food, see different cultures and dance and sing.....
    number 4: work in the UN for all environmental issues like man beast conflict, reforestation etc.
    number 5:understand economics.... i am preety bad at it
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: 1. pack a parachute. 2. one giant, funny farm, got to love it. 3. sequentially i suspect? 3. work and UN, same sentence, excellent 5. any one of the above accomplished, economics will be a breeze. I would enjoy following your dream path, thank you for placing this in a big bright blue sky... enjoy all the amazing things that will happen on your ride around the sun... it's a great earth, thanks for looking after it Sneha !
  • Jun 15 2011: 1) Visit the childhood place of my father in Tehran, Iran
    2) Do enough scientific research as to put a dent in the path of finding a cure for cancer
    3) Hitchhike across Europe
    4) Finally read Gone with the Wind (its evaded me for years)
    5) Return to South Africa to help in the field testing for HIV/AIDS and provide time and resources towards the causes of treatment and education
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: fascinating read Hannah, I understand why you haven't gotten around to Gone with The Wind, frankly, your life is much more interesting... all the best, I hope to see you in Tehran or Cape Town... thumb out or up either way, it's all good... Terry
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: My list:
    1. Experiment zero gravity
    2. Jump from a mountain with a wingsuit
    3. Be a witness of something unusual on earth (like another human evolution)
    4. Learn more about phylosophy and antropology
    5. Become a better human being, and inspire my friends and children.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: reversing gravity is great, especially when it is not heavy lifting and plenty of levity... helps to be somewhat grounded... to your #3... Is it possible we are witnesses to one of the biggest transformations of human kind... ? perhaps we are more than witnesses... i enjoy your leap of faith and your inspiration... your friends and fam are lucky... it's all good... thank you.
  • Jun 15 2011: See the curve of the earth from space.
    See the aurora borealis from Earth
    Learn to speak crow (the bird)
    To be present at/take part in a child's birth
    Share the joy that all the above brings
    1 day ago
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: The curve of earth... will be felt in humankind when we come full circle... love your point of view from any angle... live from earth... I hope your crow is coming along and giving you wings, your above brings a lot of joy when shared, as it already has... just as you do, thank you...
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: My top five are:
    1. See my children realize their dreams.
    2. See my dog in a movie.
    3. Consciously travel between alternate universes.
    4. Learn to speak Mongolian.
    5. Receive an honorary PhD.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: You have a great dream for your children... if your dog breaks into a movie, I hope you get some credit... [and not arrested]
      Conscious travel seems much better than the alternative, bayarlalaa (Баярлалаа) for your drive and dreams...
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: Thank you, Terry for your Angel work, Dear One...

    (Excerpt from the 3/03/2011 Bucket List Entry)
    "You are poor and brilliant because it is only when the brilliant become poor that the world changes......who else will piercingly and with awesome clarity and insight advocate and articulate the atrocities of poverty if not God's undercover Agents.......(smiling)"
    Here's My 'Indigo Child' SHORT List (I have many more....):
    Work with a team to help 1 million poor women (including United States and other 'Cosmopolitan Poor' women) to start and sustain their own businesses and schools.
    Have Dinner with a table of amazing world-leader people like The Elders and just listen to them talk....often (monthly). Then I would in-turn organize dinners to encourage young women to become world leaders....
    Take a camera crew and go explore world communities and interview people EVERYWHERE and give them one minute to be heard around the world (sort of like the video of the young girl who silenced the world when she spoke before the UN about Global Warming and the Environment.....)
    Speak and write about the priceless lessons I've learned through experiencing poverty (I was born and raised middle class, worked on Capitol Hill for Congressman John Lewis, etc. then became poor through divorce--I am learning there is a huge difference experiencing poverty for the first time as an adult, especially with little children...because street and basic survival skills were foreign to my learning or critical thinking experience....I am still walking through this so I will let everyone know more when I come out!)
    Complete my mission to honor Love in this lifetime....and teach my children to honor and complete the same mission in theirs...
    Thank you for inviting me to the DREAM ROOM. I believe we are all healing and remembering the world as it must become--together....
    God bless you all, Dear Visionaries.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Clarissa - you have some fired up wings for an angel... thank you for your work... what a journey, you are rich in wisdom and heart... I'd like to know where you are flying next... plenty of room to dream in a dream room... with nono ceiling.. more important, you have the map... grateful for you, best, Terry
      • thumb
        Jul 23 2011: Hi Terry! Many times I imagine MLK writing "Why We Can't Wait" from his Birmingham, AL jail moments...I really don't know exactly what happened! Everything was so surreal..... I am grateful to be included in this adventure with you and all the veteran visionaries! I will recapture the baton, as my work has only just begun. You are the BEST! Thank you with my whole heart for this priceless experience and platform. Treasured. Unparalleled. A New Beginning. Thanks again...God bless you even more.
  • Jun 14 2011: 1. Help adults with learning disabilities to read and write.
    2. Travel the world, broaden my horizons!
    3. Spread the word about the power of controlled breathing (pranayama).
    4. Go to culinary school!
    5. Live,laugh and love more!
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: please let us know how we can help you in your work Hema... you are remarkable... with every breath even if it's slightly out of control with laughter ! cheers... Terry
  • Jun 14 2011: .Travel the world and see the 7 wonders and discover 3 more

    2.Get my nonprofit running to a point where I can spread its mission beyond my local community, helping kids across the country become stronger, diverse and cultivated leaders of tomorrow www.aid-creative.org

    3.Become in a position, whether through wealth or political/celebrity popularity to be truly influential and make a positive impact on the world and our future

    4.For me and my children to live a long, healthy and prosperous life.

    5.To enjoy life, experience it for its beauty and all that it is worth and to work less…for every one dies, but not everyone truly lives.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: you are clearly one of the many wonders of the world... thank you for your verve Monique... Terry Torok
  • Jun 10 2011: 1. travel to both the poles
    2. visit every country in the world and experience their culture
    3. go scuba diving in belize
    4. take care of my parents when they cant take care of themselves anymore
    5. bring an annual vehicle-free day to my city - mumbai
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Love it, polarity, blue hole, and all... you are busy... no traffic in Mumbai ? the world would come to a stop! and maybe even listen... write some postcards for peace in all of your possible travels... xot
  • thumb
    Jun 10 2011: Bringing One Laptop per Child (OLPC) to my country,Sudan. As a long term investment in future generations.
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Anwar, i am grateful for your mission... and passionate to support Sudan. My visits there brought the warmth of human spirit and drive to inspire me... thank you for your work...
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Anwar you might see synergy with your work and enjoy a project together...

      please take 88 seconds to see the future of reality... www.crossingborders.tv
  • Jun 9 2011: Susan Allison-Lago • This is not so much my personal bucket list, as a list of ideals I would love to see adopted world wide....

    Be the change I want to see in the world (Ghandi): healthy, accountable, generous, etc. (a lifelong journey)

    Reduce fear in the world... it fosters much of the evil on the planet (war, bigotry, racism, etc.)

    Encourage and reward accountability, this will promote truth

    Encourage and support Corporations that genuinely pursue environmentally responsible practices, fair labour practices and civic responsibilities versus only the bottom line and the so-called 'responsibility to shareholders'.

    Universal health care and education. Money can not buy health or wisdom, but they can change the world ;)
  • Jun 6 2011: wearing old clothes
    cook by myself
    no more plastic things
    less air condition
    walk instead driving
    • thumb
      Jul 23 2011: Thank you Liaw for kicking off the Bucket ! it's a beautiful list, selfless and eloquent - if we could all do this, we would share a better plan, it... Best, Terry Torok
  • thumb
    Oct 14 2011: in deep gratitude for all who participate in sharing their dreams and ideas...

    Thank you Aaron... good luck with potluck... i like where your are going.... something like stone soup... great food for thought... as the pendulum swings back slightly from our digital obsession we can hunger for and appreciate the human touch.

    Thank you Kate for your heart to reach out and provide more access of rich content in underserved communities... and reminding us all to be better listeners...


  • thumb
    Oct 13 2011: Tim Delaney 1) go to Munich Germany during Oktoberfest with my 8 closest friends, 2) visit and drink a beer in EVERY pub in Dublin Ireland, 3) play in the World Series of Poker tournament, 4) visit the top 10 most exotic beaches on the planet, and, 5) take my family

    Charity McDaniel 1 horseback ride on the beach. 2 meditate at Jokhang Temple in Tibet. 3 build a house with Habitat for Humanity. 4 Sing with a rock band. 5 Write and publish memoirs

    Cate Carson 1. To become a respected actress in major motion films. 2.To get a VW bus, travel to all 50 states making a documentary about the American lifestyle. 3. To renovate and restore a beautiful old home 4. To start a unique activity place where children from poverty/domestic violence can come play, learn, and have fun free 5. To start a movement that brings back the sense of the "neighborhood" as a means of lowering crime rates and helping people

    Linda Bardes 1: I am walking the AZ Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. 2: I am growing my wedding vows and ceremonies web site into a $50,000 or more a year Internet Marketing site and giving successful seminars. 3: I own my own home with an income to support it and myself lavishly. 4: I am growing my Charitable Trust into a mega giving machine. 5 I am writing a best selling book.
  • thumb
    Oct 12 2011: ...

    Your Story forward... write here... in five easy pieces...
  • Comment deleted

    • thumb
      Oct 9 2011: [it's 4AM somewhere, what's on your bucket list?] ...

      Thank you Elan... most certainly and for the this group the first point of connectivity is to share your top 5 desires or ideas you have for You... it is the context to start the conversation.... it's a way to get know know someone from the point of view of where they are, and intend to head as a human-being-human... I invite you to do this when you can , it would give context, priority and connectivity to your links... thank you Elan.
  • thumb
    Oct 7 2011: ...
    What 5 ideas are you working on or towards? Be it collaborative, desired, just for fun or your legacy !

    To quote Steve Jobs... "To live before you die"
  • Oct 6 2011: Steve is going to continue via http://youtu.be/iLe_7ZHgiXs

    He is WAY too smart to just die.
  • thumb
    Oct 6 2011: Thank you Steve Jobs...
  • thumb
    Oct 1 2011: ...
    connect your personal ideas with others, write here... please feel free to add positive comments to the list to help accelerate individual ideas into collective action... [ need a hand or lend a hand... take 5 here ]
  • thumb
    Sep 27 2011: I am intrigued I will certainly swing the door open and let your concept speak for itself... start with the why [& values] move throw the what and how... what a single episode would look like and the through thread, host within the industry or talent that can speak to the subject- where do you see this airing, what is the mobile and online component, interactive? top list of advertisers that might me attracted, do you have a relationship with potential advertisers, is there any seed money for treatment or pilot... looking forward...
  • Sep 16 2011: 1.do each day one thing to accomplish myself, and one to allow it (earning money, caring my family,…)
    2.develop a system to capture solar light -70% yield- and dispense it simultaneously, depending on needs, as light, electric energy, or heat in houses -with minimal energy conversion losses-.
    3.do things related to the nature: gardening, open-air sport, observing or studying nature, biotechnologies… and at each opportunity communicate to anyone we have to care about nature
    4.(currently) fight against a building purchase operation in the mountains that is designed to stole small owners, and finally to build new buildings while the existing ones are not fully occupied.
    5.learn always something from everything, and share this knowledge, through discussions, Wikipedia, … with the hope humans can use their intelligence in daily life to serve better the humanity and living biosphere.
    • thumb
      Sep 19 2011: Awesome Etienne thank you... one of the intents of the bucket list, is to link personal desires, ideas, passions [or other disputable terms] to complimentary passions on the list, your number links perfectly with others on the bucket list - and certainly resonates with me... I would think we could create a mind-storm group within TED and place ACTION around solar energy... there is a tremendous amount of need and momentum here... I guest it was started sometime pre-earth... and would be good for humans to adapt to photosynthesis before we destroy it. Would love to gather a few others on this topic and meet virtually and actually and create energy to move it forward...
  • thumb
    Sep 14 2011: I believe that we were all designed to bear the pains in the world. So why not sympathize each other? Why not be patient with each other?
  • thumb
    Sep 9 2011: A TED BUCKET LIST... This thread invites those who would like to share their top five personal ideas... and/or help others put action around their ideas... Thank you for the support and helping spread the ideas...
  • thumb
    Sep 9 2011: Maybe we Germans are too much focused on stability? In Germany the idea would be to have 5 top ideas for 50 years - indeed what a nonsense ! but maybe extreme volatility is as bad as stability - in each case no development.
  • thumb
    Sep 6 2011: I have a problem: My top 5 personal ideas keep on changing - with my age, experience and some times with the weather (go sailing...).

    Finding always the next 5 ideas which keep me going and push me forward comes down for me to one principle: Think out of the box !

    Here my current examples and model: Dougald Hine, London - http://bit.ly/nuli3v
    • thumb
      Sep 6 2011: not a problem Bernd it's an opportunity in our digital life to place your top 5 right here, and change your world as you see fit... enjoy, edit, achieve.

      write on...
  • thumb
    Sep 1 2011: ideas + angels + action x 5
  • thumb
    Aug 29 2011: ...How realistic are these accomplishments? "My goal and my vision is to bring awareness to the underlying unity of our faiths and convictions" What does that even mean? Sure it sounds promising and peaceful but how are you ever going to cross that off your bucket list?
    • Sep 15 2011: Hi Tanya Rae - There are many expressions of that abstract idea. Here are a few quick practical ideas: someone could write a book about comparative religions; someone could participate in a "peace through personal meetups" like SERVAS or Couchsurfing - both are hospitality networks. Someone could do a travel journal writing about cultures they would visit; someone could translate books they believe already express the commonality of cultural beliefs; someone could video people's stories about families worldwide; someone could travel to do interviews on one, same question world-wide.

      Learning thinking skills helps everyone understand how many ways there are to express an interest or goal. Defining a "touch-stone" is key to expressing an abstract desire and realizing how a dream-come-true could really happen.
    • thumb
      Sep 25 2011: ...
      great thing about a bucket list or whatever you might want to call it... you don't have to cross it off to complete, you can live it, die trying, enjoy the abstract or be specific and jump from an airplane... you can even use a parachute.

      A benefit to sharing your dreams and desires out loud, organized by a list of five if you choose {some people also complain about time restraints of TED talks, but it might help organize some brevity and bravado of thought} is declaring your goals and finding complimentary minds to help you manifest your dreams... it is possible Gandhi didn't write or say, be the change... just to nock it off a list... and I believe Martin Luther King's dream is still alive...
  • thumb
    Aug 27 2011: personal ideas worth spreading can fly with angels in the wings...

    thank you for these amazing lists... if you need a hand with your ideas or can lend a hand... write here, please.
  • thumb
    Aug 7 2011: ...

    Rob Norton-Edwards •

    My TED Bucket List:
    1. Provide for my family.
    2. Save a life.
    3. Make a difference.
    4. Write that novel.
    5. Shoot par!

    Dustin Calim •

    Here's mine, in no order except for #1:
    1. Make a measurable impact on the world for the better.
    2. Sail across the Atlantic
    3. Carve my own way through life(any VC's reading feel free to help out).
    4. Have children(good ones)
    5. Race an original 1967 Shelby Cobra 427SC along Big Sur with the top down.

    Satish Krishnan •

    1. being myself
    2. awareness or alertness
    3. to be connected with gurudev
    4. if possible to read all books of my beloved master OSHO.
    5. meditative

    Rasti Nikolic • Thank you Terry for inviting me to contribute :-)

    a list is long but if I need to choose 5 !
    1. bring peace (inner peace) to everyone and everywhere
    2. live with gratitude and positive thinking - each second, minutes, hours, days
    3. to have a possibility to work with great leaders (around the globe) and to help them to resolve any kind of problems
    4. to have a possibiliy to teach each person what I know so far so I can push their process of understanding
    5. to stop saying that I do not know enough (because I do) and start my own business
    Be blessed !!! Hari Om
  • thumb
    Aug 4 2011: ...

    Your Future.... Write Here. Can we create a place where our personal desires and ideas can meet angels and action ?
  • thumb
    Jul 30 2011: ...

    Ousha Bridgemohan

    1. I don't want,but in need of full mouth of teeth for my brother and myself.
    2. Need to find my son's father in MA, before son turn 17th on his Birthday.
    3. Need to make a friend Rapping dream come. 4. A need to have a full-time job.
    5. Need to be... successful enough to give back.

    Richard Strub

    1- Provide dentistry logistically easily in a third world environment .
    2- Find solution for personal flight, e.g. Air Scooter.
    3- Learn & remember piano at 63.
    4- Reduce bucket travel list.
    5- Comfortably mobile and mentally alert when older.

    Faye Anderson

    1. Buy my mother a house.
    2. Buy a house for me and my daughter.
    3. Film a script i wrote when I was fourteen called The Broken Violin.
    4. Record the songs I wrote and put out my own CD.
    5. Last but not least meet Shemar Moore...

    Share your Top 5 big or small desires...

    [the first action step]
  • thumb
    Jul 30 2011: ...

    Joe Lancaster
    1. Soar above the earth ;). 2. Volunteer my skills as a builder to help construct something of value in another country (a home or school)

    Mohamed Ali
    1. Never stop learning.... knowledge is power. 2. Live in another country for two years. 3. Contribute to changing the western perception of the 'bad arab' 4. Get a tattoo in arabic 5. Travel to 50 cities in my lifetime

    Gypsy Mermaid
    Ah the Bucket list... 1) I would like to have my book published 'Sharing Smiles & Giggles' (all about my adventures across North America over the past year and a half in my artcar the 'Gypsy Caravan') 2) Have my book and the raw footage taken made into a feature film...

    Emily Grace
    1. To book another Sundance film, sell my pilot to hbo or amc (w/me attached to act), 2. teach others how to make money, as the only way to true freedom is through financial freedom...

    Nintieka Nathan
    1. star in a movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke because she's my favorite director 2. shoot a photoshoot for Victoria secret 3.) make a album 4.) visit Thailand... ride a Elephant 5. Play Robert pattinsons love Interest in a movie!

    What's currently on your Top 5 [?]
  • thumb
    Jul 25 2011: This is A place for Angels and Ideas to find each other in TED Conversations and hopefully create a map to accomplish a few dreams...

    Thank you for being founders and sharing this TED Conversation in your Social Network and Social-sphere.

    The intent is to simply list personal intentions with Brevity and Bravado captured just 5 at a time, something we can count on... i believe together we can grow this list exponentially with integrity and build a new idea worth spreading, beyond our wildest dreams...

    [ WHAT IF... millions of people aligned their dreams and intentions with greater efficiency? ]

  • thumb
    Jul 24 2011: IF you could see the future... would you look ?

    While this thread is frozen in time... you may choose to keep your time in progress...
    The TED Bucket List lives on in many locations... one you may find at TED LinkedIn...


    Thanks... grateful for all of you who share your dreams and ideas...
    and those of you that help make them happen in the very near future...

    It's all good, Terry Torok

    [ i believe there are angels in the wings who can give great ideas lift ]

  • thumb
    Jul 22 2011: IF you could see the future would you look ?

    i am grateful for those who chose to list their dreams and ideas...

    the big TO DO List has the attention of social media and television development...

    while TED threads have a dead-line, the Bucket List lives on and builds on...

    IF you choose to add your name you can get listed on the TED thread Bucket List on LinkedIn...

    it's all good... Terry Torok
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: "We are not here to see through each other, we are here to see each other through"...

    IF we simply share our Top 5, dreams, desires, ideas with each other...
    Can we blow a hole in status quo, and take a joy ride in syncro-destiny?

    [some verve required]
  • thumb
    Jun 14 2011: Donna Bostany

    Number One on my Bucket List would be to Host a Bucket List show!
    2) Publish the children's book written and illustrated by my sister and me.
    3) Help my parents land a buyer for their 16-room country lodge in Northeastern PA.
    4) Help my brother land a radiology technician job in the Northeastern PA vicinity.
    5) Bring our wonderful U.S. troops home.

    John Robinson
    1 Have a beer with Bono!
    2. Mentor young people with disabilities to employment
    3. Produce a doc about different amputees touched by war (soldiers& kids, etc.), see goals & dreams
    4. Publish follow up book to my autobiography
    5. Build internships for students with disabilities in video production
    6. Play golf in Ireland - again!
  • thumb
    Jun 7 2011: Top 5 Ideas or desires you'd ;love to accomplish on Earth... aka your Bucket List... [Thanks for your jumping in Liaw] eg

    DANIELLE Lauren • Those who know me... know I am passionate and dedicated to making the world a better place.... so, I have decided to be a bit selfish about my bucket list... so here's what I'd like to do before I kick the bucket....

    1. Unite the world on 11/11/11.
    2. Dance barefoot in Cuba
    3. Sail down the Amazon rainforest
    4. Stand on top of the Eiffel Tower with someone I love
    5. Breathe the air and touch the ice in Antarctica

    HEMA Nataraju • This is a great discussion! Thanks Terry-

    1. Help adults with learning disabilities to read and write.
    2. Travel the world, broaden my horizons!
    3. Spread the word about the power of controlled breathing (pranayama).
    4. Go to culinary school!
    5. Live,laugh and love more!