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WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.

Are you open to hook up with someone who can place action to ideas... ? Collaboration > Ideation > Action...

Whether you need a hand, or can lend one, together can we map our dreams, make them happen... personal ideas worth spreading with angels like you who can help make them fly... [dreams for you, for earth or for your children]

[some verve required]



Closing Statement from Terry Torok

IF we could see and hear each others dreams and desires, we might be able to connect with humankind in a more peaceful and productive way... placing our dreams "out loud" may give us a chance to reach them and help others reach theirs.

Do you know what your best friends dreams are? Does your best friend know yours?

Thanks to all of you who share your dreams... it's an amazing list... With someone's help, I hope to bring it to another level. These are all perfectly possible, sweet dreams, Terry Torok

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  • Sep 16 2011: 1.do each day one thing to accomplish myself, and one to allow it (earning money, caring my family,…)
    2.develop a system to capture solar light -70% yield- and dispense it simultaneously, depending on needs, as light, electric energy, or heat in houses -with minimal energy conversion losses-.
    3.do things related to the nature: gardening, open-air sport, observing or studying nature, biotechnologies… and at each opportunity communicate to anyone we have to care about nature
    4.(currently) fight against a building purchase operation in the mountains that is designed to stole small owners, and finally to build new buildings while the existing ones are not fully occupied.
    5.learn always something from everything, and share this knowledge, through discussions, Wikipedia, … with the hope humans can use their intelligence in daily life to serve better the humanity and living biosphere.
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      Sep 19 2011: Awesome Etienne thank you... one of the intents of the bucket list, is to link personal desires, ideas, passions [or other disputable terms] to complimentary passions on the list, your number links perfectly with others on the bucket list - and certainly resonates with me... I would think we could create a mind-storm group within TED and place ACTION around solar energy... there is a tremendous amount of need and momentum here... I guest it was started sometime pre-earth... and would be good for humans to adapt to photosynthesis before we destroy it. Would love to gather a few others on this topic and meet virtually and actually and create energy to move it forward...

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