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WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.

Are you open to hook up with someone who can place action to ideas... ? Collaboration > Ideation > Action...

Whether you need a hand, or can lend one, together can we map our dreams, make them happen... personal ideas worth spreading with angels like you who can help make them fly... [dreams for you, for earth or for your children]

[some verve required]



Closing Statement from Terry Torok

IF we could see and hear each others dreams and desires, we might be able to connect with humankind in a more peaceful and productive way... placing our dreams "out loud" may give us a chance to reach them and help others reach theirs.

Do you know what your best friends dreams are? Does your best friend know yours?

Thanks to all of you who share your dreams... it's an amazing list... With someone's help, I hope to bring it to another level. These are all perfectly possible, sweet dreams, Terry Torok

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    Aug 29 2011: ...How realistic are these accomplishments? "My goal and my vision is to bring awareness to the underlying unity of our faiths and convictions" What does that even mean? Sure it sounds promising and peaceful but how are you ever going to cross that off your bucket list?
    • Sep 15 2011: Hi Tanya Rae - There are many expressions of that abstract idea. Here are a few quick practical ideas: someone could write a book about comparative religions; someone could participate in a "peace through personal meetups" like SERVAS or Couchsurfing - both are hospitality networks. Someone could do a travel journal writing about cultures they would visit; someone could translate books they believe already express the commonality of cultural beliefs; someone could video people's stories about families worldwide; someone could travel to do interviews on one, same question world-wide.

      Learning thinking skills helps everyone understand how many ways there are to express an interest or goal. Defining a "touch-stone" is key to expressing an abstract desire and realizing how a dream-come-true could really happen.
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      Sep 25 2011: ...
      great thing about a bucket list or whatever you might want to call it... you don't have to cross it off to complete, you can live it, die trying, enjoy the abstract or be specific and jump from an airplane... you can even use a parachute.

      A benefit to sharing your dreams and desires out loud, organized by a list of five if you choose {some people also complain about time restraints of TED talks, but it might help organize some brevity and bravado of thought} is declaring your goals and finding complimentary minds to help you manifest your dreams... it is possible Gandhi didn't write or say, be the change... just to nock it off a list... and I believe Martin Luther King's dream is still alive...

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