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WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.

Are you open to hook up with someone who can place action to ideas... ? Collaboration > Ideation > Action...

Whether you need a hand, or can lend one, together can we map our dreams, make them happen... personal ideas worth spreading with angels like you who can help make them fly... [dreams for you, for earth or for your children]

[some verve required]



Closing Statement from Terry Torok

IF we could see and hear each others dreams and desires, we might be able to connect with humankind in a more peaceful and productive way... placing our dreams "out loud" may give us a chance to reach them and help others reach theirs.

Do you know what your best friends dreams are? Does your best friend know yours?

Thanks to all of you who share your dreams... it's an amazing list... With someone's help, I hope to bring it to another level. These are all perfectly possible, sweet dreams, Terry Torok

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  • Aug 25 2011: Hi Terry - it's a kick to read all the 161 comments so far! Actually, I've had a list like this for awhile, with many completions crossed off. Currently...

    1. Figure out a way to feature conversations about what is so interesting about all the closet geniuses I know. I want to help them get the recognition they deserve before they die, (a couple of them who have invented amazing innovations should be talking on TED.)

    2. Innovate a effective means to teach Alexander Technique without using hands-on - by web cam perhaps. Or maybe just teach more classes.

    3. I lived in Bolinas, CA for thirty years, and I think that I can create another ride like that somewhere else, using my experience there as a template for creating a real, live community...(as opposed to an "intentional" community.) But I don't know where exactly.

    4. Popularize my dream invention of outlining improvisational performance - ongoing: out4improv Probably, I can't even imagine how fun that would be.

    5. Figure out passive income ways to offer the benefits of my experience and observations to more people, so I can continue doing projects indefinitely and making them available to those who find them useful.
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      Aug 28 2011: fascinating list Franis - I would love to know more about each one... worth exploring more... [!]
      • Sep 15 2011: Glad for your interest, Terry! It's gratifying being an Angel in what I can manage, (for me, it's the meaning of my last name.) Do you know about www.kickstarter.com for attracting Angels?

        1. Such as: Mr. Natural, who invented a reverse-engineered jazz theory music course and a short-hand for music notation; Jacques Kelly, consciousness changer; Michael Miley, researcher of unusual ideas and phenomena; Dennis Rivers, communication enhancer; Barbara Sher, the Grandma of coaching; Bill Wesley, microtonal instrument designer, another sailor who's gone around the world a few times, a past life reader, a healer by sound, an animal psychic, a World Cafe questioner...and many more.

        2. Check out http://www.performanceshool.com for some interesting articles on how to learn the Alexander Technique without a teacher - from some of my colleagues who have continued the work of our teacher, an amazing original thinker, Marj Barstow. I'm working on an e-book too...

        3. Perhaps I would write a handbook or series of videos on how to turn your own small town into a real community & how to start your own small town phone book.

        4. Loosely arranging improvisational music and performance: http://www.franis.org/out4improv/ Actually, this is the one I'd probably like to do the most. It is also the one that needs the most help because it's the most original - like nothing you've seen before.

        5. Selling a patch repair material, a guild for contractors that's also a gallery portfolio, various info stuff such as ideas about scheduling for senior care to attract nicer caretakers, advice on how to make money painting murals, tele-workshops on creativity and thinking skills, youtube videos on little tips like how to grow your hair long, how to juggle, hitchhiking for women, tiny art books that are almost greeting cards, learning to be a graphic recorder...(Of course, this list goes on as the ideas continue...)
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          Sep 25 2011: ...
          I have linked many to the links above... very interested in further dialogue on 2 & 4 with my work with www.lalelaproject.org and writing [ i am ] ideas, art and music curriculum... your list is of great substance and really enjoy the links... I am also in final phase launch of a "kickstarter" for humanitarian ideas... i am feeling very very good about the ROHI...

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