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How do you show your identity to the world?

Jessi's TED-You Talk is about identity, individuality, loving yourself, and confidence.

Everyone of us shows our identity to the world each day, regardless of whether we do so intentfully or consciously.

This does not need have to be anything to do with highly expressive or extroverted either.

Question: How do you show or illustrate who you are to the world?

or share an example of how someone you met does so in a unique way.
or share how do you conceal part of your identity one to the world?

NB: Jessie's talk reminds me so much of TEDxYouthDay speaker Samradhi's own Talk "Phenomenal me!"



Closing Statement from Dave Lim

Gratitude to and appreciate each and every one for sharing.

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  • Jun 9 2011: I love Jessie's spirit . Shopping without spending a lot is awesome.Looking like your own person not a Target or WalMart model is better.Finding that 'find' is best ! Bonnie Condict

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