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What if the TED Community worked together to build the model 21st century learning environment? What would it look like?

The TED Community has some of the most innovative minds in the world. This goes beyond TED-ED. We have digital media experts, researchers, educators, public policy experts, politicians and entrepreneurs. The community has all of the tools and resources in it to become the ultimate disruptive innovator in education. What about adding a new type of fellow: a TED-ED Fellow, and have them work together on a project to design a new learning environment, and one that can be scalable. Then take the "idea" and use the financial resources of TED to turn it into an "idea worth doing."

The model would need to account for teacher training, compensation and evaluation; curriculum standards, learning pedagogy, and funding sources, to name a few factors that need to be accounted for.

I believe there's no better brain trust in the world to tackle this project than an open-source TED collaboration.


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    Jun 6 2011: Al,
    The words pedagogy, teacher, curriculum and evaluation may be inappropriate terms to use in the same paragraph as "disruptive innovator in education". True disruptive innovation will lay waste to these terms in their traditional sense (in my opinion).

    I agree with you about harnessing the diverse TED community as active participants in a disruptive innovation project. Diversity from outside traditional education models will inspire new ideas, perspectives, and collaborations.

    Incremental changes in education won't produce the kind of learners the world needs. So, employing current education lingo to a new model risks creating a new system that isn't fundamentally different from our current system.

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