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How do you balance going for your dreams with paying your bills...or do you just go for broke?

They tell you to persist and not take no for an answer. But practically-speaking, in concrete terms, how do you make it through without obligation and necessity trumping your goals? Especially in this economy, how do dreams continue to flourish? Thank you in advance for your insights.


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  • Jun 12 2011: If I may suggest, first, reduce the number and size of your bills.
    Second, spend as little time on doing what pays those bills..Devote the rest of your time and energy to pursuit of your dream(s).
    Third, if you continue this way, you will notice that you have reached a point when your 'dream work' can pay your bills.
    Fourth, drop the work you were doing just to be able to pay the bills. Now, focus all your time and energy on your dream(s).
    Sounds simple? Well, it is simple.

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