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How do you balance going for your dreams with paying your bills...or do you just go for broke?

They tell you to persist and not take no for an answer. But practically-speaking, in concrete terms, how do you make it through without obligation and necessity trumping your goals? Especially in this economy, how do dreams continue to flourish? Thank you in advance for your insights.


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    Jun 7 2011: Great question Claudette and a subject close to my heart! In truth the answer lies within. Apologies if this sounds like a cliche, but trust your instincts. I left a big grown up job to follow mine and have had a few white knuckle rides on the journey but wouldn't want to change it - to James's point, its about what you value.
    Adjust your life around you to enable you to be faithful to your true values - in short, make your values the 'necessity'.
    It takes bravery but hey, in life, what doesn't!? Marriage, mortgage, kids...etc..all big decisions with no real idea how it will all turn out but it doesn't stop us committing to these momentus life changing decisions - we ultimately trust our instincts.

    That feeling of personal achievement is priceless - for everything else there's Mastercard!

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