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How do you balance going for your dreams with paying your bills...or do you just go for broke?

They tell you to persist and not take no for an answer. But practically-speaking, in concrete terms, how do you make it through without obligation and necessity trumping your goals? Especially in this economy, how do dreams continue to flourish? Thank you in advance for your insights.


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  • Jun 6 2011: I would rather be happy and poor than rich and miserable. I'll play music my whole life, even if I struggle to live. Wealth is on the inside, deep in your spirit, in your heart. Life is your creation, what will you make of it? We are all human, animals living on the planet together. If you truly look deep within to the core of your being, where all emotions reside, there you will find all the answers to the universe, answers which transcend verbal communication. When we see it in ourselves, we can see it in others, and thus it spreads like the flowering of a sunflower field. And from this, dreams emerge, for all the universe is one, and we act accordingly. Through this, there will be no scarcity, no "making ends meet". A great discipline is bestowed upon us, as the collective human, with our powers of manifesting thoughts and actions out of those thoughts, to create a world for the better of all.

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