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Understanding Quran

mis. lesly in:
said it took 2 weeks for her to understand the meaning of word "hoori" in Koran.
why 2 weeks?
is not it possible to can understand the true meaning of hoori in less than 2 weeks?

Koran has two part of verses. some are clear and some are complicated and has more than one possible meaning. this aspect of Koran is always used during history to justify behavior different groups of Muslims. and huge amount of mistranslations, misinterpreting, and false commentary of Koran has published in books, Internet,... in order to justify worldly benefits of some humans.
but some people want to find the true meanings of Koran among the mix of true and false interpretations of about Koran.
a true interpret of Koran should have enough and valid evidence for supporting it so that every human (even non-Muslims) can accept it as true meaning of Koran.

so Please ask your questions about Koran specially meanings of verses of Koran and different people claiming can offer the true meaning of that verse are invited to comment here.

the text of Quran is available here:

also look:


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    Jun 14 2011: what a man should do in order to understand the Koran?
    • Jun 16 2011: "what a man should do in order to understand the Koran?"
      God created human and sent human religion and said if you not obey me I send you in Hell.
      then God sent some messengers for people.
      but we had not opportunity to visit any of them.
      then God leaved some book from him for us
      all of them deviated and no access to original text.
      unless Koran.
      but Koran is complected and not easy to understand.
      then God wants to send us in Hell if we not obey him and we can not understand his book clearly and we have no prophet to ask him.
      so if in this condition God send us in hell so Indeed is cruel.
      it is like you give a book of PhD to a child and then take him exam and say him if you fail I send you in fire.
      or like you buy an advanced robot which has no manual for using it.
      Indeed God should have provided some solution for understanding Koran unless God is cruel.
      Indeed Koran should have at least one true interpreter andrepresentative of God and should be perfect like God. representative of God should not have any error or mistake and representative of God should have absolute knowledge and power and can control laws of nature because is representative of God and if not then is only liar. if I have not access to such representative then at Judgement day I will claim God is cruel.
      Indeed such representative exist even today.
      lets see if Koran guide us to representative of Allah?
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/2:30 (in Arabic جاعل has mean: "for always. so it means:
      " Indeed, I will make [for always] upon the earth a successive authority."
      so who is successive authority of God in earth today?
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/3:7 (but who are deeply rooted in knowledge? )
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/16:43 (but who are people of message?)
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/21:7 (but who are people of message?)
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/4:59 (those in authority?)
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/12:67 (The decision is only for Allah?)

      [continue in next cmt]
    • Jun 16 2011: also there are other signs of representative of God in Koran.
      I ask yourself do research. its your own duty to find them. and find truth and understand Koran through them.
      if you have a little search in history of Islam many Muslim emperors claimed we are successive authority (representative of God) in earth. they are called Khalifah (=successive authority) but true successive authority of fake?. I ask you search and know some of them.
      but any one do a claim is true?
      if I claim I am bill gates then I am true?
      Indeed Bill gates has some signs.
      the simplest example is this:
      if some one claims is from people of message so should can reply any question.
      only read some history and see those fake successive authority how found the reply of questions of people. the first 3 of them always asked Ali.
      I not want to waste your time.
      if you put all signs of representative of God together like a puzzle you will find at each time in history (even today) only one human is true successive authority (representative of God).
      and if you seek and seek will find the are not any one but:
      *** http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/33:33 ****
      (people of the [Prophet's] household? who?)

      after prophet Muhammad (PBUH) they are only 14 person.
      they were always killed or kept in prison or very much controlled to not have connection with people. because if people knew they are true successive authority and emperor is fake successive authority then people did not obey emperor.
      also you can direct learn from God and yourself become like prophets with direct connection to God.
      the best type of understanding Koran is to Allah himself become your teacher.
      do you want to Allah teach you?
      it has a term:
      "And fear Allah. And Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knowing of all things."
      but what is real "fearing of God"?
      lets ask people of message:

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    • Jun 16 2011: "if only two human exist on earth Indeed one of them is representative of God"
      prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

      Ali is city of knowledge and I am its gate. so who wanted knowledge and wisdom so should enter from its gate.
      Muhammad (PBUH)

      Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has two famous sayings about truth:

      1) *** the Judaism nation after Moses (PBUH) became 71 cult that 70 of them are in Hell and 1 in Heaven and Christianity nation after Jesus (PBUH) became 72 cult that 71 of them are in Hell and 1 in Heaven and Islam nation after prophet become 73 cult that 72 of them are in Hell and 1 in Heaven. ***

      2) *** Truth is with Ali and Ali is with Truth ***

      if you can know what happened in Khumm you will be saved and will be in Heaven and God loves you.

      this is very important:

      please study this well:

      not any one claiming he is representative of God is true representative of God.



      do you think any Arab King in history is true representative of God?
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        Jun 16 2011: SR , you said me that in order to understand the Koran I have to seek the truth , I have to 'to fear Allah' letting Him to teach me , I have to start obey of Koran , have I understand correct ? Only that you think that the truth is the Koran , why ? (please don't start to say that the Koran is the truth because it have scientific predictions , facts , it is from God ........... ) , why it practically ? but first of all what do you understand by 'truth' , what is the truth?
        • Jun 17 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
          seeking truth is for any human. human has wisdom and wisdom says seek truth. I did not said in order to understand the Koran I have to seek the truth.
          Koran clearly says:
          this means not Evey human is allowed [by God] to read and understand Koran. for example mis. Lesley in http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/lesley_hazelton_on_reading_the_koran.html said many researchers wanted to study Koran but given up. why? it is not amazing?

          so reaching [depth of] Koran is not for every one and has terms and the most important term is purifying yourself [from evil morals and deeds] and fearing God (piety).

          also the best and true and correct and 100% valid explain of Koran is only and only by:
          for example:

          'I have to start obey of Koran"
          Koran is word of God. if you want saving Hell and entering Heaven and God love you and you become like God and have knowledge and power like God you have no other way unless obeying God.

          "Only that you think that the truth is the Koran , why ?"
          I did not say the only source of truth is Koran. truth can be found from other sources. for example what you see by your eye and you are certain is truth. or what you underesand rationally with your wisdom is truth or what science says certainly is truth or what prophet says is truth or what a true successor of prophet says is truth or what God say you in sleep dream and you are sure is from God and is not from Satan is truth.
          but today Koran is one of best sources of truth. but never forget Koran should be always with other weighty thing. they should be always together to understand word of God correct and do not misinterpret it. always check your understanding of Koran with other weighty thing:
          this is one of most important commendation of prophet

          truth is what happen
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      Jun 17 2011: Buy a Koran with translations NOT interpretation.Read it carefully because you must never rush things.If you need any help,I and S.R will always be here.Understanding is better than bickering,right? =)

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