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Understanding Quran

mis. lesly in:
said it took 2 weeks for her to understand the meaning of word "hoori" in Koran.
why 2 weeks?
is not it possible to can understand the true meaning of hoori in less than 2 weeks?

Koran has two part of verses. some are clear and some are complicated and has more than one possible meaning. this aspect of Koran is always used during history to justify behavior different groups of Muslims. and huge amount of mistranslations, misinterpreting, and false commentary of Koran has published in books, Internet,... in order to justify worldly benefits of some humans.
but some people want to find the true meanings of Koran among the mix of true and false interpretations of about Koran.
a true interpret of Koran should have enough and valid evidence for supporting it so that every human (even non-Muslims) can accept it as true meaning of Koran.

so Please ask your questions about Koran specially meanings of verses of Koran and different people claiming can offer the true meaning of that verse are invited to comment here.

the text of Quran is available here:

also look:

  • Jul 16 2011: Why is this on TED? It does not beloong here. Don't you realize that a quarter of the speakers directly oppose religion. We are intelligent people here, please go somewhere else.
  • Jul 15 2011: Here is a really great site with more info on Islam: http://www.apostatesofislam.com/
    • Jul 16 2011: the enemies of Islam (mostly do not know) are very much in earth.
      a wise human hears all and select best.
      many errors about Islam are error at first look and with research they are not really errr.
      anyway I suggest read other links like:

      then you decide anything you like.
      human is the only animal having free will and wisdom and has opportunity to use them only until death.
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        • Jul 16 2011: yes I read atheism and bible and others. usually I am studying always. also always my mp3 player is always (even night) in my ear and I hear different speeches of different professors mostly about philosophy and religion and science.

          "Can you tell me why you think they are "enemies of Islam"?"
          because they are clearly biased about Islam and try to show it false without having a fair judgement.

          "They are all ex-Muslims, so why did they leave being Muslims when they were given the opportunity to learn your fine beliefs since childhood?"
          please first make sure if they were real muslims.
          not any one born in a muslim family of a muslim country is real muslim.
          people leave Islam for diffrent reasons. for example a woman muslim marries to a non muslim and for not having emotional problems with her wife changed to other religion. while when she was muslim nearly did not know anything about Islam. people in Islamic countries are very different. not all of them are believers. many are Muslim only in birth certificate and do not pray or worship and do not wear Hijab.
          I am sure they did not leave Islam based on knowledge and enough research. mostly they are social or political reasons. not the religion itself.
          all things they say in their websites are "doubt". not real error with enough proof. they control the website and only publish what they like. I have sent emails to sites like this about their false information but I never got any reply. discussing to such link has no result.
          they do what they like.
          world (including TV channels in Islamic countries) like TV Internet Books and ... is full of false information against Islam apparently true. not evey Muslim family learn children Islamic beliefs. families are very different. many Muslim family have western life style.
          muslim is not by birth certificate.
          many muslims are atheist in fact even if themselves do not know what is atheist.
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        • Jul 16 2011: "How can you know what is the best when you have not heard all?"
          how you know I not header all?
          first by existence of Internet all people easily can hear all. I admit I do not know all religions perfect but I study about them according my time. but there is no need to study all religions 100% then decide. when I see some problems about a religion and I ensure it is false there is no need to I know it 100%. in that case I should spend aii my life only knowing Buddhism. when I see Buddhism beliefs human comes back to world after death and I see there is no proof and evidence for it I forget Buddhism. and so on. or when I see church say God is 3 and 1 at the same time or God is a man in sky I leave it.

          "You say you have read the Bible. But in your talks with Elam you show great ignorance of the Bible.
          yes I am not professional in Bible. but I study it. study not means perfect. also there is different versions of Bible and this is enough to prove original Bible is not accessible today.
          so I prefer Koran which is only one while reading and using Bible.

          "Have you read it in Farsi or in English?"

          "You can hear the Farsi Bible here:"
          thanks. I have the Farsi book of it. also thanks for your link.

          thanks. I read it ( if I remain alive and God wanted). ( I am reading some books now)

          prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
          I am prophet of God but I am not sure when I puck up my leg if I am alive when I put my leg on land or not.
        • Jul 16 2011: "Listen to the book of Mathew, start with chapter 5"
          I am listening it now. thank. very nice. I hear it while working.

          have you read the Gospel of Barnabas? what is your idea about it? Muhammad (PBUH) is mentioned in it. do you Muhammad (PBUH) is mentioned in Bible or not as next messenger?
          I am not professional in Bible and I do not know which reference is valid.
          I want to know some valid evidence about Muhammad (PBUH) in Bible.
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        Jul 16 2011: You forgot to include Malaysia in your list of Muslim countries.However, there's no killings or violence here.Clearly,some of those happenings in those Muslim countries doesn't involve Islam at all.Check your facts right my friend.Study Islam properly first.This conversation is for promoting better understanding between people from all walks of life.This is not a place to point fingers and tell who's religion's right and who's religion's wrong.Be careful for what you fight,Crusader.Have a nice day.
        • Jul 16 2011: Dear Muhammad,
          can you say what was prophet in so much places:?

          islam is religion of peace. but some times there is no way but was about some special people (not any non muslim. please do no prejudice) it is like cutting a sick organ of body which is last way.

          who made Crusader? prophet or [pagan] emperors after prophet in the name of Islam?
          also church waged it to protect its power and business. it was not from Christ.
      • Jul 16 2011: @the,
        did you check any of links here:

        "The Gospel of Barnabas (as distinct from the Epistle of Barnabas) is a fake. There is no evidence of its existence before the Ottomans. "

        "A "Gospel according to Barnabas" is mentioned in two early Christian lists of apocryphal works: the Latin Decretum Gelasianum[2] (6th century), as well as a 7th-century Greek List of the Sixty Books. "
        Ragg, L & L (1907). The Gospel of Barnabas. Oxford. xiv. ISBN 1881316157.

        "The epistle of Barnabas, found in the oldest surviving Biblical texts, does not mention any Muhammad and affirms the divinity of Christ."
        please search Muhammad word at its text here:

        "The only reference to Muhammad in the Bible is Mathew 24:11 "and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people."
        OK. this means at least one true prophet will come after Jesus (PBUH). unless he said:
        "I am final prophet and any prophets will appear after me is false and deceive many people"
        so who is that true prophet.
        also please do not say what you are not sure. it is like jew say this verse bout Jesus (PBUH) and call Jesus false prophet. this is very risky what you say. please do more research. not all prophet are false. now many false prophets are in prisons of Iran.

        "And how will you recognise them?"
        how many thousand of fruits of Muhammad (PBUH) you want I show you?
        Avesina, Gabir, Imam Sadiq, and thousands other are his fruits. very long list. if you do not know do not reject.

        "By their fruit."
        Ok agree. lets go.

        did bible mention democracy?

        "Islam and its slavery"
        oh my God I should repeat all my comments. Islam is enemy of slavery. its explain is long. you can find it in my past comments.

        please do not judge Islam based on bin laden and what you hear in TV. they are false. please yourself research. TV is in hand of enemies of islam. if west know true Islam they have no chance so they try feed false Islam to people.
      • Jul 16 2011: "The travels of Abraham are very well documented in the Bible - he went nowhere near Mecca."
        Abraham first had a son Ismael. OK? then after years he has his second son Isaac. OK?
        please read the bio of Ismael. Ismael and Abraham and Sarah had travel to mecca and they rebuilt the mecca (which was first built by Adam and Gabriel) and Abraham backed to Jerusalem and Ismael remained and lived in mecca. Ismael is father of Arabs and Isaac is father of Jews.
        God said Abraham:
        scarify your ONLY SON Ismael.
        Jews had high enmity and jealousy. and could not see the honor of scarify be for father of Arabs. so they changed the Torah and deviated it to:
        scarify your ONLY SON Isaac.
        but they forgot to remove the ONLY word. you can check.
        Isaac never was ONLY SON.

        "This was a pagan site. "
        God forgive him. he do not know what is saying.

        "Allah was a pagan God. "
        I hope God forgive you

        " Muhammad's father was a pagan and his name Abdallah means Allah's slave.""
        no he was on the religion of Abraham and prayed God although Kaaba was full of 360 deity of arabs. he was highly respected in Arabs and was very good man.

        what is problem of allah slave?
        did you know Israel which is name of prophet Jacob (PBUH) means also slave of God (Allah)
        Allah is arabic translate of God.
        Isra means slave and el means God
        slave is who obey the orders of his Lord.
        and slave of God means who obey God.
        what is problem?
        this is irrelevant of slavery of humans.
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        Jul 17 2011: Well firstly, instead of asking around and trusting people with their facts,you should first research some of your queries on the Internet.I correct what's wrong.Have you read other threads before? such as taste of Iran? You can't accuse me of prejudice.I respect everyone's belief.Trust me, I don't mind what you want to be but please respect others belief.I fight for what's right even if it means fighting for a Jew(who they so call "the enemies of Islam").

        "I never heard you saying that to SR. But when I criticise Islam (I am not saying which religion is right or wrong), you accuse me of this?"

        I hate double-standards.You should know that I too sometimes don't agree with S.R. and I don't think you should ask him for facts about Islam.Again, you should read the conversation : TASTE OF IRAN. There you should find that I only fight for peace and what's right for all of us.

        Last but not least,it is undeniable that Malaysia is a peaceful and harmonious Muslim country.Most of the things happening in other Muslim countries is due to their culture.For example,honour killings in Pakistan is more of a culture and such things are not taught in Islam.
        I really would like to be to be your friend but I can't sit back and relax without correcting you about my faith.Forgive me if I went too far.
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        Jul 17 2011: Good because I prefer us being friends.We can conduct this dialogue properly and reap the results that you desire.It would be so much better if we could create a win-win situation here as well.But along the way, I plead to you to respect others beliefs.As for my part, I want you to know that I respect your beliefs.You are free to think and express anything according to your beliefs.We all respect that.Have a nice day,Crusader.
      • Jul 18 2011: "Why then was he supposedly in hell?"
        who said this especially about father of Muhammad (PBUH)?
        Arabs of mecca mostly were praying deities. But not all. Some like fathers of Muhammad (PBUH) were on religion of Abraham and were praying true God.

        Also the book Sahih Bukhari is not 100% valid. There are also many other collections like Sahih Bukhari. They all should be checked. Such books have errors. In history when paper came some Muslims tried to write all Hadith from memories to protect them but did not check their validity and leaved validity checking for next researchers.
        Now unvalid Hadith are determined and still being with very tough methods.

        Today Bible is written by church not Jesus (PBUH) himself and church had many wars with Islam. So no wonder delete parts in favor of Islam.

        Abraham had some travel to Mecca but mostly Ismael made there a city.
        Before mecca was only desert with no water with no people. Abraham and Ismael made there the ZamZam spring with a miracle that today is still watering mecca.

        ""O Allah's Apostle! Which mosque was built first?" "
        Kaaba is not mosque. Kaaba is called in Koran "home of God". (metaphore) and is a place for doing Hajj. It is not mosque. Although later around the kaaba became mosque.

        Kaaba was made by Adam and repaired by Abraham and Ismael.

        As I said Bukhari is one of many hadith collection and the checked hadith should be used. Not not checked.

        Solomon's temple is made at the same time of Jerusalem?

        Dear Muhammad,
        you have ability of making people your friend. please teach me some. I usually can not.
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    • Jul 18 2011: 1- who said hooris are female? this is a false Image. but not said in Koran.
      2- in Arabic language what is only male is said by male verbs and words. and what is only female is used by female verbs and female. but what is common for men and women is used by male verbs and words.
      in Arabic words have sex.
      hoori is used by female words but not mean hoories are female. it mean they are both male and female.
      also for clearing this doubt God sent a verse both male and female form:
      http://tanzil.net/#33:35 to people know what is said is about both male and female.
      human body has sex. but soul has no sex. so man and women are same in soul. and soul is important. not body.

      finally according to arabic grammar and saying heaven gifts for both men and women in many verses the hoori is both male and female.

      also when Koran says anything they wish is enough.
      a women wish male hoori!

      also sayings of prophet show this:
      one day a woman asked prophet such question and prophet replied:
      there is a market in Heavan that there is no buy and sell but there is full of Images of men and women and a believer go that market and any of them that wish comes comes to believer.
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    Jul 15 2011: other translations of Koran vs. S.R. version, round two.
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    • Jun 24 2011: "some of the surahs are rescinded and replaced by others. '
      this is lie. evidence?

      there are many great commentaries of Koran but few translated to English.
      this is one good:

      please ask any question.

      it means in few cases God itself changes a command in different time and always the latest command should be done and both old and new command exist in Koran. it not mean change in text. it means change in command of God in two time.
      like a commander today say a soldier: go ahead. and tomorrow says: come back.
      also thy are few cases in Koran.
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        • Jun 26 2011: "I can't reconcile that part of interpretation with the three interpretations above. They seem to all have the connotation of "We substitute something better or similar". "
          agree. I am not perfect and I tried show a short example.

          "Also, if God commanded someone to "go head" one day and then "come back" the next day, the original command wouldn't be need to be abrogated or forgotten."
          yes. unless when commander says: "forget the first command" this is نسخ what is in this verse.

          "Muhammed couldn't always remember the exact versions of his previously recited surahs and chose to make an excuse of the discrepancies by explaining that God caused him to forget when God wanted to replace the previous version of a surah with another. "
          if both old and new exist the latest should be obeyed. such cases are few. if forgotten so nothing exist! God can forget a thing from mind of all people of world.

          "I have no reason to think that the Koran (or any book) is perfect."
          I ask you research more. you can start from:
          you are free to decide and please note you can always send me email and ask me to any help you if needed. I have no insist you agree Islam or not. only I ask you do not decide about most important questions like God religion death Hell afterlife and so on before enough research and make sure references and links you use are valid and honest.
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    E G

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    Jun 14 2011: what a man should do in order to understand the Koran?
    • Jun 16 2011: "what a man should do in order to understand the Koran?"
      God created human and sent human religion and said if you not obey me I send you in Hell.
      then God sent some messengers for people.
      but we had not opportunity to visit any of them.
      then God leaved some book from him for us
      all of them deviated and no access to original text.
      unless Koran.
      but Koran is complected and not easy to understand.
      then God wants to send us in Hell if we not obey him and we can not understand his book clearly and we have no prophet to ask him.
      so if in this condition God send us in hell so Indeed is cruel.
      it is like you give a book of PhD to a child and then take him exam and say him if you fail I send you in fire.
      or like you buy an advanced robot which has no manual for using it.
      Indeed God should have provided some solution for understanding Koran unless God is cruel.
      Indeed Koran should have at least one true interpreter andrepresentative of God and should be perfect like God. representative of God should not have any error or mistake and representative of God should have absolute knowledge and power and can control laws of nature because is representative of God and if not then is only liar. if I have not access to such representative then at Judgement day I will claim God is cruel.
      Indeed such representative exist even today.
      lets see if Koran guide us to representative of Allah?
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/2:30 (in Arabic جاعل has mean: "for always. so it means:
      " Indeed, I will make [for always] upon the earth a successive authority."
      so who is successive authority of God in earth today?
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/3:7 (but who are deeply rooted in knowledge? )
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/16:43 (but who are people of message?)
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/21:7 (but who are people of message?)
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/4:59 (those in authority?)
      http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/12:67 (The decision is only for Allah?)

      [continue in next cmt]
    • Jun 16 2011: also there are other signs of representative of God in Koran.
      I ask yourself do research. its your own duty to find them. and find truth and understand Koran through them.
      if you have a little search in history of Islam many Muslim emperors claimed we are successive authority (representative of God) in earth. they are called Khalifah (=successive authority) but true successive authority of fake?. I ask you search and know some of them.
      but any one do a claim is true?
      if I claim I am bill gates then I am true?
      Indeed Bill gates has some signs.
      the simplest example is this:
      if some one claims is from people of message so should can reply any question.
      only read some history and see those fake successive authority how found the reply of questions of people. the first 3 of them always asked Ali.
      I not want to waste your time.
      if you put all signs of representative of God together like a puzzle you will find at each time in history (even today) only one human is true successive authority (representative of God).
      and if you seek and seek will find the are not any one but:
      *** http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.sahih/33:33 ****
      (people of the [Prophet's] household? who?)

      after prophet Muhammad (PBUH) they are only 14 person.
      they were always killed or kept in prison or very much controlled to not have connection with people. because if people knew they are true successive authority and emperor is fake successive authority then people did not obey emperor.
      also you can direct learn from God and yourself become like prophets with direct connection to God.
      the best type of understanding Koran is to Allah himself become your teacher.
      do you want to Allah teach you?
      it has a term:
      "And fear Allah. And Allah teaches you. And Allah is Knowing of all things."
      but what is real "fearing of God"?
      lets ask people of message:

      [continue in next comment]
    • Jun 16 2011: "if only two human exist on earth Indeed one of them is representative of God"
      prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

      Ali is city of knowledge and I am its gate. so who wanted knowledge and wisdom so should enter from its gate.
      Muhammad (PBUH)

      Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has two famous sayings about truth:

      1) *** the Judaism nation after Moses (PBUH) became 71 cult that 70 of them are in Hell and 1 in Heaven and Christianity nation after Jesus (PBUH) became 72 cult that 71 of them are in Hell and 1 in Heaven and Islam nation after prophet become 73 cult that 72 of them are in Hell and 1 in Heaven. ***

      2) *** Truth is with Ali and Ali is with Truth ***

      if you can know what happened in Khumm you will be saved and will be in Heaven and God loves you.

      this is very important:

      please study this well:

      not any one claiming he is representative of God is true representative of God.



      do you think any Arab King in history is true representative of God?
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        Jun 16 2011: SR , you said me that in order to understand the Koran I have to seek the truth , I have to 'to fear Allah' letting Him to teach me , I have to start obey of Koran , have I understand correct ? Only that you think that the truth is the Koran , why ? (please don't start to say that the Koran is the truth because it have scientific predictions , facts , it is from God ........... ) , why it practically ? but first of all what do you understand by 'truth' , what is the truth?
        • Jun 17 2011: Dear Eduard Ghiur,
          seeking truth is for any human. human has wisdom and wisdom says seek truth. I did not said in order to understand the Koran I have to seek the truth.
          Koran clearly says:
          this means not Evey human is allowed [by God] to read and understand Koran. for example mis. Lesley in http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/lesley_hazelton_on_reading_the_koran.html said many researchers wanted to study Koran but given up. why? it is not amazing?

          so reaching [depth of] Koran is not for every one and has terms and the most important term is purifying yourself [from evil morals and deeds] and fearing God (piety).

          also the best and true and correct and 100% valid explain of Koran is only and only by:
          for example:

          'I have to start obey of Koran"
          Koran is word of God. if you want saving Hell and entering Heaven and God love you and you become like God and have knowledge and power like God you have no other way unless obeying God.

          "Only that you think that the truth is the Koran , why ?"
          I did not say the only source of truth is Koran. truth can be found from other sources. for example what you see by your eye and you are certain is truth. or what you underesand rationally with your wisdom is truth or what science says certainly is truth or what prophet says is truth or what a true successor of prophet says is truth or what God say you in sleep dream and you are sure is from God and is not from Satan is truth.
          but today Koran is one of best sources of truth. but never forget Koran should be always with other weighty thing. they should be always together to understand word of God correct and do not misinterpret it. always check your understanding of Koran with other weighty thing:
          this is one of most important commendation of prophet

          truth is what happen
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      Jun 17 2011: Buy a Koran with translations NOT interpretation.Read it carefully because you must never rush things.If you need any help,I and S.R will always be here.Understanding is better than bickering,right? =)
  • Jun 8 2011: does any one have any question like "what is hoori?"
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      Jun 17 2011: Do you speak Arabic S.R? because if you do, I have tons of question to ask you =)
      • Jun 17 2011: I am not Arab. but I know Arabic. I can read and understand Arabic. but my Arabic speak is not so good.
        but no problem. please ask. I reply or say I don't know.
      • Jun 17 2011: yes
        sword or camel.
        they have more than 100 words in Arabic.
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          Jun 17 2011: and that's why Arabic language is beautiful and full of art.What is the best way for me, a non-Arabic person, to learn Arabic as fast as possible?
      • Jun 17 2011: "What is the best way for me, a non-Arabic person, to learn Arabic as fast as possible?"
        in my opinion best way is reading Koran in Arabic language with its translate together and trying to learn Arabic words.
        also this may be useful:
      • Jun 18 2011: "but a single word can have a lot of meanings.That is where I'm stuck usually."
        yes but this is not for all the Koran and this not mean leaving Koran totally.
        this is like you go near a river. you can not drink all the water. but this not mean you do not drink any water.
        drink as you can.
        also Koran itself teach us the correct meaning of words. only some cases are complex. not all.
        please show some example.
        also please read what I wrote for Eduard carefully.
        if you separate two weighty things you will not understand Koran correct:
      • Jul 16 2011: ""Is it true that they are always virgins, though they are constantly having sex?"
        yes. Koran said: "and we made them virgins"

        "Also about paradise - Is it true that though people physically eat and drink in paradise they never defecate, sweat or urinate?"
        yes, human in paradise has only perspire. a very good smell perspire. perspire plays that role.

        "How is that possible? With stuff going in and nothing coming out?"
        because foods are different. and foods has nothing extra for body. and all the food is absorbed.

        "Also sex can be quite strenuous sometimes. How is it possibly to constantly have sex and yet never sweat?"
        human has sex for example 40 years continuously and leavening it is for interest in other enjoys not for sweat.
        it is possible by some changes in body.
        the body there is similar to this body in shape but has differences.
        for example pain and enjoy is ten times more.
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          Jul 16 2011: @Crusader, according to our beliefs, the world after is non-parallel to the world here in reality.Both are completely different from each other.That,I think, you have to understand first.Judging from your name,is it possible to recognise you as a Christian? Have a nice day!
      • Jul 16 2011: "But once they have been deflowered (had sex for the first time) how can they become virgins again?"
        please do not assume every thing in paradise is same as world.
        world and paradise are different.
        you have used to this world but every thing in this world is amazing. if when you was born to this world you had your current level of understanding you would die from high wonder. you left your last universe (mother womb) and entered this universe (world life). also leaving this world and entering other world (heaven,... ) is like birth to this world.
        the size and facts or other universe comparing this world is like this world comparing past universe (womb)
        each universe has its own laws and its own nature.
        why not? God easily can make all women virgin in one moment. its piece of cake for God.

        "What is this smell like? lavender?"
        if I did not go Hell and had opportunity to enter paradise I promise I tell you what is that smell like.

        please know our current knowledge is not able to understand enjoys of paradise.
        how can you explain the enjoy of sex to a 5 years old child?
        we do not understand paradise now. like a baby do not understand this world when is in womb.

        "What are these foods they eat in Paradise? Do they eat grapes? Figs? Do they drink wine? Dried fruit?"
        all things in paradise are based on Intend on human Intend. tree has all kinds of fruit. foods are created immediately by Intend. birds are flying and by Intend they come down and fried immediately and themselves come in front of mouth even if you move they always are in front of your mouth.
        any food by Intend is reasy.
        also rivers of pure wine and rivers of milk and pure water.

        I do not know details about body. but there is some books about life of human in paradise. I do not know details.

        pain is for who are in Hell.
      • Jul 16 2011: when a human enters paradise receives this letter:
        from who is alive and never dies to who is alive and never dies.
        when I Intend something I say it be and it becomes and when you Intended something say it be and it becomes.
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          Jul 16 2011: My dear friend, I am truly happy with your enthusiasm to know the religion more deeply.Firstly, have you heard of Isra' Mikraj? It was a journey made by Muhammad to meet God.It changed the course of history of the Muslims.During the Isra' Mikraj, the prophet ascended to a place not known to man.But there, he was shown the signs of the world after.He too didn't understand of the signs shown by God but the angel Gabriel explained to him everything along the way.There he noted that things were greatly different from the world we live in.So, that's the short summary of Isra' Mikraj.This is also prove that we believe the world now is different from the world after.
        • Jul 16 2011: Dear friend,
          please start new tread for new subject
          long treads are bothering.
        • Jul 16 2011: "But you said that the Quran says that those that curse Muhammad will have no children, so if the Quran is wrong about that, how do you say it is right about Hooris and Heaven and Hell?"
          yes. but God also said other things. a human have both good and evil deeds. this is not the only rule of God. perhaps a human do a evil and also do a good and God forgives the evil.
          the merciful of God overtook his angry.
        • Jul 16 2011: @the
          also I asked my wife about women in Heaven and hoories.
          she said:
          women in heaven are free to select their husband or male hoories.
          hoori in Koran is only an example and what wished is created for a believer in heaven.
          for example a believer wishes a large castle made of diamond.
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          Jul 18 2011: @Iqbal, God did say( according to our beliefs) that there is a cure for everything except death.We just have to find it on our own.That's why he created the brain for us.
        • Jul 18 2011: Dear Iqbal nazir,
          God made sicks Intentionally and they are needed for human life and goal of God for creation.

          "By the way what all this hoories and their selections? you mean Allah allows men and women to select their partners in heaven based on their good deeds in their past life? it all sounds like a pimp."
          yes this is reward for who close their eyes from looking stranger women.
          not important what sounds like. this is Heaven.
          world is doing and no reward. heaven is reward and no doing
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          Jul 18 2011: @Iqbal, it's okay.God loves everyone regardless of their beliefs.Let's all pray for him regardless of the way we pray to our God.I want you to know that I'll be praying for him as well.Have a nice day. =)
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          Jul 18 2011: @Iqbal, that's the way I was taught and that is the way I practice my religion.Peace and love means everything to me.About S.R, I don't know what he believes because only God knows what happens in the afterlife.
      • Jul 16 2011: "he wishes for comes true?"

        "If I want grapes it appears like magic?"
        yes. I do not know details exact. but as i know the trees in paradise have all fruits and fruits change shape based on Intend of human. and the fruit itself comes to human. no need to pick it.

        "What about if I intend something bad? "
        humans in paradise do not want any thing bad. because before entering Heaven there is a pool at gate of paradise all go in that pool and all aged human become young all black become white and all bad thinks is cleared from mind. all jealousy, greed, enmity and so on is cleared from mind in that pool. there is only peace.

        why kill some one. in this world killing has some benefit. but in paradise you have any thing you wish only by Intend. no reason for kill.

        "Does this not sound very much like a fairy tale? "
        perhaps. but this is what prophets said and we believe prophets based on proofs they provided for us.

        "Why are you allowed to have wine in paradise and not on Earth?"
        this is a test of God. to determine who obey God and who disobey God.

        "Why are you allowed lots of sex in paradise but not on Earth?"
        this is test. there is a river in paradise and virgins are at sides of river in different models and human go and select and when one is picked a new is grown instead. they are always ready and waiting. when they smile the shine of their teeth enlightens the paradise.
        it refers to reason of God to created human.
        test is middle goal. final goal is God Intended to be known.

        "Are there people who are already in Heaven?"
        no. all enter paradise after Judgement day. but some scenes of paradise exist right now and some are in it. like Rumi or poets who really were drunk from enjoy of being near God. a taste of paradise now exist for friends of God. also bad accidents are taste of Hell:
      • Jul 16 2011: "Are there people already in Hell? Those who have refused to believe that Muhammad is Allah's prophet and mocked Islam?"
        yes. and all sins and its punish in world life is already defined and sayd by prophet.
        for example this is a rule of God:

        this says who curses the prophet Muhammad will have no descendent.
        I know a writer who has books with many lies and curses about Muhammad (PBUH). one day I accidentally saw his biography and I saw he has no child in his life and then I wondered that this verse is true.

        also many other sayings about result of some sins in this life.
        there are some sins that human not die unless see the punish in this world. (part of punish not all. all is in Hell)
      • Jul 16 2011: "SR you say people are not already in heaven."
        yes. but some people (friends of God) are in a small sample of heaven before death. they really see trees and things of heaven.

        "But I heard that those who are martyred in the cause of Islam go straight to heaven."
        yes. Judgement day is long as 50,000 years and each human should responce for every small deed and even think. Judgement is very exact and detail.
        it means that they have wings and they fly and go direct to heaven with no wasting time for judgement.

        'And you say some people are already in Hell."
        yes some accidents and disasters and sicks and cancers and so on in this life are samples of Hell.
        but actual Hell is after Judgement day.

        "I was told Heaven and Hell are actual physical Places and we will have our physical bodies. Is this true? If so where are they?"
        heaven already exit. when we die we should wait until judgement day while we have left our current cody and we have a transparent body. soul is not material but we already have two body and 4 soul. when we die we leave our material body and still have our non-material transparent body that only dead people or some times alive people in sleep can see that transparent body. but at Judgement day all soul will get new body from soil. a new body is built up from soil. and then judgement and then Heaven or hell.
        more details:

        "If so where are they?"
        first please note our is one universe. the universe between death and judgement day( Barzakh universe) is different universe and Heaven and hell are different universe. they are separate universe and they exist all together parallel but. when you see dreams in sleep you are in Barzakh universe. each universe has its own material and is different. material of Heaven and hell are different of material of this world.
        please reply where are you when you are at sleep dream? universes are parallel but separate. when die transport to another.
      • Jul 16 2011: "There are so many people who curse Muhammad on the net and they have children. Just because one of them didnt, doesnt mean all of them dont."
        yes. and God is not cruel.people are treated but their total deeds. and many mistakes are forgived. but who is famous for this deed and highly do it Indeed has this punish in this world.
        who makes a curse (and do not know what is doing) differs who has many books about cursing prophet.

        "how do we confirm that it is true?"
        prophets have miracles as proof. and we accept prophets by their miracles and proofs and by our think and wisdom. when we accepted prophets are not liar then we accept other sayings (even our logic and science and wisdom can not prove/disprove them).

        please do not misinterpret Khayyam before knowing him enough. pleare read my comments about khayyam here:
        he was a great Muslims and his poems are full of metaphor. they should not be taken literally.

        "Can you show me some proof of Heaven and Hell and not just the Quran says so?"
        they are based on other proofs. when prophet is proved then his sayings are proved.
        it is like mathematical proves. each prove is based on some other proofs. some poofs can not be done without using other proofs as base. proofs are step by step based on previous proof.
        I can not proof Heaven independently without any other proof as base and using only logic. but if you hear other basic proofs then I can. how can you prove Jesus (PBUH) existed? can you prove without using other proofs as base?
        the miracle of today is Koran.
        also thousands of historical references from hundreds of independent writers can prove originality of Koran. we can not neglect history.
      • Jul 16 2011: "God is making you wait all your life, thats cruel.'
        Yes because reward and punish is for ever and the test period should be enough to show the behavior of human . If it be short human will claim: perhaps if I had more time I changed myself.
        Anyhow our life comparing unlimited time (billions of Billions of years) is nothing.

        "Wow.. what are you waiting for?'
        Believers obey and pray God in 3 category:
        Some fear of hell
        Some greed of heaven
        Some found God worthily to appreciate and obey God.

        Praying for heaven is a low level believe. Loving God and obey for God itself is better.
        a woman go to a jewelry to buy. But see seller and thinks: if seller love me then all the jewels is mine. So better to make friend with him and forget buying one.

        "your God seems quite cruel making you wait all your life for it.'
        Have we other way? Also God banned suicide. This is beauty of Love.
        A true lover waits all the life. This is a test for love.
        How much you are ready to wait for a beloved girlfriend?
        More wait proves more love.

        "What do mean by "Human"?"
        A believer who enters heave, muslim or not. many muslims enter Hell.
        Hell is not special for Muslims. Hell is for true believers.
        "But here are you talking about men?"
        yes. both women and men enter heave. Sorry it is words. Do not be literal.

        "What about women? "
        all things is by wish and Intend. They have what they wish. Hoori is only one example. Heaven is unlimited because you can create new things.
        perhaps women wanted to be lesbian in heaven ;)

        "Wouldnt they feel rather used, like prostitutes? "
        All is by wish and Intend of human. What you like. With love or without.

        Also highest enjoy is meeting God. Human can not stand it for long time. It has extreme enjoy and like explode from inside. How much human grow spiritually can stand meeting God more. Nearing to God is by knowing God more and more. And knowing God is possible only by fearing God and obeying God
      • Jul 16 2011: The Crusader,
        "SR in your debate on Proving Koran you said the Koran has not even one error. There have been several but you have not admitted it."
        I do not want to have dogma. but none of them had proof and also did you see my replies to them?

        about that verse:

        I checked some commentaries. the word شانئک means your vengeful enemy. and cursing is not a correct translate. sorry it was my mistake.
        it is recorded in history at time of prophet one had such behavior to prophet and he became extincted. and also the children of Ommayid and children of Abbas also was enemy of prophet and killed many of children of prophet group by group but themselves became extincted but today the children of Muhammad (PBUH) is very large. if you want to disprove you should talk based on statistics and check who was vengeful enemy of Muhammad after some generations his children is growing or extincting. please first check then speak. the children of Muhammad (PBUH) are called sayed (also I am sayed and S at my name is for Sayed.)
        this is because God said:
        [Shakir 108:1] Surely We have given you Kausar,
        [Pickthal 108:1] Lo! We have given thee Abundance;
        [Yusufali 108:1] To thee have We granted the Fount (of Abundance).
        prophet had two son and both died and an Arab said prophet: you are without posterity.
        and God replied:
        [Shakir 108:3] Surely your enemy is the one who shall be without posterity.
        [Pickthal 108:3] Lo! it is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity.
        [Yusufali 108:3] For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off (from Future Hope).

        this is the shortest chapter of Koran. only one line!
      • Jul 18 2011: "Yes but it most probably says that it is moving around the Earth. "
        What is your proof and evidence for this most probably? Koran not said "around earth". Please be honest and do not misquote Koran. Accept truth even if is not in your benefit.

        فلک which is translated orbit. Means path. Not said round.

        About muddy spring I do not want to repeat but it is about a special place that sun seem so. Like pole seem sun never set.

        "The simple and obvious explanation"
        Please do not interpret Koran what not said.

        "You claim it is saying that the sun is moving around the galaxy "
        I not claimed this.

        Also there is some scientific theories about resting point of sun in future.
        After Big Bang universe is expanding and some say one day will stop expanding.
        The move of sun can be for move by universe. (maybe. This is my think)

        "There are plenty of people who are the enemy of Mohammad and they have children"
        Not only children. They will not have generation. History proved it. Please do not talk based on your Image. Show enough statistics and evidence.
        Show your example with enough proof. History showed generations of enemies of Muhammad extincted during years.

        "are quite hard to believe. "
        OK. But who believe in prophet believes.
        Hard to believe proves anything?

        Who could believe one day human go to moon?

        "You have no proof of this "
        I said before it is what prophet and Koran say.
        So first prophet and Koran should be proved. I have proof. But should be patient and ready. Because proof needs studying history. And is long. And you should read some books.

        "This is not looking good for you SR."
        I did not say them as proof. You asked and I replied. They are what Koran say. But Indeed for believe first Koran should be proved to be truth.
        You are right. But you should pay enough time for proof of Koran.

        "What happens to the women in heaven? Do they get male models for sex whenever they wish it?"
        The are free to select their husband or male hoori. Also I replied: by wish