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talks there are a familiar thread “stand in their shoes; develop empathy; waging war when we don’t understand; peace and war, etc.”

All Iranians are invited with all kinds of mind (opened, closed, semi-opened)
All non-Iranians interested to know Iran as it is in real are Invited.

Let’s take up the challenge and make a joint effort to learn more about Iran.

this topic is made as a part of the series of ""A TASTE" SERIES: to explore the countries and cultures of those in conflict!" by recommendation of Dear friend Wongmo R.


please ask your questions about Iran.
other Iranians please participate.


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  • sha b

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    Jun 24 2011: You know the term A picture speaks a thousand words?


    I'll just add that its photographer Maryam Majd is in prison now.
    • Jun 26 2011: why she is in prison now?
      who is maryam majd?
      what says this pic?
      what is source of this news?

      please do not prejudice. I do not know her.and even I do not know if such human exist or not. Only I wan to check.
      i only could find thousands of weblogs and not valid links plus bbc and voa copying the same news text.
      can you please show a valid reference for that to I know who is really?
      I really have no idea about it. I want to first make sure about this news.

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