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Implement a TED-style Open-democracy social-networking Website for gov, citizens, voting on issues, bills, elections, local, state, National

The US government should start a TED-clone forum to open up democracy and engage the public. Video clips would be elected officials and cabinet discussing real issues and solutions on stage in a public forum. And the site should have all the functions of Ted if not more-even voting with a paper trail and the counts sent to your in-box--perhaps even petition like. On the site could be activist ads, and petitions and letter signing functions (TED could do the same), and links to social media and not-for-profit organizations. Sequestered in a neat out of the way window that doesn't clutter the message.

Citizens could even be given a password and user-name with proper details, birth date/residence, etc. or even an up-link card to access the site anywhere with the swipe of an identity card (optional)--as in Internet cafes and hotels and bus/train stations, cafes.

It should be equipped with email-sharing forums for connecting people with skills and like ideas to get movements and local businesses devoted to community started.

Business is an extension of a community, it is empowered by the community-it must reflect and serve the community, therefore the nation, the world, the people....happiness and equality will flourish, and government will be held accountable (more so than now).

On this site-should be a box for 'VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE"--impeaching and censuring elected officials. (that would have to be loosely moderated somehow). otherwise every crank will be impeaching representatives. But the idea is to include more citizens in the decision making process--evolving into a direct-democracy based on reason, research, and activism.

None of this top down control and rule we have today. The people are not being heard, not being listened to, and blatantly-ignored, disenfranchised.
Money talks and citizens are fodder and dead peasants to government and big corporations. The military is the tip of the spear for behemoths, corporations:big-gov welfare. Hmm.


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    Feb 18 2011: Working on this right now...but it won't be through the government. CitizenLife.com: We. The People. Offering the tool-set for anyone to live a citizen life, through PC and mobile functionality. Republic in real-time, democracy delivered. From entering an address and getting one's representatives, local to global, at the click of a button, but also what they did today, to organizing for activism, service and/or volunteerism with like-minded persons around the globe, CitizenLife will be possessed of an elegant yet intuitive drilldown on data provided not just by reps and gov't themselves, but by "Melvin's Hellions," a student-driven effort to be present and hold gov't accountable during the workday. Interested in helping? Fire off a communique to melvingbrennan3rd@gmail.com!
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      Feb 23 2011: I'm interested. I'm just not computer savvy or rich.
      Is your plan private/for profit?

      It must be open-source and 100% public domain. Like independent radio.
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        Mar 2 2011: Agreed. And, it also must have a mechanism for the propagation of authentic and actionable information. How do mitigate spin without structure enabled towards those ends? Some framework, itself transparent and assault-able, must also accompany the open nature of the experience and toolset, about which we agree. Does require some innovation to both manifest IDEO-esque design thinking and to bridge the remaining digital divide, but not as much money as one might think. Seeing this is movement-driven, and not money-driven, is probably the best model, in my view. I do think that saying to the local Papa Johns, "Hey, you can contribute and partner too" isn't anything other than inclusive.
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      Feb 23 2011: It seems there are a number of people out there starting some version or another. I really want to see something that can take off and change the game of politics so representatives are drawn to it and held accountable--TED style. So a public forum, on stage.

      And there are forums like Care2. If TEd talkers are scientists and architects and engineers solving problems and Tedsters are interested in implementing them, the doers--the scientists,etc, cant be elected officials--cuz they wont be doing what they would be doing. It make you think, politicians are really just people with no skill, little knowledge, and little use. I guess that's why there politicians.
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      Feb 27 2011: I am really interested in the accountabilty of the workday of a governement representative. But how exactly should that have an effect? I have seen protests (both violent and peaceful) with no direct or effective consequence on the behaviour of the government official. I have seen lobbying campaigns that did not have a desired result in policy making.

      In this perspective, will the platform be more of a helping tool for the vote decision, than an immediate sanctioning system?
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      Mar 8 2011: I love the accountability that will be defined through the transparency your program provides. Great work.

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