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Implement a TED-style Open-democracy social-networking Website for gov, citizens, voting on issues, bills, elections, local, state, National

The US government should start a TED-clone forum to open up democracy and engage the public. Video clips would be elected officials and cabinet discussing real issues and solutions on stage in a public forum. And the site should have all the functions of Ted if not more-even voting with a paper trail and the counts sent to your in-box--perhaps even petition like. On the site could be activist ads, and petitions and letter signing functions (TED could do the same), and links to social media and not-for-profit organizations. Sequestered in a neat out of the way window that doesn't clutter the message.

Citizens could even be given a password and user-name with proper details, birth date/residence, etc. or even an up-link card to access the site anywhere with the swipe of an identity card (optional)--as in Internet cafes and hotels and bus/train stations, cafes.

It should be equipped with email-sharing forums for connecting people with skills and like ideas to get movements and local businesses devoted to community started.

Business is an extension of a community, it is empowered by the community-it must reflect and serve the community, therefore the nation, the world, the people....happiness and equality will flourish, and government will be held accountable (more so than now).

On this site-should be a box for 'VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE"--impeaching and censuring elected officials. (that would have to be loosely moderated somehow). otherwise every crank will be impeaching representatives. But the idea is to include more citizens in the decision making process--evolving into a direct-democracy based on reason, research, and activism.

None of this top down control and rule we have today. The people are not being heard, not being listened to, and blatantly-ignored, disenfranchised.
Money talks and citizens are fodder and dead peasants to government and big corporations. The military is the tip of the spear for behemoths, corporations:big-gov welfare. Hmm.


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    Feb 18 2011: I am also working on such a system. I have the idea...rather a compilation of good ideas fused together in synergy. My concept is not based on involving gov officials but rather citizens. The modern political mechanism, even in it's most free and democratic form still does not allow proper citizen participation. The framework is simple: you have an on-line social media network, there is a list of policy issues, a list of NGOs, individual citizens and gov. organisms suggesting solutions ( policy drafts), then you have a centralized way of tracking each citizens concerned as well as specializations. The next step is open debate loosely moderated ( this requires citizens with similar concerns and specializations to deliberate in specialized forums) followed by formulation of bills supported by public initiatives ( a number of signatures is necessary to trigger a referendum). As a user you are informed by the site about those topics that concern you or that you might be a useful asset in solving or that somebody you know recomends.

    There are several weak points like who has a saying on what issue and does it count if I have a PhD at all or just on some issues. There is also the need to link such a framework to information supplier sites and in such a way that relevant information is easily accessible in any sub-forum debating a particular specific issue. There is also the issue of involving those citizens who do not have internet access or do not know how to use it ( this is particularly relevant in my country).

    There is much to say on this topic, but I can assure you from the get go that such a system will provide citizens a mechanism for solving their own local issues much easier and help local communities link to each other by providing already aplayed solutions as an open source reference on the site.

    This is actually what I'm working on and researching and I invite all those interested to contact me as I am not lacking ideas but rather resourc
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      Feb 27 2011: The issue of not having an internet access is a crucial one if this system is to be implemented successfully. Even in the modern-tech cities, some people still don't go online, for various reasons.

      The question this Platform ought to answer is: Who am I trying to reach? Because people interested in policies, politicians' background, status of issues, are doing research aside the existence of a platform. The system can only offer a (virtual) space of debate and communication, BUT if it does not reach those who do not have an internet acces (technological and economical means), the "voice" that will be heard will not be respresentative for the community...
    • May 6 2011: What kind of tool are you thinking about? I am imagining a suite of citizenship apps to accomplish some of the ideas on this forum.

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