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What is the best commercial('s) you've seen?

Please share the best commercial you've seen.

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    Jun 5 2011: I love this one because it makes me laugh:


    But this one won 8 awards a Cannes the year it was released and I think it is profound:


    This one is for National Geographic and it admonishes us to Live Curious:


    This one may be my favourite- as a beautiful and approachable piece of art:

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    Jun 5 2011: Geico's "little pig cried whee, whee all the way home".
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    Jun 7 2011: One thing that commercials do is document societal shifts.
    This ad from 1991 shows a shift in women's overt attitudes toward men.


    This one encourages men to be good dads


    And this one documents another societal shift:

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    Jun 7 2011: Has everyone seen this new ad technology released in England earlier this year?

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    Jun 7 2011: For you viewing pleasure:



    Indian Ads are often just great!
    Love conquers all:


    Love might need a little help though:


    (I have a lot more- so let me know if you want me to stop!)
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      Jun 6 2011: Awesome!
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      Jun 6 2011: Awesome indeed!
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      Jun 6 2011: Creative advertising at its best! Thanks Matthieu....

      Wongo - there is a radio commercial that airs here in Boston that includes a jingle (actually the whole thing is a jingle) and it includes their telephone number (1-800-54GIANT). The song is permentently embedded inside of me. If I ever need my windshield replaced I'll be hard-pressed to think of going any place else....Good jingles are like viruses!!!
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    Jun 5 2011: The Salute, for Chevrolet from MOFILM
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      Jun 5 2011: That is very moving, James and I still do not really understand why. I am not prowar in any sense and yet it brings tears to my eyes.
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        Jun 6 2011: Wongmo, I certainly agree that individual soldiers are heroes and the price their families pay is just as heroic. That must be why I tear up at ads like this. They pay such a price!
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          Jun 6 2011: Interestingly,
          The Youtube comments for this ad are very polarized. About 40% strongly against saying too mawkish, 60% strongly positive saying great, love it etc. And that is a really interesting thing about the diversity of reaction to ads, what's good or not, and the debate elsewhere about is a worthy ad or not (I don't know, btw).
          I liked it because the elegant simplicity of the idea, as opposed to the content per se. I think the content is ok, in that is respectful to the soldiers and the job they're doing.
          The client cried.
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        Jun 6 2011: I think the client cried because the soldier and Chevrolet have some commonalities. They almost represent a nostalgia and a sense of the way things used to be. I think the creators did an excellent job of assessing their client. I suggest that the 60% were the potential customers for Chevies anyway.
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          Jun 6 2011: Debra............I really don't think much of GM (of which Chevy is a division) for the hole they dug for themselves and us Americans, financially. "Too big to fail" so the American taxpayer has to pay for their mistakes and while they are now making a profit, I don't see them paying anything back. How un-American and they wrap themselves in a "flag" Off Topic, I know but I just don't like it..
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        Jun 7 2011: Hi Helen! How are you?

        Believe it or not I spent 10 mostly miserable years working for GM as the first woman to take a skilled trade before I learned the lesson that proving a woman can do something is not more important than being happy! I have to support your opinon. In Canada they took our millions in bale outs and closed the plant anyway!
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          Jun 8 2011: Hey Debra.................I am doing well. getting better every day. Pain is going away and I am feeling pretty good. Thanks for asking.
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      Jun 6 2011: Guess it's a good one but I'm so much anti-war that I even believe that it's wrong to show kids how to make a salute (or hold a gun for that matter)... But let's not go there on this discussion...

      Thanks for sharing James!

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        Jun 8 2011: No one captures the the real message and delivers it whole to the TED community like you do Richard. Every one brings me up short. Enlightens, corrects and steers my thinking. Thank you again, and again.

        I am reposting a video that Richard posted on the Freedom question. It belongs here as one of the most persuasive artistic represenations of a message ever formed:

        [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUasBLC_ICI&feature=player_embedded ]