Luis Durazo Ballesteros

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Will there be digital simulated people someday? Hi, my name is Mr. Google. nice to meet you.

What do you guys think will happen whenever computers and artificial intelligence grow to allow the existence of this new forms of "human" intellect? After all, my computer will have thoughts, opinions, and even feelings (digital ones but still). Or what will happen whenever one of them makes a crime and there is no way to make justice?

  • Jun 5 2011: i think someday it will happen.
    but i think it is terrible to the world.
    look the world we have created.
    it is approved that we have made a worst world has ever been.
    may be we just leave the world alone,and stop to think of saving time,saving labor....
    willing to spend more time ,more energy, suffer a little uncomfortnesswill do good to the health bothof our body and yhe earth.
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    Jun 5 2011: Or you find out that your "soul" mate is limited to live inside the internet...