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Why do the believers believe in only one religion?

Do the believers estimate that their religion is truer than that of the others, but what proves to them that it is true?
If they had been born in buddhist country, they would be buddhist. Conversely, if they had been born in christian country, they would be christian.
Thus why do they believe only in only one religion?? (to make simple)

  • Jun 6 2011: Religion has 2 important components: individual and political.

    People will answer all kinds of things about the truth about their religion in its individual aspects, and they can never be wrong about that part. That they're born into it is just fine and natural, and as such it can be very "true" to them. There's no problem with any of that part. In the internal and spiritual realm, there's nothing wrong with religion and the common truths about it are not too important.

    The political side of religion is the dangerous and problematic one. Religion has since its inception been used to rally, motivate, pacify, vilify, etc. groups of people in order to meet the aims of those who hold some power and wish to wield more. All of those niggling denominations and factions within religion were created in power struggles between two political rivals attempting to secure or increase their influence or power.

    To answer your question, skilled users of the political side of religion talk about religion from its personal aspects in order to make people identify with it strongly and remain relatively ignorant of the political goals they're actually working out. So for example they will point to the statements of a heretic and inflame personal feelings of indignation against personal deeply held beliefs which those believers need to be true in order for the religion-laced story of their lives to persist meaningfully. In this way, gaps are created between groups, and the indignation can be used to exert pressure against the declared heretics. The more skilled the politician (or despot) at making these personal beliefs result in more intense actions in their favor, the more power he wields, and that niggling distinction he made to effect his will becomes an enshrined belief (denom, religion) among those who did his will.

    This last step, the solidification of the issue as a deep belief happens because the used individuals must cling to it to justify their own inhumane actions.
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    Jun 5 2011: I think it's a nice thought to be special, chosen and right. Religious people show this through proclaiming an exclusive line to their god. Otherwise, people in many other ways exhibit this similar tribalism in being fans of sports teams, their sexuality, politics. It's not just religion.
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    Jun 5 2011: I suppose not all religions are so different. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are something of a venn diagram of beliefs and history, and differ materially only in small matters like if you can east bacon sandwiches etc. Within Christianity even, the tiniest difference in beliefs (if should eat fish on a Friday or whatever) have led to terrible wars (and awful civil wars). So, to an extent, there is overlap in these Religions and I could stretch this point to argue therefore that this shared history was equivalent to believing in multiple religions.
    But of course what I really this is this: All value systems seek to be the unique truth, like a human version of the laws of Physics. Socialists believe the World works in a certain way, eg: water flow up hill, the Sun goes around the Earth etc., and they truly believe they are right and theirs is the only truth, just like Newton. Did you ever have a cocktail with a socialist who didn't try to convert you? Have you seen a Creationist and an Evolutionist debating, it's a very passionate experience. I must admit I probably am the only person I know with extreme view, but which I don't hold very strongly!!!
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    Jun 5 2011: That believers can say better
    What you explained is logical, reasonable & fact but religion is not based on logic, reasoning or fact.

    However I think reason can be as below

    As all the time new religion declared all other existing as well future religion to be invalid & wrong...... when old religion also attacked new with all hatred ........ so it's continuing.........
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      Jun 5 2011: I think the reason is simple. Each religion claims to be the absolute truth for all time. So they are mutually exclusive. If only you can be absolutely and accurately true then someone saying even something slightly different has to wrong.

      (that also explains the various sects amongst the religions - each one saying they are the truth)

      Of course some religions say everyone is correct and true, (which is a logical impossibility and thus untrue), but because we say this we are more true and better than others.. :)
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        Jun 6 2011: As usual in your style Richard, you cut through with sharp logic my friend :)
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    Jun 5 2011: God is always one but what makes it many is different worship styles.
    • Jun 5 2011: thus if you had been born in a Hindu family, in a Hindu country, you would always believe in a single god?