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How is it possible to sometimes feel the emotion of someone we have relationship located in distant places? Quantum Entanglement?

Is it possible that our heart has quantum properties that can transmit and receive the emotions through the deeper inner workings of the (scientifically proven) principles of quantum entanglement and quantum teleportation? (

Is it also possible as some other people claim that emotions can be communicated with the person we had a relationship, usually a very loving relationship, even though this person is already dead but existing in another state in another dimension? Or in this situation, is our brain the main conduit of entanglement and quantum teleportation transmitting information in what we call inspirations, premonitions or enlightenments? (

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    Jun 4 2011: It is called confirmation bias:

    Here is an experiment:
    1) Try and write down each time you think you feel an emotion that someone distant is feeling.
    2) Call the person and ask him how he/she is feeling.
    3) see how many times you were right, and how many times you were wrong.
    4) use a Chi-square test of independence and see whether this is above chance level.

    I would suggest keeping the number of feelings you wish to monitor low (say: happy, sad, angry and ecstatic for example), and look in research what the estimated frequency of these feelings are.

    Please let me know if you found significant results. If you do, chances are you can win the Randy Million...
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      Jun 4 2011: Chris (If I can please call you that, is your name w/o "r"?), it happens to me most of the time and I know a lot of people who experience the same thing. I believe a lot of people do experience this and an experiment would be a great idea. On my second point, there seems to be enough evidence being presented by the
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        Jun 4 2011: You can call me Chris (my name is a French name, but I speak Dutch. In English, the 'f' sound at the end is uncommon, but in Dutch it isn't).

        As for the site:
        The site is about NDE... what has that to do with Quantum-quackery?
        Although I see some good information on that site, I am a bit cautious when they advertise dowsing.
        When I search "quantum" on the site, I do find some articles... and none of them seem to me as any good. (they rather affect my appreciation of the site rather negatively: I find it sad to see pseudo-science represented as real science)

        Note: I think the whole quantum-conscious thing is totally wrong. So does Ramachandran
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          Jun 4 2011: Thanks Chris.

          I am particularly referring to the research made by Dr. Pim van Lommel (, or the quantum mind research (

          Current experiments in quantum teleportation seems to be working at maximum distance of 16 kilometers ( and I'm not directly connecting this current knowledge to the NDE or ESP phenomenon. I'm only looking into the possibility that our deeper research of quantum mechanics will provide the evidence. If the phenomenon is happening, then it may accelerate our research and formulation of a unified theory, or we'll just wait for the LHC to help us find all the answers someday.